Matthew Autterson’s Successful Career as an Investment Manager

As children, we were taught how to save. Most of us had piggybanks when we were growing up. What your parents probably didn’t teach you is how to invest your money after you save enough; a very important step of your life as an adult. What most people do is hire investment managers to professionally oversee their finances when they redirect saved monies towards profit generation activities.

But what exactly does an investment manager do? Investment management, also referred to as private banking, portfolio management, or money management involves the professional management of securities such as real estate, shares, bonds, and other assets. If you have some cash invested but you’re too tied up with other activities, you can hire an investment manager to oversee these investments to earn maximum benefits.

Some of the top investment management firms in the US include Fidelity Investments Money Management Inc., Goldman Sachs Asset Management LP, Wellington Management Co. LLP, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and Vanguard Group Inc.; among others.

About Matthew Autterson

Based in Denver, Colorado, Matthew Autterson is one of the most successful investment managers in the United States. He obtained his undergraduate degree in accounting (with a minor in finance) from Buena Vista University. Mathew Autterson was once an adjunct finance lecturer and also a practicing CPA.

Matthew Autterson is the current WIN Wealth Management principal wealth advisor. He helps his clients make sound financial decisions leading to financial success. Before WIN Wealth Management, Matthew Autterson worked with several other successful financial management firms.

Bernardo Chua Changes Lives One Cup of Coffee at a Time

From his beginnings in the Philippines to international fame and success with multi-level marketing companies, Bernardo Chua has shown what’s possible for a dedicated business professional.

As CEO of Organic Gold, a coffee company that focus on organics and ensuring a healthy lifestyle through coffees, teas, and personal care products, he helps his communities by the products he sells.

As a business man, running a private company with a broad network of distributors across dozens of countries, he also changes lives in a more personal way through the success stories of the people who work within the company’s chain of command.

PR Newswire believed that Bernardo Chua’s native Philippines honored him as a role model for the community. In 2015 he and his company were honored with a series of awards, both were given the Dangal ng Bayan Awards for exceptional Philippine products and businessmen and Oregano Gold was given two People’s Choice Awards.

Hundreds of Oregano Gold distributors turned out for the event to honor the business man who turned their lives around with his products and global sales and distribution network.

Oregano Gold is a success story both on the marketing side of coffee sales and on the buyers who love its unique taste. By blending the entrepreneurial spirit of many young and upcoming sales people around the world with a product people love and depend upon, like coffee, Bernardo Chua has made a major difference in the world. The coffee is a unique, organic blend that satisfies demands for both health and taste. It operates in over 35 countries, and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

From his Twitter and social media pages, Bernado Chua posts photos of himself and the distributors who form the backbone of his company enjoying holiday parties, get-togethers, and other social events. From time to time, he even takes a moment to enjoy a refreshing drink of one of his own beverages.

Oregano Gold also does more than sell coffee. The company is committed to helping young people in the communities they represent through the OG Cares Foundation, a group that encourages youth to create positive change in their lives.

Improving The Outside Of The Home

If you’re looking for a way to improve the home while the kids are out of school for the summer and while the weather is warmer, then consider a few ideas that will make it a bit more enjoyable outside. Build a shed so that you have somewhere to store all of the gardening tools and the toys that are strewn across the yard. Get the kids involved by building a clubhouse that they can customize with paint and decorations. It’ll give them a place to go so that they can read or spend time with friends when they aren’t in school.


Take the time to clean off outdoor areas that have been neglected. Clean and stain the patio or deck, clean the carport, or get new furniture so that you have spaces outside to enjoy time with the family. Consider adding shade to areas of the home that will be used in the summer, such as an umbrella over at least a corner of the patio. When you go out to the garage, you might see a mess of tools and other items that need to be organized. Sunny weather gives you the time that you need to install shelves, open the garage door to allow fresh air to circulate and go through items that are no longer used so that they can be donated or sold at a yard sale. Add a beautiful design feature in the yard. It could be a wooden bench surrounded by flowers or a solar bird bath that lights up in different colors at night. A garden pool is also an option if you have the space to work with.


Why More Homeowners are Doing DIY Projects

Being a homeowner is a lot of work and a lot of pressure for most people. However, it can also be quite pricey to call in the professionals any time you have an issue. This is why there has been an insurgence of people who are doing their own at-home projects. From handling their own plumbing problems to running their own heating lines, DIY-savvy homeowners are finding this to be a beneficial way to save money and learn new skills.


One of the reasons homeowners are doing their own at-home projects is because it saves a ton of money. Unfortunately, hiring the professionals to get something done can be costly and extravagant. Plus, you’re dealing with someone who may be overcharging you for their services or not doing the work correctly in the first place. One way to learn how to repair or install something is by looking at online tutorial videos. These videos are done by either professionals or other homeowners with first-hand experience, so you can feel confident utilizing their advice.


Make sure that when you do any at-home project yourself, that you have some knowledge about what you’re doing. It can be dangerous in certain circumstances to do your own home projects without first knowing how to do it all properly. If you’re ever questioning your ability to do something, it might be time to consider hiring the experts to do the work for you. Even though it can be expensive to have the pros come in to do the job, it is often a necessary evil to avoid putting yourself and your family in a dangerous situation. Thankfully, there are a ton of projects you can do at home that won’t be a direct danger to the safety of your home, such as running a new plumbing line or deciding to do your own painting. Saving money is essential when you own your own house and still need to get those projects done.


Susan McGalla: A Unique American Businesswoman

In today’s highly-competitive business world, it’s vital that those who lead major corporations have a unique set of skills and abilities. To ensure companies achieve the most success, a broad background in business and other related areas is a must. While some executives fit this description, none do so more than Susan McGalla.

As the former president of American Eagle Outfitters, Susan has used her extensive business background to build a career that is unparalleled. Currently working for the National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development, Susan has gained a reputation not only as a hard worker, but also as one of the league’s most innovative thinkers. With Pittsburgh being one of the league’s most successful franchises, it’s clear Susan’s ideas have had quite an impact on the organization.

Along with being one of the best executives in the NFL, Susan has also established a reputation throughout the business world as one of the world’s best executive consultants. Having founded P3 Executive Consulting, she draws on her skills and previous experience to help other companies around the world achieve high levels of success.

Having received her college education from Mount Union College, Susan understood the value of hard work from an early age. With her father being a football coach, it’s no wonder Susan eventually found her way to a position in the NFL. Always willing to go the extra mile in whatever endeavor she undertakes, Susan has demonstrated time and time again the meaning of success. As she continues to help the Steelers be one of America’s most dynamic and popular professional sports teams, there’s little doubt she will also do the same with those clients with whom she consults, once again showcasing the skills that have made her so popular.

Fabletics Implements Reverse Show Room to Lead In Online Business

The main benefit of branding a product is having the clients remembering the particular brand. Branding plays a fundamental role in gaining a competitive market advantage. Established with strong-founded brands have massive market shares. A look at the fashion world indicates that most clients purchase well-established brands that they can identify with. It, therefore, means that it is difficult for emerging brands to penetrate the market if well-established brands are existing. Naturally, this calls for advanced strategic planning in addition to execution.




Instead of focusing on market penetration, the blue ocean tactic is creativity and innovativeness. These limit the duplication chances of the product. One company that has implemented the strategies is Fabletics owned by Kate Hudson. From implementing creative ideas to suit clients to revolutionizing the fashion industry, Fabletics has progressively risen the ladder.




Following the materialization of modern technology, Fabletics has embraced the use of design production, market research and modern marketing platforms to sell its fashion line. Under the leadership of Kate Hudson, the high-value brand has developed into a modern clothing line that is internationally recognized. Fabletics has incorporated the use of physical showrooms, physical retail stores, high quality and online shopping platforms for its benefits.


Reverse Showroom


Fabletics was established on an online platform before Kate Hudson opened physical stores. Just like Apple as well as Warby Parker started online and established beautiful physical stores successfully, so did Fabletics. The reverse showroom technique operates on the basis of what a client demands. The management runs a search on the mostly browsed products online. After the search, they settle on storing the product with a high demand. Depending on the preferences and tastes of the customer, that product is availed. The company also has a new business concept. This is an online shopping platform. The platform enables the firm to conduct online research on the most purchased products. This research entails the client’s lifestyle as well as culture.




The physical stores have a personalization that reflects the tastes and preferences of clients. Such convenience is enjoyable at $ 50 every month. This is the monthly subscription fee. In addition to the package, there is a discount package granted on goods that are on offer. The offer depends on the seasons in addition to the specific items. This package includes in-store credit used in purchasing goods. Fabletics continues to pride itself on being one of the leading in-store sports clothing providers across the world.

Enjoying Time Outside

Spending money on home renovations can sometimes seem like a waste if the family won’t use that area of the house. When the kids are out of school for the summer, they want to spend time outside. The summer season is also a time when you can enjoy cookouts or pool parties with friends and family. There are a few home improvements that offer ways to enjoy the sun a bit better than a traditional patio set of tables and chairs.


If the home doesn’t already have one, then consider adding a patio or deck. It will give you a space to sit on with your family or when you want to spend time alone in the fresh air instead of sitting on a chair in the yard. Make sure you seal the wood of the deck that you build so that it won’t splinter or fade.


A fun idea that is popular across the country is a fire pit. You can build the pit in any way you could imagine, but you need to ensure that the base is stable before anything else. Dig the base of the pit so that there is room for sticks and other items that you’re going to burn. Concrete blocks work well as a barrier around the pit to prevent embers from escaping. There are small pits that you can get at home improvement stores that don’t go in the ground. These are ideal for smaller homes or if you live in a home where you aren’t allowed to dig in the back yard. An outdoor fireplace is another idea, utilizing the deck space that you build or that you already have. The fireplace will give you a way to enjoy the outdoors in the fall or winter since there is a source of heat.


How to Take On Your Own At-Home Projects

When you’re a homeowner, chances are that you’ll eventually deal with household problems from time to time. The issue that a lot of homeowners face is the fact that it can be expensive to always hire a professional. If you’ve been struggling to hire an expert plumber, electrician or handyman, it might be time to consider doing your own at-home projects. The first thing you will need to consider is the actual project at hand. If you’re dealing with something that could be potentially dangerous, it might still be a good idea to get the experts in to fix the issues for you.


One way that homeowners are doing their own repair work is by watching tutorial videos online. These videos are made by either experts in the field or other homeowners who have done the work themselves and are now able to help other individuals. It is a smart idea to watch these videos before attempting anything on your own, especially if you’re dealing with something that could be dangerous or cause a lot of damage if it is not done properly.


If you must hire a local professional, be sure to contact a local expert in the field you need help in. This prevents you from having to hire someone far away from where you live, which often tacks on an additional fee just so that the person can get to your home. Most professionals will be able to give you a free quote for the work they’re about to do, which enables you to get multiple quotes from other companies before making the decision to hire any one in particular. The key to getting household projects done is to stick to a budget and know that you’re working with a professional who understands what they’re doing. When you attempt the job yourself, you’re able to save a ton of money and not have to worry that you’ll need to find someone local to come in and start.


Smart Budgeting For A Kitchen Remodel

A recent article from US News and World Report discusses the challenges of remodeling a kitchen and how to stay on budget. The source states that the first step for this project is to make a clear plan and stick to it. It is easy to overspend if the homeowners are not careful. shares that the cost of a kitchen remodel depends on the size of the job that is to be done. The website quotes $17,000 as an average cost for homeowners. Larger scale remodeling can reach $21,000 or more. Homeowners must know their bottom line before they start. It can be a troublesome ordeal if they overspend and run out of money before the kitchen is done, warns the source.


The best way to find unique remodeling ideas is to peruse creative websites. The source suggests sites such as Houzz or Pinterest. Homeowners might find pictures in decorating magazines that they can copy and turn into a picture board. After they get a general idea, they can do some price comparisons in home improvement stores and online for different supplies. It makes it easier to see if the budget is realistic, says the article.


Just replacing things such as appliances and cabinets are not as challenging or expensive as removing walls is, the article shares. That could include having to move gas, electricity, and plumbing lines. It can really run into high dollars. Costs will also vary according to material choices and labor, says the article.


To stay on budget, the article suggests that homeowners sign a detailed contract that includes parts and labor. Everything should be clear about any charges. When getting supplies, says the article, they should shop early enough to allow for delivery and any exchanges. This will prevent holdups in the work schedule.


Homeowners are also encouraged not to be taken in by the showroom displays. Often times, these displays use the most expensive choices for materials. When they have a definite design, it is easier to stay within the perimeters of the budget.


Little things in a budget add up quickly, the source states. That is why homeowners should choose even the smallest details wisely. Finally, this article reminds homeowners that there can always be unforeseen surprises when remodeling. Having an extra bit in the budget can alleviate them. With careful planning and a dedicated budget, people can have the kitchen of their dreams without going bankrupt.


Entertaining With Home Improvement

When beginning a home improvement project, consider working on the outside just as much as the inside of the home. You can transform the exterior space to one that is just as comfortable as the inside with a couch and chair that you can enjoy sitting on with family and friends. Wicker furniture works well outdoors as it’s easy to clean, but you could also use a traditional furniture set if the deck area is covered. Position the furniture around a fireplace or a fire pit for added comfort.


If you like to cook outside, then you’ll want to build a grilling station. This is a home improvement project that brings everyone together as you have to eat at some point. Start with cabinets and counters that are used for storage and to prepare the meals that you grill. The grill that you install shouldn’t be a simple one with one level. It should feature a side burner and two or three levels to make it easier to grill several types of food at one time. This is an entertaining improvement for special occasions or to simply enjoy time with the family outside instead of cooking inside the house all the time.


When you think of improving the home, you might think about painting or changing the flooring. An idea for the exterior is to add a sound system. If you have a pool or a large patio area, then it will allow for a way to listen to fun music while swimming or relaxing music while you’re talking with guests. You can bury many of the components of the system os that they aren’t seen or damaged.