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Agora Financial is a privately held publishing company which is based in Maryland. The company has been in existence for more than 25 years.

Agora Financial assists its clients in foreseeing financial bubbles and market trends. The company helps you sift conflicting financial advice and shields you from being exploited by financial quacks. Through its free newsletters, online publications, books, seminars and other credible avenues, the financial publishing company will help you to grow and protect your wealth. The company has over 20 publications that navigate through financial trends. Moreover, Agora Financial never accepts money from any company so you can be sure that their information is credible. The company is able to help you capitalize on unexploited ideas before they go mainstream and lose their meaning. Their analyst chase business opportunities from all over the world and they come up with perfect choices for investors. In fact, the company spends more than one million dollars in travel and research. The company allows its clients to manage money freely within their own comfort. Visit their website for more information on what they have to offer, Click here.

Agora Financial provides reliable financial advice and it has been on the forefront of forecasting accurate economic situations. Throughout its years of existence, Agora Financial has been providing financial advice in an innovative manner. The company has been able to package their publications expertly, thereby beating the mainstream media in publishing financial matters. Some of the financial breakthroughs that were published in Agora Financial before any other publications include the housing bubble, the 2008 excess panic and the credit bubble among others.

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David Giertz: Knowledgeable And Highly Successful Financial Services Executive

Nationwide Financial Distributers’ president of sales and distribution organization, David Giertz, says because they won’t talk about social security with their clients, financial advisors are failing. And Giertz, who has spent over 30 years in the financial services industry and is the former president of a top American insurance company, knows what he’s talking about. He says not discussing social security retirement benefits with clients hurts both the client and the financial advisor.


Research shows most retirees or those nearing retirement said their financial advisors hasn’t discussed social security’s impact on their retirement planning process with them. About 80% of them said they would replace the advisor because of it. Many advisors avoid discussing social security because of the complexity of the program. But financial advisors should discuss it with their clients because social security provides about 40% of most retirees income. Plus, if the retirees begin taking social security benefits too soon, they could lose up to $300,000 in benefits over their retirement years.


A certified FINRA broker, David Giertz has a B.S. from Millikin University as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Miami. He began his career with Citigroup as a financial advisor in 1989. During his 10 years there he was promoted to area director and eventually became executive vice president of sales. He then took a leadership position at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation (Bank Channel) and helped to grow the company’s assets by $7 billion.


Giertz was also Nationwide Life Insurance Company senior vice president-Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales and held the titles of director, president and senior vice president at a number of other Nationwide companies. These days he’s based in the Nationwide office in Dublin, Ohio. With three decades of experience in financial services, David Giertz is a font of wisdom

How Paul Mampilly Helps The Americans In Investment

Do you know that only a few successful entrepreneurs can willingly retire from their business to help the poor? Many of investors think of exploring more in the markets and earn more each year without a single thought of helping the start up investors in the market. Meet Paul Mampilly, a successful entrepreneur who left his business for the society. He is an investor, a senior editor, and entrepreneur born in India. He started venturing in his career in 1991 operating in the Deutsche Bank as a research assistant. Paul performed excellently rising to high ranks where he managed multi-million dollar accounts for ING and Bankers Trust. He also worked with large enterprises like Royal Bank of Scotland and the Swiss Bank. Paul then joined Kinetics International Fund as the manager, and the firm witnessed an incredible rise in its assets to $25 billion. During his leadership, the firm got the name of the World Best hedge fund by the Barron’s for having annual returns of 26%.

Paul Mampilly has achieved a lot in his career due to his professionalism Due to his expertise; Paul got an invitation to join an investment competition supported by the Templeton in 2008. Although during that period the markets were in an economic crisis, Paul managed to grow his capital from $50 million to $88 million in that year. He also generated 76% returns in the same year. Paul also invested in Sarepta Therapeutics when the firm was producing muscular dystrophy drug only to sell it eight months later at a 2.5395 as again. In 2008, he also invested in the Netflix, selling it in 2010 at a profit of 634%.After all these achievements, Paul decides to retire and help the main street Americans make money and transitioned into an editor.

According to Paul, his decision to venture into the new business was to help the people in their investment. Although it is a challenge to disassociate from the Wall Street, he managed to start newsletters which provide research services to investors. With more than 25 years in the field, Paul has the experience and expertise to help people with ideas at an affordable price. The Profit Unlimited he owns has more than 6,000 subscribers who get an update on stock performance in the market every week.

VTA Publications Provides an Avenue For Choosing A Reliable Source Of Investment Or Business Education

Are you researching business or investment opportunities? Do you want to find top quality courses or training on how to achieve success in stock trading or other lucrative opportunity? Perhaps you are already aware that Jim Hunt of VTA Publications has a vast range of proven courses and books that teach people how to make it big in their own business or in the stock market.

Thousands of people have already attained financial freedom by utilizing the stock market as a vehicle for wealth building. It is imperative to learn from someone who has already had successful results from their own business or investing strategies and tactics on Crunchbase. That’s where Jim comes in – to teach ambitious people how to start and expand their business or stock trading venture.

One wonderful benefit of developing the skill of stock trading is that it lasts a life time. It takes years to learn and become well versed in such a field of investment at Once you have honed your skills and understand how it works and what doesn’t work, you can reach your goals without hassles.

With his huge experience in the field and also dedication to providing high quality guidance as well as assistance, Jim is no doubt among the brightest minds in the investment and business areas on

Jim Hunt believes in positive thinking and having confidence in yourself and your ability to accomplish whatever you put your mind into. Jim Hunt VTA Publications advises ambitious people to stay clear of pessimists and surround themselves with optimistic people.

Many of Jim’s information products are offered through VTA Publications, which focuses on business, wealth building and finance information products, courses, training programs and other valuable materials. Jim Hunt VTA Publications publishes high quality information products that cater to those that wish to make a fortune in their own business or in the stock market.

By utilizing the tutorials, books and training courses created by Jim Hunt, and published by VTA Publications or other respectable source, any individual who is serious about attaining financial success will have the ability to do so and transform their life.

How to Become a Successful Investment Banker Like Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking services have continued to grow as the needs of different sectors of the economy continue to rise. Corporations and governments use investment bank’s services when they want to raise capital through bonds and stocks. An investment bank is also involved in the valuation of companies before they undertake rights issue and mergers & acquisition. These needs have pushed the industry to look for highly qualified investment bankers to work for them. The process of becoming an investment banker is fully explained below.

The first step is to pursue a degrees in business or a relevant field. Most of these professionals have a background in finance, mathematics, accounting, engineering, and physics. To succeed in these courses, one needs to have a strong foundation in mathematics.

After joining an investment bank, the individuals are put through specialized training. It is standard practice for fresh graduates to start as analysts before advancing to other duties. These analysts are trained on critical skills such as financial modeling, financial statement analysis, markets risk, and accounting. Other skills such as presentation, communication, and negotiation are also taught. After weeks of training, the analysts are assigned to investment bankers to learn through hands–on experience.

When an investment bank is satisfied with the trainee’s skills, he or she is registered as a representative of the bank with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. It is also a common practice for investment bankers to pursue professional courses such as Chartered Financial Analyst. This certification equips one with knowledge of the financial markets and investment industry.

Investment banking is a fast growing field considering that the number of new bankers is rising at a rate of almost 10 percent every year. This high demand has led to stiff competition for both experienced investment bankers and graduates.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is one of the most experienced investment bankers. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin. This investment bank has been providing clients with innovative services that are tailor made to their specific needs. His successful investment history has earned him respect in the field. Martin is a citizen of Venezuela and Austria.

Martin believes that one should invest in several countries. This is because it provides an investor with the opportunity to enjoy multiple incomes and spread his or her risks. Martin asserts that this strategy protects the investor from unforeseen market conditions in a given nation.

How To Refinance Your Vehicle

Never think that refinancing your vehicles don’t worth your money and time. Most people think that home refinancing is one of the best ways to consolidate their debts. As a matter of fact, there are options for refinancing automobiles with very low interest rates, though you have to make comparisons among various providers. Fortunately, you can count on Ignition Financial.


Once you visit the official website of Ignition Financial, you will be amazed on how slash my payments’ slogan really solve your financial problems. It goes without saying that people, who decide to refinance their vehicles, are the ones who need to get fast loans with the lowest rates. Debt consolidation is the main reason, why people decide to refinance their vehicles. Ignition Financial really can slash your payment that no other similar company can do.


All the staff here is well-trained and ready to deliver round-the-clock service for all clients. Many people are worried about being trapped into a mount of debt, whenever they apply for refinancing automobiles. It will not happen when they contact the customer service of Ignition Financial, because they will get details about its service.


However, Ignition Financial offers more versatile features than just refinancing. The services here include auto loan financing, buying leased vehicles, or buying company’s vehicles. All of those services are available with very low interest rates, or based on debtors’ payment ability.


Applying is as easy as clicking your mouse at the Ignition Financial website. By applying, you can easily determine the best refinancing or car loans that suit your monthly payment ability. Ignition Financial also provides a free loan calculator for those, who want to refinance their vehicles, in order to adjust their down payment, along with their monthly installment.


In conclusion, getting a refinance loan for your car is very important. It has the ability to save a lot of money in the future. When getting a car loan refinanced, you will be able to lower payment costs and decrease interest that needs to be paid. You will also have the ability to get a lower interest rate and pay less money on interest. There is also the opportunity to get a shorter loan term which can lead to being able to pay the car off earlier and save money.