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Aloha Construction Restoration

Aloha Construction is a privately owned company that deals with home remodeling; kitchen remodeling, professional basement finishing, bathroom remodeling, carpet cleaning, and fire and water damage restoration. Unlike other operators, Aloha Construction offers their clients with affordable bathroom remodels. Most remodeler always overcharge their customers by adding up shower unit prices and bathroom cabinets which is not the case to Aloha Restoration. In addition, they offer installation of sinks, tubs, custom cabinets and other bathroom related stuff. In fact, Aloha Construction has the most qualified experts with a clear understanding of their client’s needs. They believe they are the leading in this segment because their final results always speak on behalf of them.


Aloha Construction is locally recognized to provide the best carpet cleaning services. The company started from the ground; it used to do simple carpet steam cleaning to the present Aloha Construction that does the deep cleaning of seeded fleas carpets. Their achievement has not come such easily as many might think. Unlike other incompetent organization, Aloha Construction has qualified experts that advice their clients on the right shape and size to apply on their floors. The Illinois-based company offers emergency services to their clients. In addition, Aloha Restoration believes in inclusivity. They always engage their customers to get to know their needs before starting their renovation process; they offer free in-home services to their clients.


Aloha Restoration is a family affiliated business that is under the leadership of Dave Farbaky. Aloha Restoration has been actively in operation for approximately 12 years now. The organization deals with home renovation, mold remediation, and fire and water damage restoration.