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Matthew Autterson’s Successful Career as an Investment Manager

As children, we were taught how to save. Most of us had piggybanks when we were growing up. What your parents probably didn’t teach you is how to invest your money after you save enough; a very important step of your life as an adult. What most people do is hire investment managers to professionally oversee their finances when they redirect saved monies towards profit generation activities.

But what exactly does an investment manager do? Investment management, also referred to as private banking, portfolio management, or money management involves the professional management of securities such as real estate, shares, bonds, and other assets. If you have some cash invested but you’re too tied up with other activities, you can hire an investment manager to oversee these investments to earn maximum benefits.

Some of the top investment management firms in the US include Fidelity Investments Money Management Inc., Goldman Sachs Asset Management LP, Wellington Management Co. LLP, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and Vanguard Group Inc.; among others.

About Matthew Autterson

Based in Denver, Colorado, Matthew Autterson is one of the most successful investment managers in the United States. He obtained his undergraduate degree in accounting (with a minor in finance) from Buena Vista University. Mathew Autterson was once an adjunct finance lecturer and also a practicing CPA.

Matthew Autterson is the current WIN Wealth Management principal wealth advisor. He helps his clients make sound financial decisions leading to financial success. Before WIN Wealth Management, Matthew Autterson worked with several other successful financial management firms.