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How to Inspect Your Home Each Spring for Winter Damage

The winters can be brutally harsh in most areas, causing your property and home to be covered in a thick layer of snow and ice. The frigid temperatures and wet slush can wreak havoc on your house, driveway and anything else structurally built on your land. When the springtime comes, the snow melts away to reveal the extensive damage that has been left behind. The spring and summer are great times to fix up any winter-related damage that occurred over the colder months of the year. Before being able to do any repair work, you’ll need to do a thorough inspection of the damage.

The first thing you’ll want to check is your home’s roof. Heavy snow and high winds can do a lot of damage to your roof, leaving pits and holes that will cause rain to enter your home and cause additional issues inside. It is crucial that you wait for all ice to thaw on the roof before climbing up there to prevent yourself from falling. You can hire a professional to do the inspection for you if you do not feel comfortable climbing up there yourself.

Once the roof has been inspected for damage, you’ll want to assess your driveway and any concrete work on the property. Asphalt and concrete, in particular, don’t do well in the harsher months. You may notice cracks and pot holes that weren’t there before, but these can easily be repaired using an asphalt mix you can find in any home improvement store. Next, you’ll want to check your property for fallen limbs and clear these away as needed. Inspect your home’s siding and woodwork for any signs of damage and do the proper maintenance if anything is found. Sure, you can hire an expert to do this inspection work for you, but it is far cheaper to do it yourself.

Make Your House a Home

Some people say home is where the heart is while others say it is a place where one permanently resides. These statements are both true; there is a sense of comfort that is associated with one’s home, a place to relax after a busy day at work or a long day of school. This is why people are always looking for ways to improve their homes.

First impressions often go along way so improving the landscape around your home could complete it and give it a natural look. Planting trees and flowers in the front yard of your house not only conserves the environment but also improves the appearance of your home.

The kitchen is by far my most favorite part of the house as I am sure it is loved by most people too. Organizing your kitchen and improving its appearance ensures that you enjoy your cooking experience which in turn ensures more healthy meals are made. One can enhance their kitchen’s appearance by installing new cabinets for better organization, polishing the floors and surfaces and also acquiring new kitchen appliances.

The living room is where one spends most time when at home. This living space can be improved by use of simple decorations such as wall hangings or paintings. Some of this wall hangings are simple to make and can be assembled with tools and ingredients found around the house. Here is a short video on how to make a few of these house decorations.

An energy efficient home is a cost efficient home. By installing solar panels in your home, one can save on electricity bills. Additionally, it comes in handy during a power outage. Improving you home increases its resale value in the future.

Tips for Hiring the Right Plumber

Being a homeowner can often be frustrating when you begin to deal with plumbing problems. There are certain plumbing-related issues that you can handle yourself, such as a clogged toilet or leaky sink, but there are many other issues you’ll find need a professional’s touch. Professional plumbers are trained and experienced to handle just about any water-related dilemma. Before hiring a plumber, you need to ensure that the expert is licensed and insured. This prevents them from being able to sue you if they get hurt on your property because they have the proper insurance. A license will guarantee that the particular individual you’re hiring has gone through extensive training and schooling to obtain that state-issued license.

It’s crucial to note that just because a plumber is licensed and insured it does not mean that you’ll have a good experience working with them. Certain plumbers overcharge for their services or aren’t professional when dealing with clients, not showing up for the work that you’ve hired them to do. Reading reviews online and asking friends and relatives who they use can help you choose the expert who’s right for you. Don’t be afraid to ask the plumber questions regarding their skills and different projects they’ve completed in the past. If you have a more complicated job on hand, ask them how often they’ve done that particular type of work. You are ultimately the one who is going to be paying for their services and you have all right to know about their work experience and ethics. It’s also important to get a solid price for the work before hiring the plumber and having them start. Avoid hiring a plumber who has hidden fees and secret charges that you won’t know about until they hand you the bill and demand their money.

HUD Program Allows for Home Repairs at Zero Interest

Owning a home can be an expensive process. While mortgage payments, real estate taxes, and insurance costs are high, many people also struggle with having to make improvements and necessary repairs. While paying for these repairs has been difficult for many people, a recent news article ( has pointed out that there is a loan program available that could be used to make housing repairs and improvements. However, this loan program is expiring soon so homeowners are encouraged to apply soon.

The US Housing and Urban Development has introduced a program that allows for homeowners to make certain repairs to their home through a zero-interest loan. The repairs that are available for this loan program including life-safety repairs that is necessary to live in the home safely. These can include reaping a roof, windows, HVAC system, and other necessary repairs. The amount of the repairs will vary from one project to the next, but do average around $20,000.

While the program is designed to help people that cannot obtain financing otherwise or have the cash to make the repairs, there are some requirements to qualify. Those that would like to get the loan have to have an income that is under $45,000 for a single person or under $65,000 if you are a family of four. Furthermore, those that want to get the loan will have to have at least a ten percent equity in their homes and be current on all of their federal and state taxes and housing-related payments. .