Vegan And Cruelty-Free Beauty Products: Lime Crime Making Huge Waves

It seems like everywhere I look, people are paying more and more attention to the food we put in our bodies, where the products we buy are sources and how our purchase decisions affect the overall state of this world. I was incredibly thrilled to stumble across the makeup brand Lime Crime on Instagram and see how they are revolutionizing the makeup and beauty industry with their line of phenomenal products.


Lime Crime is a brand not only focused on empowering women, but all products are absolutely Vegan and are certified at 100% cruelty free by both PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program. It’s trying to think of the lipsticks and other cosmetics I’ve purchased in the past being tested out on those poor creatures that probably spent their lives inside small cages scared and afraid. With Lime Crime, I feel like I can justify each purchase that I am buying from a company with a mission that resonates with my beliefs. The company is full of animal lovers and many employees are passionate about rescue programs for our furry friends. Perhaps that is why the company has skyrocketed so quickly and the users have been describes as almost cult-like in their passion to scoop up whatever the brand puts out next.


The other thing I love about the company is their dedication to showcasing their loyal followers! The company was founded by Doe Deere, a woman who is extremely passionate about encouraging women and men to express themselves and be passionate about who they are. That passion extends to her product line, which includes lipsticks, eyeshadows, clever palettes, highlighters and more that all showcase really fun and creative packaging. The packaging may be as unique as users themselves. The brand’s social and digital presence highlights their users almost daily. The website has a fun “How U Wear It” section that features photos submitted by users right from social media wearing the different products.


If you passionate about Vegan and Cruelty-Free beauty products, or just want to check out a fabulous makeup line, you can learn more about the company here:

MD and CEO of InnovaCare Health Leadership, Richard Shinto

Dr. Richard Shinto holds the current CEO and president at InnovaCare Inc. He has served as the CEO and president of Avnet Inc. From 2008 to 2012 when the company was sold. Before then he had been in the company’s managerial team. His service as the CEO of InnovaCare continues as he has plans over in Puerto Rico.

Shinto is well known and celebrated for the more than two decades experience he has in operational and clinical healthcare management. Before becoming the CEO of Avete, he was the active Chief medical officer at NAMM California. Long before that, he had held a position of the chief operating officer at the Medical Pathways Management Company. He has also been the corporate Vice president of Med Partners’ medical management from 1996 to 1997 from where he left to become the Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health Plan in the Orange County of California. Learn more about Rick on XRepublic.

Dr. Shinto’s career started off with internist and pulmonologist responsibilities when practicing in Southern California. He has authored a number of articles in health care as well as clinical medicine. He got his Bachelor’s from the University of California, Irvine and his medical degree at the State University of New York over at Stony Brook. He also holds a University of Redlands master’s degree in the same. These academic qualifications combined with experience of more than twenty years makes Dr. Richard Shinto a force to reckon with in the industry.

From the time Richard Shinto joined the other three professionals at InnovaCare, he has proven to be a useful resource ever since. He is attributed to be the force behind the change happening at InnovaCare Health with everyone acknowledging that it is part for his efforts that makes the company enjoy its current success. Rick Shinto believes that the company will make major strides in expansion to other markets, which will in turn contribute towards its growth, and patients help.

InnovaCare makes its easy, convenient and affordable to visit the doctor’s office. More residents of Puerto Rica have better and easy access to good medical care. This package by the Innovacare leadership has attracted a huge following. The company uses technology wisely which makes it easy and possible to get cheaper medical options at affordable prices. This explains how the leadership has been able to achieve a following of more than 70 percent new signups. Read this article at

Use Tax Refunds To Make Necessary Home Improvements

Financial analysts say that taking your tax refunds and investing them into home improvements is wise. Anyone with dependents has the ability to get a nice size refund. Many people struggle with the decision on what to do with those funds. Some take a nice vacation, others pay their bills, but what about taking the money to do long overdue home repairs?


Home improvements boost the value of the property. It is one way that your money can work for you. Depending on the size of the refund, it can accomplish things big and small. If you are having trouble deciding what repairs to tackle first, you need to work on the kitchen. You can make big changes by painting cabinets, adding new lighting and flooring, and doing some cosmetic upgrades. If your kitchen needs an overhaul, then you can get back 100 percent of your repairs if you decide to sell. The bathroom is another area that needs to be boosted. Adding some new fixtures and a fresh coast of paint can really brighten up any room.


If you have major repairs, like the HVAC unit or windows that need to be repaired, using tax funds can be a great way to accomplish household repairs without dipping into the operating expenses. Many people spend all of their tax returns on frivolous purchases and don’t have anything to show for them. At least by putting some of that money back into the home, it is adding to the home’s equity.

Simple Ways to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Whether you’re planning to put your home on the market or want to give it a makeover for your own enjoyment, we’ve got three good strategies for you to consider.


  1. Update the kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Potential buyers will focus more on the kitchen, so if yours is stuck in a time warp, buyers may walk away. For $10,000 to $15,000, you can paint walls, reface cabinets, replace the kitchen faucet set, update old lighting fixtures and upgrade the sink.


But if you have a slightly larger budget ($30,000+), you can install custom cabinets, granite counters, hardwood floors and high-end appliances.


  1. Buff up the bathroom


Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is also an important room in the home. You can update your bathroom without having to spend a lot of cash. Even doing simple things like installing a new toilet seat, re-caulking the tub, cleaning grout, and replacing an old-fashioned vanity for a granite version can make a big difference in the look of the bathroom.


  1. Refresh your entry


If you attracted potential home buyers with your wonderful landscaping, the next place their eye will reach is the entryway. In case you have a defective little knob on your main entry door, it is time to consider replacing it with a substantial-looking handle and lock set.


According to this report by Remodel, updating the front entrance can have one of the biggest returns of any home improvement homeowners can do themselves.


So, that’s it. These are just three of the numerous ways to add value to a property.

Problems Homeowners Face with Their Air Duct Systems

The air duct system in your home is crucial for bringing either cool or warm air to each and every room. Unfortunately, too many homeowners don’t have the duct work cleaned on a regular basis and run into problems. At worst, a dirty system can cause a fire or smoke hazard. At best, not cleaning your duct work can cause it to not work properly and you’ll find that the forced air in the home isn’t functioning the way that it should. This is why it is important that you call in the professionals to have these lines cleaned.


When you call in a professional air duct system company, they will bring all of their own tools to get the job done. They will do a great job of cleaning out the entire system and making sure that the lines are free of dust and debris. Also, they will be able to check for mold within the duct work to ensure that you and your family aren’t breathing this in. If it is found, they can work to get rid of it so that you and your loved ones can breathe easier while in the home.


It is important that you have your duct work cleaned every spring and before winter. This guarantees that the lines will be free and clear of any dirt before you get the system started for the new season. There are lots of companies that provide this service and can be contacted immediately to have the work done.


Great Professional Photo Shoot Tips from Nine9

YouTube video “Nine9 Is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry!” has a plethora of information for up and coming models, actors, singers and entertainment. Watching the whole video would be beneficial if you are just starting out. I am going to focus on some of their photo shoot tips today and learn more about Nine9.

Tips for Everyone

• Be on time.
• Bring two extra sets of cloths beyond the shoots requirements, don’t overpack.
• Come with manageable hair and a clean face, no ponytails or any other hair accessory that will crimp your hair.
• No waxing, tanning, or facials the day before the shoot, give your face time to heal.
• Have eyebrows groomed and any unwanted facial hair removed ahead of time.
• Be well rested with a good night’s sleep the day before.
Drink plenty of water.
• No all white or all black clothing, or anything with logos or that are too busy.
• Shoots take about an hour per outfit. Bring snacks and drinks.

Tips for Guys

• Wear your facial hair the way you normally do, if you want two looks bring a razor.
• Bring belts, ties, and dress socks.
• Don’t shave your chest, use electric groomers.
• If you are doing body shots, bring briefs or boxers.

Tips for Girls

• High heels are a must.
• Bring bags, belts, scarves, etc, and shoes that match your outfits.
• If you wear hair extensions, have them in.
• Bring appropriate undergarments such as strapless bra’s, or nude bra’s and more information click here.

Tips for Kids

• Bring colorful clothing.
• If your child plays a sport or is on a dance team, feel free to bring uniforms, or costumes.

The most important thing for your photo shoot is to have fun! and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

Does Going Tiny Have Big Perks?

Many people are trading in their sprawling 2,000-3,000 homes for an abode quite a bit smaller. A tiny home is a dwelling that has less than 550 square feet. Television has made this movement popular, but is the real estate market in trouble because people are tired of “big living?”


It seems that living for experiences rather than material possessions is the way of the millennial crowd. They are selling their big homes and opting for a smaller space. This eclectic group of people doesn’t focus a great deal of their energy on things. They need a place to cook, lay their head, and call home. Many of them like the fact that a tiny home can be towed back and forth. With the job market being so poor in many parts of the country, they can pick up their home and take it with them.


Several states have joined in the movement and have created tiny home parks. Think of it as an RV park or trailer park from the 1970’s with little houses. More than anything, it seems that people just don’t want the burden of being tied down. They can customize these tiny homes to fit their needs and character.


The best thing about going tiny is the price. The average tiny home costs just $40,000. The median home price in this country is a whopping $188,900. It is easy to see that going small has some big perks. Still, there are some who are not sold on this new type of dwelling. It’s an acquired taste for sure.


Granite: A 2017 Trend to Watch in Michigan

At the Novi Home and Garden Show near Detroit this year, vendors are hoping that the recovering housing market will mean increased business for 2017. Representatives from the regional Home Builders Association proudly announced that the number of exhibitors participating this year had climbed to 270, a figure that had not been reached since 2004.


According to a late April article published by The Detroit News, one of the exhibitors getting significant attention was the Eco Granite Group, a company that specializes in recycled granite solutions that can be used for interior and exterior purposes. Recycled granite tends to be slightly uneven, and thus many homeowners choose it for summer kitchens and fire pits. This year, however, the Eco Granite Group introduced a novel back splash for kitchens or wet bars. What makes this back splash unique is that it incorporates decorative LED lighting with color changing options that can be selected via remote control.


The granite vendors reminded visitors that once professional installers complete a project involving natural stone materials, they will immediately proceed to clean, seal and polish the surfaces. Once this initial treatment is completed, homeowners should focus on cleaning frequently; this is what will help keep the sealing and polished finish for as long as possible.


The idea of cleaning granite surfaces is to avoid leaving particles and spilled substances from breaking down the sealant. Cleaning should take place immediately in case of spills. A granite kitchen counter, for example, should be immediately wiped down if a soft drink spills onto the surface. Dust, dirt and food particles left on the surface of tiles could eventually wear down the seal and create a permanent stain.


In general, clean tap water and a mild detergent applied with a non-abrasive sponge will be sufficient for periodic maintenance. For heavier spills and stubborn stains, you may want to add baking soda.



Why You Should Get to Know E-Governe

E-Governe, a combination of companies is now available to help you use modern technologies to help manage your business and agencies with the best security and confidence. Three companies have come together to provide the very best in security and these modern technologies. This means that Minauro, Sisteplan, and Consult are all a part of the endeavor at E-Governe. Data security, modular systems, and easy to use design are now right at your fingertips when you call on the assistance of E-Governe. Local government or government agencies are now easier to manage with the help of this organization, covering every detail that your agency or office that you would consider important to your operations.

Modern technology makes it easier for civilians to enjoy life and communicate with each other, but knowing about dangerous plans ahead of time is part of monitoring security. Integrating these modern tools means that it is simple for public administration bodies to communicate. Use the absolute best in processes to ensure that you can obtain the maximum level of knowledge in order to be prepared. What does this company offer you as a whole?

E-Governe is offering you the very best in modern-day technology, support, safety, and a fully run data center. Monitoring the technological environment can now be done from anywhere, and it can be difficult without the right help from HR. This is when human resources makes a great support for your efforts, and there are professionals available to answer your questions on how this entire system can help your government office or agency grow without problems.

Read more: Fique Nú e Governe o Mundo | JCC.COM

The well-being and quality of the lives of your employees is important, and that is one more way in which you can get the assistance you need from E-Governe. There are numerous ways that E-Governe can assist you, but monitoring and tracking reports and date in HR are critical to the health of your company. Would it make it easier for you to manage your daily affairs with HR with a system like E-Governe to help you?

E-Governe is now able to help you reward your employees the right way, and with sufficient tools to help you evaluate the growth of your company too. Offering services on is a big part of what you do with your business, so ensuring that you are able to track this as well as how well your employees are serving your customers is important.

E-Governe is an all-encompassing solution for those who long to be sufficient in all they do, and those who wish to grow their business or government office or agency securely.

Andrew Rolfe’s Innovative Leadership is Helping Charities Achieve Better Efficiency through Unconditional Funding

Running a successful non-profit is a delicate balancing act. Firstly, the founder and the leadership of the charity must have defined goals and mission statements. Secondly, donors issue restrictions and guidelines on the way their resources should be spent. This may force charities to adjust their mission statements to qualify for funding from specific donors. Andrew Rolfe, the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, is helping the non-profit stay on course by shifting the focus to the financing without control.


Ubuntu Fund supports youth education and social welfare in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Andrew Rolfe has extensive executive leadership experience in the business. He is leveraging this experience to bring innovative leadership and operational models that chart the way for Ubuntu Fund to operate free from donor influence.


Donors flex their muscles by specifying and can even force charities to give them decision-making power in picking activities. While the money flows in, the organization is at odds to match its goals to the requirements of the donor. The result is that the non-profits’ efficiency suffers. Consequently, the money does not influence as many lives as it should have.


While the budget from non-restrictive donors may be smaller, the impact on the goal is bigger. For example, under the stellar leadership of Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu Fund can employ internally designed models to ensure beneficiaries get the specific attention they require. This enables them to achieve the crucial goal of obtaining a personalized education that empowers recipients to get out of the poverty.


Non-profits are increasingly saying no to dollars with strings. Andrew Rolfe believes that with strong leadership, non-profit organizations should enjoy the flexibility to innovate and establish the most cost-efficient way to deliver on their goals. This enables Ubuntu Fund to focus fully on executing the mission to meet the needs of the target groups. This model enables a stronger emphasis on the depth of impact as opposed to a bigger spread.


Additionally, the non-profit can address related challenges that individual beneficiaries face enabling quicker attainment of preset goals. While administrative overheads are part of the non-profit system of operation, they should remain a minimal part of the overall budget.