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How Elysium is Marketing its New Supplements

Elysium health is a diet supplement company that was established in 2014. The company’s objective is to solve some of the most significant health challenges currently facing the global population using science. Elysium has been investing in products that when used, will boost the quality of life through the strengthening of the immunity while helping people lead healthier and longer lives. Most of the health supplements designed and created by Elysium health have been as a product of the working together of the company with some of the most recognizable names in the health sector. The team of professionals working at Elysium is several Nobel winners in chemistry and biology, biochemistry, neuroscience among other scientific fields.

Elysium’s first product is a health supplement that has two distinct ingredients that have been proven to support a continued wellbeing at the cellular level. Elysium recently stated that it would be turning chemicals that have been tested in mice, to lengthen their lives to over the counter supplements that human beings can consume to fight aging. Elysium has been founded by Leonard Guarente who is a Biologist from MIT. Leonard is convinced that the positive tests carried on mice proved that aging in human beings could be slowed if tweaking of the body’s metabolism is achieved.

Elysium’s primary product, which is a blue pill referred to as Basis will be going on sale as early as this month. It should be noted however that the outcome wouldn’t necessarily slow down aging when taken. Basis contains a compound that an organism’s cells use to carry out the body’s metabolic reactions.

Looking at Elysium’s take on the long term wellness market, it is evident that there has been a change in strategy by the company’s founder who at one time was involved with Sirtris Pharmaceuticals. Sirtris is a high profile biotech startup that carried out numerous studies on Resveratrol, which is a compound in red wine. During these studies, Sirtris hoped that the mixture would be beneficial to diabetic patients, but it turned out not being successful during its trials.

Guarente in an interview stated that the company’s idea is to market the molecules in a different way that appeals to people. As of now, Elysium has been selling its products like health supplements. The firm intents on carrying out various post-marketing studies and follow up with the clients trying out this new product.

There is a move by Elysium to adhere to strict pharmaceutical drug production standards so that its products will only be available for sale through the company’s website. The cost of these supplements will be capped at $60 for 30 days while it will cost $50 for individuals opting for more than a months supply of the products.

Knowing More About Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics refers to a biotechnology company. It is a market leader in developing innovative therapies. These are used for treating rare as well as debilitating orphan diseases. In addition, this company has a program that includes developing innovative treatments that can be used for several genetic diseases.

There are several genetic diseases that are a result of mutations. These tend to disrupt the three-dimensional folding of proteins, which happens in a normal situation. This leads to decreasing the stability of these proteins. The genetic diseases here would include the lysosomal overload diseases. They are a result of mutations. These tend to alter the engodene enzymes of the patient. It can result in improper folding of enzymes leading to decreasing their stability. Such mutations will lead to an accumulation of substrate in certain cells of the body.

Next is the Fabry disease. This can be considered as an inherited lysosomal overload disease. It is caused due to the deficiency of the α-galactosidase A enzyme. This enzyme can degrade glycosphingolipids (fat) in lysosomes. There can be the progressive accumulation of GL-3. It can lead to morbidity as well as mortality of the Fabry disease. It leads to extreme pain, besides digestive disorders. There can even be renal failure, besides cardiac problems. It may lead to cerebrovascular accidents too.

Another inherited lysosomal overload disease is Pompe Disease, on which Amicus Therapeutics is working. This disease is caused due to the deficiency of the acid α-glucosidase (AGA) enzyme. Once the levels of AGA reduce or vanish from the body, it can lead to the accumulation of glycogen that can happen in the lysosomes of many cells in the human body. Such kind of progressive accumulation of glycogen can lead to the morbidity as well as mortality associated with the Pompe disease. It can lead to weakness in muscles along with respiratory issues.

Amicus Therapeutics is also looking at EB, which refers to a rare genetic disease. It tends to manifest itself in blistering, besides eroding any kind of erosions that may happen in the skin. There can even be mucosal involvement of various organs that may be associated here.

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Dr. Akhil Reddy; Prolific Dental Practitioner Doubling Up As An Exquisite Wine Connoisseur

Dr. Akhil Reddy is not only a reputable general dental practitioner but is also an aficionado of the finest wines in the market. As a self-acclaimed wine connoisseur, Dr. Reddy surely knows his way around everything that an oenophile should be aware of. According to Dr. Reddy, the secret of being able to get quality wine that is affordable is stepping away from the conventional markers that people tend to look out for.

Getting a good brand of wine that is under 30 dollars is possible by changing the focus to wine producing areas that are not so common. Also, one can switch up on the variety of grapes that are not recognized by every wine enthusiast. Dr. Reddy advises that going for new brands of wine that have been produced by renowned estates can also help to get quality wine at an affordable price for the masses.

Dr. Reddy is particularly interested in French wines that have a refined taste and flavorful scent. As a dentist, he encourages people to negate looking for wine with price as the primary marker. He advocates for using the type of grapes that have been used and the art of fermenting as well.

Who is Akhil Reddy?

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a seasoned dental professional based in Texas. With over nine years accumulated in the general dentistry practiced, Dr. Reddy has acquired the necessary skills to also branch out to Dental Management. He has also been able to garner a vast client base owing to his effectiveness, high standards of quality and professionalism.

Dr. Akhil Reddy attended the University of the Pacific where he earned a BSC degree in Biology. He later proceeded to pursue his DDS in Dentistry which he also acquired from the same university that has a remarkable School of Dentistry. Read more: Dr. Reddy | LinkedIn

Owing to the experienced that he has amassed over the years, Dr. Akhil Reddy has been able to maintain an impressive track record. He presently works at various MB2 Dental Solutions partner offices that are based in Texas in the capacity of a dental practitioner.

Dr. Reddy is a certified partner at West Lovers Dental. He also features as the incumbent director of the range of services that are provided by Just Health 510. The institutions that Dr. Akhil Reddy is affiliated have attributed their success to the quality of work that he delivers as well as his partnership with other renowned institutions like MB2 Dental Solutions.

Dr. Akhil Reddy prides himself on ethical practices in his field as well as top quality work that has been able to attract a broad range of clients.