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Andrew Rolfe – Support of Ubuntu Fund

Ubuntu is not only a name that relates to the latest technological advances in the world, it can also be connected to names like Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund. Since Andrew Rolfe is now on the board of Unbutu Fund, he is actively involved in ensuring under privileged children can get the support that they need to live a better life. Since one of the primary concerns of this kind of charity is to make a huge difference in the lives of individual children, they are not only seeking make their current environments better, but also give them a way to escape a long life of poverty around them. Therefore, in conjunction with the efforts of individual donators, this organization has a number of different ways for people to contribute as well as keep up with the funds activities.


That said, Andrew Rolfe and the organization has set-up online resources that can be accessed at any time of the day or the night. Specifically, because Ubuntu fund has their own website, facebook, twitter and other key online communication tools that gives a clean eye view of what the organization has done and also what it is doing.

Currently, one of the strategies that this organization has implemented is impacting the children in Port Elizabeth’s townships in South Africa’s Eastern cape province.

To ensure the charity work that the organization does is effective, the money that the organization collects has to be placed toward specific needs that had already been identified by the organization. Meaning instead of Andrew Rolfe and the charitable organization accepting donations that were already assigned to an investors specified requirements, the money that the organization secures is used to make a specific impact on their set objectives and goals.


As a result, one of the best ways that the organization and Andrew Rolfe can ensure their goals are actually met is to garner support from the donor community as a whole. So, one of the most viable and organized way to make sure everyone involved know what the organization is intending to do was to raise large sums of non-profit money from donators in the World Economic Forum.

Andrew Rolfe Paves New Way for the Next Generation of Non-Profits

The non-profit sector encounters many obstacles that are unique to the sector and not shared by their counterparts in the private sector. Restrictions set in place by government agencies to ensure a non-profit can maintain its non-profit tax status are one aspect not shared between the two separate sectors. Though the restrictions set in place by the government often pale in comparison to the restriction put on non-profits by their donors.


These restrictions often limit what a non-profit can spend grants on as well as often set stringent timelines ending with non-profits needing to consistently reapply for grants. All of this works towards limiting a non-profit’s ability to operate as well as grow. Though these restrictions are in no way created with the sole intention of limiting a non-profit’s ability to operate and are altruistic in nature and intent, they severely hamper non-profits ability to perform essential duties that any other business would be able to do freely.


Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund


In response to the difficulties faced by non-profits and after a realization that more good could be done by non-profits, the Ubuntu fund, a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged families living in South Africa, decided to revisit the way donors and non-profits interact. Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board set out to cultivate relationships with donors that understood setting limits on non-profits, although well intended, does more harm than good.


The relationships between non-profits and their donors have always faced inherent obstacles as both parties have a vision, and often varying visions from the other, of what is the best course of action to ensure a non-profit can help those who need it. Though Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund are helping smooth out the give and take that occurs between donors and charitable organizations. In turn, Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund are paving the way for drastic changes within the non-profit sector.


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