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Greg Aziz’s Core Values and Anchor

Gregory James Aziz, commonly known as Greg Aziz, has been the President and CEO of the National Steel Car Company since 1994 when he bought it from Dofasco. The company has its headquarters in Hamilton Ontario Canada, where Gregory and his family also reside. The above factor helps Hamilton commute quickly to work and take extra time to work on the company production.


Before buying the company, Gregory Aziz worked in the banking sector for close to five years. However, immediately after college, he first worked in his parents business, which is called Food Affiliate Company, as a managing director. James Aziz was only accorded this position after he graduated from the Ridley College and Hamilton University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Economics major. In his tenure as Food Affiliates Manager, the company expanded its operations to the international realm. Albeit initially, it operated locally, Greg helped it start importing food from Europe, Central, and North America, and distribute it to other regions of Canada and America. The measure brought much growth to the company and increased its profitability.

Greg Aziz had a particular liking for the manufacturing and engineering sector. Specifically, he had his eye on the National Steel Car Company, which had been in existence for many decades. Greg felt that he could renovate the firm and make it meet the needs of the modern consumer. Moreover, he wished to expand the firm so that it could produce more cars on an annual basis. The above objective was met as within five years of operation, the National Steel Car Company’s production rose from 3, 500 cars to 9,000 cars annually. Moreover, the company’s employees increased from 600 to 3000 employees to cope with the demand.

Major Values

James Aziz operates with a set of values that he terms as his anchors to success. One such value is the focus where he largely focuses on his role without allowing distractions to take his attention. At the same time, James tells his workers to keep focused on the company purpose so that they meet their targets on a daily basis. At the same time, Greg Aziz also asks the team to employ the value of excellence in production, as quality is critical. Moreover, they are asked to customize every unit to the demands and needs of the company.

Other core values that Greg Aziz uses are the love for customers and respect for has more than 100 years of excellence in manufacturing, engineering, and provision of quality services. The Gregory J Aziz led company has earned reputation as the leading railroad freight tank car manufacturer in North America.

Gregory Aziz was born in 1949, in London, Ontario. He went to Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario where he majored employees. At the same time, Greg has a close relationship with suppliers.