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TalkSpace Becomes Top Ranked in Offering Online Therapy to Clients

TalkSpace has redefined the livelihoods of many through their invention of online therapy. This has been fuelled by the use of text messaging apps where the clients get to contact their therapist any time and on any day. This messaging app has helped in building relationships between the TalkSpace clients and their therapists since they can even interact with video calls and picture messages. TalkSpace was invented as result of study findings done by South Korean Researchers on the disadvantages of internet addictions due to the increased use of smartphones. This study showed that youths are at a very high risk of suffering from depression resulting from social media interactions which can sometimes result in negativity.

Due to heightened satisfaction, TalkSpace clients have expressed their gratitude through reviews that have been published on the company’s website. These reviews have encouraged many to seek the counsel of TalkSpace clients for personalized therapies. The therapists are a team of experienced physicians who deliver their services depending on the needs of their clients. Resultantly, TalkSpace have helped clients overcome depression, stress, and even mental health complications.

Minimization of stigmatization is one of the core principles that TalkSpace operates under. The company has as well developed a secure system that promotes confidentiality relating to the information that the therapists get from their clients. It is interesting how TalkSpace thought it wise to eliminate face-to-face service delivery by creating the messaging app. This has greatly reduced the charged paid by clients due to increased affordability.

Excellence in service provision has made TalkSpace to gain notable popularity to the point of serving over 500,000 patients who subscribe to their online therapies. However, TalkSpace wishes to expand its operations by forming partnerships with other health facilities. Their recent move is them entering into business agreements with Magellan Health. These partnerships will aim at improving the quality of healthcare delivery to patients. Together, the two companies will provide services such as physiotherapy and much more.