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Talkspace: Using Smartphones to Promote Mental Health

According to a South Korean study, approximately 10% of the teenagers on social media suffer from some form of depression. These statistics are backed by evidence that most of the suicides committed by teenagers around the world are as a result of depression. While some people try to seek medical help, most people who suffer from the condition usually keep to themselves. This is where e-therapy comes into the picture.

With the internet being accessible to many people in the world today, using a smartphone to access professional therapy sessions has become common. One of the sites which have attracted many people suffering from depression is Talkspace. Their app can be easily downloaded on your smartphone. The good news is that it is affordable, and the patient gets connected with professional caregivers.

If you are thinking of using e-therapy platforms, Talkspace is one of your best bets. The app costs a minimum of $32 for a range of services. Once you fill out the details required at the time of signing up, you will be matched with a caregiver who fits your unique requirements. You will have at least one text session with your caregiver daily. The subscription fee only lasts a week, and you can pay each week.

The benefit of using platforms like Talkspace is that you do not need to worry about the stigma associated with mental health conditions. You can get assistance directly on your platform, and at your own convenience. Most users also appreciate the anonymity, and privacy offered by the app. Additionally, you can schedule your ideal chat times with your therapist whenever you feel like talking to someone.

Apps like Talkspace continue to leverage on the use of smartphones to promote mental health. Download the app to your phone, and take advantage of their professional services.