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Betsy DeVos- One of the Most Reputable Female Philanthropists

Elizabeth Betsy DeVos is among my favorite society icons. She is a renowned leader, disruptor, innovator, and advocate. Betsy has always fought to bring change, remove barriers, and create opportunities for people to thrive. Betsy formerly worked as chairman at Windquest Group, a private investment firm located in Michigan consisting of a diversified service, and consumer product portfolio. Betsy was chosen four times as chairman for the Michigan Republican Party. She has been in politics for over 35 years, and has served in many leadership positions with party organizations, campaigns, and political committees. Today, Betsy focuses her efforts on advancing people’s educational choices.

DeVos’ Efforts in School Reform

In 2001, DeVos remarked that one way to advance the Kingdom of God was through education reforms and activism. DeVos believes the education system in the U.S. should let in for profit charter institutions. According to Devos, the U.S. education system is a monopoly and should be opened up to give parents a variety of schools to choose from.

Betsy DeVos believes in school vouchers that allow students to go to private schools using public funding. DeVos served in the board of Alliance for School Choice as chairwoman. She has also served as the head of All Children Matter, which she founded together with her husband in 2003 for promoting tax credits to enterprises that offer private scholarships, and also for promoting school vouchers.

The other activities DeVos is involved in include being a board member at Advocates for School Choice, Education Freedom Fund, and American Education Reform Council. She has acted as the chair for the boards of the Great Lakes Education Project, and Choices for Children. She also serves as the chair person to the American Federation of Children.

DeVos’ Philanthropic Achievements

Betsy also chairs the Philanthropy Roundtable, American Federation for Children, and has served on numerous local and national boards including American Enterprise Institute, and DeVos Institute of Arts Management (University of Maryland).

The DeVoses established a scholarship programme dubbed the Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship. The program awards students pursing a BBA or MBA at the Northwood University.

Betsy graduated from Holland Christian High School, and proceeded to Calvin College, Michigan, for a Bachelor of Arts. Betsy married philanthropist, community activist, and entrepreneur Dick DeVos who has sired four children with her. Betsy and Dick are recognized icons in the American society. The presence of the DeVoses is not only felt in politics, but also in education reforms, investment opportunities, and philanthropy.

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Lori Senecal, a New York-based Advertising Expert

Lori Senecal is the Global Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She is an internationally famous expert of advertising and marketing based in Greater New York. She grew up in Canada and completed her professional education from McGill University. She has a bachelor’s degree with major in Finance & Marketing.

The current responsibilities of Lori Senecal include mainly the expansion of Crispin Porter + Bogusky and supervising company’s global growth. She focuses very much on the continuous development and nine regional offices of the company. It is believed that the organizational culture and business of the firm has changed greatly due to Senecal. She transformed Crispin Porter + Bogusky into an international advertising agency that is collaborative, agile, inventive and has a flair for the local market. She is one of those leaders that strongly supports new talent. It is a unique approach that has increased the company’s growth in various disciplines, and the company’s international presence is growing. As a result, the agency made it to the ‘Creativity Innovators of the Year’ for 2016. Lori Senecal was included in the four names of ‘Agency Executives to Watch.’

McCann Erickson was co-founded by Lori Senecal in 2003, and she became its President in 2007. From 2006 to 2007, she served as the Global Chief Innovation Officer at McCann World Group. In 2009, she became Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners’ President and Chief Executive Officer. Four years later, she was elected Chairperson of the company. In 2014, she was elected company’s Global Executive Chairperson. It was Lori Senecal’s leadership that company’s workforce increased from two-hundred-and-fifty people to nine hundred people. The same year, the company’s name was on the Crain’s list of ‘Best Places to Work in NYC.’ She became the President and Chief Executive Officer of MDC Partners in 2014. Her major role was to drive the strategic vision of the company and work with partner companies. Her leadership led to the growth of the entire network and cross-collaboration. On March 2015, she became the Global Chief Executive of CP+B.

Due to her innovation and leadership skills, Lori Senecal was presented the Quantum Leap Award in 2013. ‘Women to Watch’ list for 2014 by Advertising Age included Lori’s name too. Ad Council’s Board of Directors also has as a member. Senecal participated in the 3% Conference in November 2016. She pointed out the criticism faced by women in male-dominated organizational culture. At the same time, she thanked her colleagues for supporting her management style and decisions. Follow Lori Senecal on Twitter.

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The Driving Force Behind Capital Group

Timothy Armour is the Chairman and CEO of Capital Group. He is an equity portfolio manager. He is the acting chairman of the management committee of Capital Group Companies. He is also the Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research, and Management Company, Inc. Timothy Armour has worked at Capital Group for 33 years. He has acquired a lot of experience as an investment expert during this period.

Timothy Armour is ranked among the largest active fund managers in the world. He holds a degree in Economics which he earned from Middlebury College. Timothy Armour resides in Los Angeles. He took part in the Capital Group’s Associates Program. This was the beginning of his stay at the company. Tim Armour worked his way up from an equity investment analyst to the current position as chairman of Capital Group. The experience and skills that Tim has earned over the years have been part of Capital Group’s success. He aims to see the company achieve its strategic goals. He also gives investment advice to potential investors.

Timothy became part of Capital Group in 1983. He has grown to be recognized all over the world for his expertise in matters of investment. His hard work and commitment contributed to his appointment as the chairman of Capital Group. Timothy became the new Chairman of the company after Jim Rothenberg passed away. Jim is the former chairperson of Capital Group. The Board of Directors of Capital Group elected him in regards to his experience and the contributions he had made to the enterprise. They termed Timothy as a competent person who they believed would implement the plans of the company and steer it to success.

Timothy Armour’s appointment became official on 28th July 2015. Timothy said he was honored to take up the prestigious position and that he was saddened by the former chairman’s death. He pledged to continue his legacy and was committed to taking up the responsibilities left behind by Jim. He termed the former chairperson as a purposeful leader who will be missed by the entire fraternity of Capital Group. Capital Group is an investment fund company that has approximately 7,600 associates. Timothy says that investors should have the best active managers who do a lot of thorough research of the companies they wish to invest in while uncovering the prospects of the companies. He adds that investors should always look at the good and bad side of an investment.

For more information, connect with Timothy Armour on LinkedIn.