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Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are Working Miracles for Families Effected by Cognition Disorders

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are changing the way people view and are treated for a variety of cognitive ailments and are enhancing and bettering the lives of those seeking help. Though Neurocore have developed a treatment system for a variety of symptoms relating to the brain’s functioning, two of the most successful areas the center have found for their technological healing techniques are ADHD and Depression. With a focus on brain mapping, and developing a unique and personalized treatment route, Neurocore are the first clinical set-ups to offer thorough examination of the mind itself, and where hindrances may be originating, before developing a treatment plan for any type of condition. Read more about Neurocore at

With successful clinical trials currently taking place in Florida and Michigan, stories are beginning to spread on just how miraculous Neurocore’s programs have been for some families. In Grandville, Michigan, one such family is finally able to function, relax, and spend quality time together. Tiffany Polanski, mother of Jackson Polanski, said though her son had never been officially diagnosed with Attention Deficient Disorder, she had known for years that something was wrong with her child. Polanski had even resorted to using Melatonin to help Jackson relax, and to help his brain ‘turn off’ at night, something she said simply wasn’t happening and effected Jackson deeply. Follow Neurocore on

After forty treatments through brain mapping, as well as both nuero and biofeedback, with Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, Tiffany reports that both she and Jackson have seen a complete turnaround in the boy’s overall happiness, and stress levels. Being one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders in children, ADHD is commonly treated with both medication and behavioral therapy, though many only choose the former. With Neurocore Brain Performance Center’s biofeedback, many have been able to see lasting results without the use of medication altogether. Described as a ‘reward system for the brain’ Neurocore’s treatment programs have been shown to literally change the shape and substance of the brain, resulting in diminished symptoms and long lasting results in those treated.