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Bob Reina: He Does Not Want You To Hurt

Bob Reina does not want one single person on this planet to be in any kind of pain or be hurt. He thinks everyone should be happy and enjoying life on this planet. That is why it truly breaks his heart when he hears that someone is in pain or someone is suffering. It is not, at all, what he wants out of the world. It was the biggest reason why he decided to start up Talk Fusion back in 2007. He wanted the world to be a place where people were happy, enjoying themselves, and getting the most out of every day. It is truly a shame when there is a wasted day because of something at work.


It is why those that work at Talk Fusion enjoy working for Bob Reina so much. They know they are working with one of the most compassionate and kindhearted people on this planet or any other. They are not just employees to him. They are more than that. They are individuals and Talk Fusion allows both the employees and the customers to be themselves. When someone is themselves, they don’t have to worry about anything and they don’t have to be in fear over anything. They are totally and completely comfortable with whom they are as a person. They know what they stand for and what is truly important to them.


When they walk around, they hold their head up high. It is not because they are smug or arrogant. It is because they know they matter and they know they are an valuable person. It is how everyone should approach life and when people use Talk Fusion, they don’t have to mold themselves into being anyone but the person that was always there inside of them. It was just waiting to come out. Talk Fusion and Bob Reina gave them what they needed and now they are running with it and seeing it take off.


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Rick Smith Saving Lives At Securus Technologies

Rick Smith has been working with Securus Technologies with a position there as the CEO since 2008. His leadership has been a welcome asset to the company as they continue to provide telephone service to inmates at correctional facilities across the nation. The company has also invested in a myriad of patents and technologies over the previous few years which allows them to provide prisons with the ability to control contraband cellphones by preventing them from connecting to mobile networks. With 2,600 correctional facilities having contracts with the company it is positioned as one of the leaders in the field.

As CEO Rick Smith’s efforts to continue to connect those serving time with their family and friends through the telephone systems helps to meet a moral obligation that society has to treat even those incarcerated with fairness and justice. There are a number of studies which report that recidivism, or the tendency of a convicted criminal to commit further offenses, is reduced significantly when they can have contact with the outside world, and as such it is important that Securus be able to continue to provide inmates with their services. Read more articles at

Another key aspect in this sometimes controversial service is the ability for law enforcement to be able to have access to the investigative and public safety tools that helps reduce the amount of criminal behavior that is able to be transmitted and coordinated through the phone systems. In an interview with International Business Times, Rick Smith acknowledged exactly that fact and expressed his view that he likes the feeling of being able to prevent a myriad of such offenses and by doing so protect people whose lives might otherwise be in danger. He says that thousands of people’s lives are saved each year due to their proprietary technologies, and that it is “better than being a doctor.”

Rick Smith Securus continues to provide the necessary commissions to law enforcement agencies which can sometimes create high costs for phone calls into the prisons, but it is all a matter of safety first, and that means that some necessary expenditures have to be made. The company also has high-tech terminals which offer video calls to those incarcerated who are not able to see their family in person. It meets a great need where people may be doing time in areas far away from their hometown or residence but still get the chance to see the faces of those they love at least occasionally. It is sometimes a tough business, but at the end of the day the company is able to assist with the prevention of everything from suicides to outside hits or drug embezzlement. The bad guys are never going to like the conditions, but at least the technology serves a worthy cause.

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Why You Should Get to Know E-Governe

E-Governe, a combination of companies is now available to help you use modern technologies to help manage your business and agencies with the best security and confidence. Three companies have come together to provide the very best in security and these modern technologies. This means that Minauro, Sisteplan, and Consult are all a part of the endeavor at E-Governe. Data security, modular systems, and easy to use design are now right at your fingertips when you call on the assistance of E-Governe. Local government or government agencies are now easier to manage with the help of this organization, covering every detail that your agency or office that you would consider important to your operations.

Modern technology makes it easier for civilians to enjoy life and communicate with each other, but knowing about dangerous plans ahead of time is part of monitoring security. Integrating these modern tools means that it is simple for public administration bodies to communicate. Use the absolute best in processes to ensure that you can obtain the maximum level of knowledge in order to be prepared. What does this company offer you as a whole?

E-Governe is offering you the very best in modern-day technology, support, safety, and a fully run data center. Monitoring the technological environment can now be done from anywhere, and it can be difficult without the right help from HR. This is when human resources makes a great support for your efforts, and there are professionals available to answer your questions on how this entire system can help your government office or agency grow without problems.

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The well-being and quality of the lives of your employees is important, and that is one more way in which you can get the assistance you need from E-Governe. There are numerous ways that E-Governe can assist you, but monitoring and tracking reports and date in HR are critical to the health of your company. Would it make it easier for you to manage your daily affairs with HR with a system like E-Governe to help you?

E-Governe is now able to help you reward your employees the right way, and with sufficient tools to help you evaluate the growth of your company too. Offering services on is a big part of what you do with your business, so ensuring that you are able to track this as well as how well your employees are serving your customers is important.

E-Governe is an all-encompassing solution for those who long to be sufficient in all they do, and those who wish to grow their business or government office or agency securely.