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Greg Secker: Philanthropic Entrepreneur

Nonito Donaire, a former world boxing champion, recently joined Greg Secker in giving over 100 homes to typhoon victims in Iloilo, Lemery, and Capinahan. Donaire urged fellow athletes to make a difference in the society. He urged them to stand up and be counted in such crucial matters that left hundreds of people without homes or proper shelter. The move was praised by many, especially victims who lost everything to the typhoon. Donaire and his wife were invited by Greg Secker to witness the issuing of homes to the victims. When typhoon hit Ondoy in 2009, Donaire contributed P1 million to assist victims.

Secker’s Contribution

Greg Secker has been involved in various social projects globally through his foundation. He helps victims of natural disaster to recover by building homes for them. For instance, when Haiyan was hit the area, Secker focused on a house rehabilitation plan alongside Filipina Rosario Sanica. He settled for a place in Lemery to build homes for the victims.

Entreprenuerial Journey

Greg Secker is the founder and chief executive officer of Learn to Trade. The company started small in his home and grew to become a global forex trading learning entity. Secker has always been inspired to help others, and when he saw a gap in the market, he took measures to fill it. People did not have knowledge about trading and this affected their success in the field. Apart from his expertise in Forex trading, Secker is also a skilled author. He has written several books such as Financial Freedom through Forex, and The Book of Success. Secker owns other companies like FX Capital, and Capital Index. He founded the Secker Foundation in 2009.

Secker’s Success

Secker is a successful businessman whose determination and hard work have helped him in the business world. He started as a trading technologist and developed skills in foreign exchange, which helped him when he was creating his company. Secker was appointed the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporations by the age of 25. He used the chance to learn from financial traders and how to succeed in the industry. He has trained several traders who have gone to become successful forex traders.