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Home Improvement Tips for 2017

Home can best be described as where your heart is! Therefore, if you’re looking to reinvent yourself in 2018, you might as well start by sprucing up your house. 2017 has shaped up to be a year filled with trendy home improvement ideas that saw the return of cozy fabrics and warm hues. You do not need to undertake a complete home makeover to make a difference in your home; changing a few light fixtures or adding some new throw pillows can really make a difference.

Color Addition Can Make a Very Big Impact

A little bit of color can go a long way in changing the ambiance of your rooms. When used cleverly, it can truly transform your residence. A great idea will be to paint your front door using very bright colors. You can also brighten up the storage areas to create an all-around eye rousing effect. This will be a guaranteed winner that will not only make your house stand out, but it will also create a memorable effect.

Clean and Renovate the Busiest Areas of Your Residence

If looking to make changes to your house but are unsure of where you to start, begin by renovating all most essential rooms. These are the rooms that are used more often. For instance, your living room will be a great starting point before moving to the other areas. Renovate it to make it more welcoming. A beautiful living room can easily affect the mood present in all the other rooms. It has the potential to make a house feel like a home.

Improve Your Home All Year Long

Whether you’ve got a group of people visiting your home for the holiday season, or you want to go into the new year with an updated home environment, you’ve likely got a few home improve projects on your to-do list. Here are some suggestions for making sure that your home looks great throughout all the months of the year.

It’s best to repaint your home’s interior or exterior during the colder months of the year. While this may seem counterintuitive, the brisk air of the winter will make the paint dry faster. Also, prices for hiring a professional painter are usually lower in the winter, so January or February are the best times for a painting project.

March and April are ideal for cleaning the gutters and refinishing the floors. The warm air of the spring is not so hot that the finish for hardwood floors will dry too quickly and make the finish uneven. Cleaning out the gutters before the weather gets warmer can also reduce the chances that mold and mildew will development in the crawl spaces or basement of the home.

If you’re in need of a new refrigerator, wait until May to make the purchase. This is the month that fridges go on sale in preparation for the summer. In June, you can improve the exterior of your home by giving the windows a professional clean and clean the siding of your home to increase curb appeal.

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Ways to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

Getting your home to be more energy efficient is crucial for when you are trying to save a bit of money. There are tons of ways for you to become a more energy efficient homeowner, but it is important that you understand the different options available to you so that you can make the right decision. One way to become more energy efficient is to utilize different tips throughout the day. For example, you can wash your laundry in cold water and only wash larger loads rather than tiny loads throughout the day. You can also do the same when it comes to the dishwasher in the kitchen, as this is one way for you to save some money on energy costs.

There are also a myriad of home improvement tips you can make use of if you are going to be turning your home into an energy efficient haven. You can install more insulation behind the walls, or you might want to consider changing out the windows in your home if they are very drafty. There are tons of things you can do throughout the year to encourage a more energy efficient home, so be sure to consider this as an option for yourself and know that this is something that helps a lot when you put your mind to it. There are lots of people who are changing their homes into a more energy efficient version of itself, and this is great for you when you want to save.

Getting the Home Ready for the Winter

The winter is right around the corner, which means that you will need to prepare for the colder weather to ensure that you and your family are protected and safe. One way to accomplish this is to ensure that your home is well insulated. Insulation keeps the warm arm in the house and the cold air out. If you do not have proper insulation, it is crucial that you speak with a local company able to install this for you. It is best to leave this for the experts to do for you as this can be a bit difficult to handle on your own.

You are also going to want to have your heating system checked before turning it on for the season. This prevents a fire issue or any other type of damage to the system, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe while you’re at home. Now is the time to consider this as an option if you are tired of always dealing with the problems associated with working with the colder months of the year. It is important that you are as safe as possible as well as comfortable when the temps outside begin to drop and you are left in a home that is cold and uncomfortable. There are lots of people who are going to be doing this for themselves, so it is crucial to contact a local company that can help with the winterizing that is so important to you and the rest of your family.

Simple Home Improvement Tips for Before the Winter

It is already the holiday season. Winter will soon set in. Here are some home improvement and home maintenance tasks you should take care of before the winter.

First of all, make sure to check that your smoke detectors are working. You especially need to do this if you use a fireplace and a chimney. You can just press the test button on your smoke detectors to check if they are working. You should also replace your batteries. If your smoke detector is old, you should replace it as well.

Make sure you have an emergency kit. You need certain things in case there is a blackout, such as if there is a strong blizzard. Make sure you have things such as candles, flashlights with working batteries, an icebox to store food in, food and drink, and other essentials.

You should also check your basement for radon gas. You can buy a radon gas testing kit for just around $20. You should also check your plumbing system and make sure everything is working. You can get a plumber to do a checkup.

If you want to keep your home warm and reduce your energy costs, you should make sure that any cracks are blocked. This includes cracks near windows and doors. You have to make sure that your entire home is insulated. You should also replace damaged tiles in your roof and fix any cracks in your walls to prevent pests from entering your home.

Modern Methods of Harnessing Solar Energy; Find Out About the PV Shutter Panels

Why use Renewable Energy Sources?

Recent statistics indicate that the world is producing extremely high levels of greenhouse gases. This is attributed to the rise in the use of non-renewable energy sources such as coal.

UNEP has recommended the use of renewable energy to mitigate the effects of the greenhouse gases . One of the energy sources that remain largely unexploited is the solar energy. This is because home owners consider the installation of the solar panels to be expensive.

There is also a high number of individuals who feel that the panels occupy too much roof space making the roof lose its aesthetic purpose. However, researchers have come up with panels that save on the roof space .

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Shutter

The louver consists of the PV cells embedded on the outer surface of the panel. The cells harness the solar energy and convert it into usable electric power. The electricity can then be used in various energy-dependent activities at home including heating and lighting.

How it Works

PV shutter is installed on the window to trap the solar energy. The harnessed energy is sent to an inverter which converts the energy into AC current. The AC energy can be plugged into any outlet for use.

PV Solar Shutter Efficacy Rate

The technology is highly efficient. A standard panel of 6 by 8 inches has the potential of producing 350 watts/hour. The energy can sufficiently run the house needs such as lighting, heating and support the use of computers and other energy-dependent gadgets.

Benefits of PV Solar Shutter

The beauty of using the PV cells solar panels is that it requires no roofing space. This fact means that the home owners won’t lose the aesthetic value of the roof. Additionally, the PV solar shutter is easy to install and uninstall. They are installed on the window facing the sun rays.

With the traditional roof panels, it was difficult for the renters to install due to restrictions from the landlords. The new technology makes it possible for millions of renters to harness the solar energy. The discovery will contribute significantly to the reduction of pollution.

Reducing Carbon Emissions through Home Improvement

Carbon footprint is one of the pressing global issues that is yet to be fully resolved. Its impact is now being felt in almost all corners of the world despite the policies and measures that have been put in place to help achieve a zero carbon world. Setting tough policies, producing electric cars, etc. to control carbon emissions has had less impact on overall carbon emission. Nevertheless, a study conducted by UK researchers demonstrated that our homes contribute a significant percentage of gas emission. This is why house builders, planners, and green groups are supporting the plans to have carbon neutral homes.

Everyone has a role to play in this carbon fight, and in so doing, the world can be a better place for us and generations to come. According to an article published on Yahoo, humans must combine efforts to reduce the emission of carbon gases into the atmosphere if we are to tackle the greenhouse effect. This would include taking the responsibility into our homes. For instance, home heating in a poorly insulated house highly contributes to increased gas emission as it needs large quantities of energy heat than in well-insulated houses. Additionally, replacing old gas and oil boilers after every 15 years or less can help save burning of more fuels by approximately one-third.

Planting trees around the house compound can be a beneficial move. It is simple and makes the home look even more appealing. To those who live in urban centers or apartments, in-house plants can be very helpful in absorbing excess carbon emitted in households. The plants require less attention and they also enhance the beauty of the living room. There are different types of house plants and they come in various lengths and shapes. The level of carbon dioxide intake by plants is very remarkable, and if people emulate this strategy, then with no doubt the level of carbon footprint may substantially be reduced to manageable levels.

Entertaining With Home Improvement

When beginning a home improvement project, consider working on the outside just as much as the inside of the home. You can transform the exterior space to one that is just as comfortable as the inside with a couch and chair that you can enjoy sitting on with family and friends. Wicker furniture works well outdoors as it’s easy to clean, but you could also use a traditional furniture set if the deck area is covered. Position the furniture around a fireplace or a fire pit for added comfort.


If you like to cook outside, then you’ll want to build a grilling station. This is a home improvement project that brings everyone together as you have to eat at some point. Start with cabinets and counters that are used for storage and to prepare the meals that you grill. The grill that you install shouldn’t be a simple one with one level. It should feature a side burner and two or three levels to make it easier to grill several types of food at one time. This is an entertaining improvement for special occasions or to simply enjoy time with the family outside instead of cooking inside the house all the time.


When you think of improving the home, you might think about painting or changing the flooring. An idea for the exterior is to add a sound system. If you have a pool or a large patio area, then it will allow for a way to listen to fun music while swimming or relaxing music while you’re talking with guests. You can bury many of the components of the system os that they aren’t seen or damaged.


Improve Your Home Wisely

Unless you plan to live in your home for the rest of your life, which you may very well be, any home improvement projects should be undertaken with the future in mind. Everything from paint colors to landscaping can affect your home value. If you plan to sell your home in the next few years, keep in mind the kind of improvements that attract potential buyers. In general, bathroom and kitchen upgrades are the most expensive but also show the most return on investment.



The kitchen is the room that most often needs an upgrade. When making choices about important elements like backsplash, cabinets, and countertops that what you like may not increase your home value. If you’re looking to sell your home in the future, consider staying away from highly customized designs. You may love a trendy purple backsplash, but potential homebuyers may be turned off. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a little personality, but don’t ignore timeless looks that could provide a better return on your money.



Take the time to look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. Adding an additional half bath on the first floor may be just enough to convince a buyer that your home is right for them. However, if that half bath makes the floorplan awkward, it may be a turnoff. You may be better served by a fresh coat of paint throughout your home creating a unified look or upgrade any outdated appliances and fixtures, essentially giving your home a facelift.



Another important consideration is location. Homes in Florida, California, and other warm climates may increase in value with the addition of a pool. In moderate to cold climates, a pool may not add enough value to make up for the cost of installation and maintenance. The money may be better spent repainting the exterior or investing in landscaping.



Home-improvement should always be done with an eye to the future. Find a balance between your personal preferences and salability.


The Home Improvement Trend

Many people today are making investments in their home as the housing market continues to improve. There are some people who believe that this is a trend that is here to stay. With the housing market booming in price in a lot of areas, this is one of the best ways that you can improve the value of your home. As the amount of home equity continues to increase, now is the time to make the improvements that you have been wanting to.





The kitchen is the most popular place to remodel in a home by far. With all of the different options in this area, there are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are going on with new technology. This allows you to make an installation in a short period of time. Not only that, but you can start to invest for the future value of your home as well. Granite tops are one of the most popular upgrades in a kitchen. Not only that, but many people are adding nicer floors as well.



Next Steps


In the coming years, a lot of people think that the housing market is going to continue to boom. This means that home improvement is going to play an increasingly larger role in this area. Start planning to make your home more inviting and beautiful today.