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Unfranchise Kings! Revolutionizing Multi-Level Marketing

Market America Products is an online marketing platform that is involved in marketing American products, serving as a brokerage and distribution firm in several nations of the world. The Greensboro located firm has an employee base of over five hundred employees. Some of the products the platform offers include; personal care products, weight management products, household cleaning services among others. The firm has branches in the nations it is relevant all of which are operated on the main domain, Shop.com. Interestingly, the company bought this domain from Billionaire extraordinaire, Bill Gates, and uses it for retail purposes only.

The company was founded by James Howard Ridinger, popularly known as JR Ridinger and his beautiful wife, Loren Ridinger. Together they are patrons of the unfranchise.com domain which is the parent domain. The company uses a unique business model whereby all of the products it markets are produced by other firms and distributed by individual persons who are referred to as “UnFranchise Business Owners.” These individual partners operate online stores commonly referred to as “Partner Stores.” These people are required to pay a certain amount of fee and to recruit more people in which they are set to draw extra commissions from the recruitments. They also act as independent contractors and attend to conferences and seminars organized by Market America Products.

Four years ago, Market America Products was ranked number 27 in top global 100 multi-level marketing companies by Direct Selling News.