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The Magnises Card Makes Getting Into All Kinds Of Events Much Easier

Many only wish they could be among the social elite or even rich because it would allow them to get into some of the best places that the world has to offer. Even some special events that only cater to people who have a name or are well-known can be some of the most sought after events anywhere, so how can anyone who doesn’t have a well-known name get into these venues? The Magnises card is all you’ll ever need to be able to make an entrance into a venue that once would have been off-limits to you.

Some events will only need credentials to allow a person in, which means they have to know someone, know some insider information, or they must have something special that allows them to get into that event. Those who don’t know how they can possibly attend an event that is off-limits to them should look into purchasing the Magnises card membership. The membership alone will get you your own personalized Magnises card that you can further personalize with passes that can make all the difference in the way you party in cities like New York. All the information you’ll need is available on the Magnises website.

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The biggest thing you need to know is that the Magnises card is like a door that you only have to open to get into many events and venues. Once you get the Magnises card, you can choose to put passes on the card that will make having fun in New York City and other places even more adventurous, but none of the passes are a requirement when you have a Magnises membership. Anyone who is interested in a pass that can be added onto the Magnises card should know that there is a SportsPass, WorkPass, ClubPass, and a HotelPass.

Each pass offers its very own benefits, but every pass basically helps a member to get a discount, special seating or special entry into certain events. The WorkPass is the only one that doesn’t have anything to do with entertainment but allows the Magnises card holder to gain access to a co-working space at Alley. The Magnises card alone has so much value and can do so much for its user that no additional passes are necessary, but anyone wanting to have unlimited access to everything will want all the passes that Magnises has available.

Also, any Magnises card holder is invited to attend the members only functions that happen once in a while and are held in the penthouse owned by Magnises or in other great locations. At these functions, many young professionals on on Crunchbase can get to know more about one another, and it’s never a surprise when the Magnises members become friends, coworkers, business partners, or even start seeing one another socially. Magnises is very proud of what they’ve been able to do for young professionals who want to have a better lifestyle and a lot more fun when they go out.

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