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How OneLogin is changing Identification Management systems

Most modern companies are continuously looking to streamline their services using cloud-based technologies. The adoption of this technology primarily enables these companies to improve on various aspects of their day to day management with a significant increase in security. The need to have an efficient Identification management system at a reduced cost is driving most companies to adopt the available cloud-based technology as it aids in improving the company’s agility across its supply and distribution chains.

It should be noted that most manufacturing companies still use the on-premise identification technology that was established more than two decades ago. The use of this technology is creating various challenges for the modern day company since times and needs have long changed.

When Looking at the manufacturing enterprises, it is evident that they are made up of countless moving parts that range between different supply chain partners to the numerous vendors situated and working from various locations hence creating a rather complex system. These factors are the primary reason we witness the creation of Disparate directories, highly sophisticated identity management systems and even complicated application rollouts.

OneLogin Identity Management system now addresses all of these challenges. OneLogin is cloud-based and some of the solutions they offer manufacturing companies include, Single Identity identification, Multiple factor identification, real-time Active Directory integration. OneLogin’s system comes already pre-integrated with an excess of 5,000 different applications that include; Office 365, Oracle, G-suite among others.

What’s outstanding about OneLogin’s sign-on portal is that it centralizes each employee’s application in a single location that enables easy and convenient access to the use of a unique password. The purpose of this technology is not only suitable to the employee using the system, but it also saves a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted in retrieving a lost password.

The primary goal of Onelogin since the company’s establishment has been to streamline the client’s Onboarding and off-boarding to directories and secure systems with the use of safe automated processes. This has led to the empowering of human resources through the use of IT. OneLogin’s technology has proved valuable to the companies when their employees move on to other companies.

Hassle Free User Data at Onelogin

Envoy and OneLogin have teamed up; a perfect combination for Envoy customers.

Envoy, based in San Francisco, creates software that makes the visitor registration process and management of employee data a dream.

Gone are the days of insecure and boring log books. Also gone are IT departments’ frustrations with moving and copying employee data between what often feels like a million company applications. Visitor sign-ins, digital NDAs, host notices, and visitor badges and photos can now be automated. This is all thanks to the team up between OneLogin and Envoy.

Envoy and Onelogin set up a System for Cross-domain Identity Management, or SCIM. SCIM synchronizes employee data across all departments so it is easy to manage employee data in minutes when changes occur.

Since employee data management can be a burden on IT departments normally, this system really can make their lives easier. They will no longer have to update data in many different applications. Envoy allows productivity to increase across any company. Now you can update data only once, and it synchronizes all company applications instantaneously.

Wells Riley, Head of Product at Envoy says that, “Our OneLogin integration lets our customers use OneLogin as their ‘source of truth’ and instantly sync all employee data to their Envoy directory”. This means customers can also benefit when a company uses Envoy. They can easily find an employee they want to reach without sorting through outdated employee lists.

Every employee can create visitor invites in an easy to manage way. When the visitor accepts the invite, they will receive notifications that their visitor has arrived.

OneLogin, is going the extra mile providing developer toolkits at no cost. Their detailed developer website and API make enabling SCIM a breeze. Companies will not need to reinvent the wheel to get the system setup properly for their companies with so many great tools available. Their goal is an effortless workplace experience.

It is great to see OneLogin and Envoy working closely together. If you want more information on how to add Envoy to your OneLogin account, the OneLogin help center is full of helpful insight.