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Why businesses miss out by ignoring women in management

It comes as no surprise that women are often overlooked in business. Just 4% of Fortune 500 companies have females and their CEO position, despite the proven benefits that come from hiring from a diverse perspective.

On the bright side, there are more women being hired in management than ever before. Large cultural changes do take time, but thanks to CEO such as Susan McGalla businesses are beginning to take notice. She worked her way up the ranks from the bottom at American Eagle and guided them through a long stretch of prosperity.

She has since founded P3 Executive Consulting with the mission of helping businesses become their best entering the most they can. One of the natural outcomes of this consulting and profit-seeking is the increased hiring of women in management positions.

Much of her success has come from showing business a very obvious fact; women in the United States are far more likely to be in charge of the family’s finances and make more than 80% of purchasing decisions for a family. With so much money in the hands of women, it seems absolutely insane to not have a single female voice in the management team, yet this is a case for many businesses in America.

There’s no better case for this then the work she is done as vice president of business strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are not only a football team but they are the oldest team in the AFC. This makes them even more male-dominated a more modern franchise. Even so, there are a substantial number of female fans for any NFL team and Susan McGalla has helped the Steelers reach them.

As stories of successful women in business leadership continue to emerge we will see an ever-growing number of women in management positions. However, it is still vital to understand that diversity is not true diversity without involving all members of a team. Businesses do not have to abandon their men in order to accommodate women, in fact, there isn’t a single female CEO that hasn’t relied on the support of capable male colleagues in her organization. Once businesses realize this they can fully recognize your potential and begin earning and achieving as much as they can.

Aloha Construction Restoration

Aloha Construction is a privately owned company that deals with home remodeling; kitchen remodeling, professional basement finishing, bathroom remodeling, carpet cleaning, and fire and water damage restoration. Unlike other operators, Aloha Construction offers their clients with affordable bathroom remodels. Most remodeler always overcharge their customers by adding up shower unit prices and bathroom cabinets which is not the case to Aloha Restoration. In addition, they offer installation of sinks, tubs, custom cabinets and other bathroom related stuff. In fact, Aloha Construction has the most qualified experts with a clear understanding of their client’s needs. They believe they are the leading in this segment because their final results always speak on behalf of them.


Aloha Construction is locally recognized to provide the best carpet cleaning services. The company started from the ground; it used to do simple carpet steam cleaning to the present Aloha Construction that does the deep cleaning of seeded fleas carpets. Their achievement has not come such easily as many might think. Unlike other incompetent organization, Aloha Construction has qualified experts that advice their clients on the right shape and size to apply on their floors. The Illinois-based company offers emergency services to their clients. In addition, Aloha Restoration believes in inclusivity. They always engage their customers to get to know their needs before starting their renovation process; they offer free in-home services to their clients.


Aloha Restoration is a family affiliated business that is under the leadership of Dave Farbaky. Aloha Restoration has been actively in operation for approximately 12 years now. The organization deals with home renovation, mold remediation, and fire and water damage restoration.

How The Osteo Relief Institute Of New Jersey Shore Helps People Find Fast Arthritis Solutions

Arthritis is a rampant condition among the old age people but is also present in middle-aged individuals. It is commonly misunderstood as an illness whereas it is a situation that arises from a number of factors that lead to degeneration of joints. The major contributors to the condition include aging, a family history of arthritis, excessive body weight and previous injuries.

Arthritis affects more than 500 million people in the United States alone according to a recent analysis. The condition which has over 100 variations is often ignored by people because it comes off as a non-threatening case. It is common among women and people in the late middle ages and above (HealthGrades).

There are several types of arthritis the most common being osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease. Osteoarthritis is diagnosed in the presence worn out cartilage and soft tissue around the joints. It is an untreatable condition that can only be managed by a patient by monitoring motion that could lead to adverse effects. There are several ways the experts recommend when managing it, which involve exercises in a regulated timeline.

The attainable management solutions that do not involve checking into a medical facility include integrating exercise that does not stress the joints. Experts advise candidates to work on building muscle hence ultimately strengthen the joints and stretching to reduce tension. Mundane roles that could lead to stiffness such as long hours in front of the TV ought to be regulated or at least include a change of posture. Apart from the self-imposed treatments, there are medical practices specialized in offering fast relief to patients.

The Osteo Relief Institute utilizes cutting edge technology and highly qualified professionals when applying solutions. They promise and deliver on relief of knee pain, the increase of mobility and ease of stiffness. According to their official information, treatment of the spine also goes a long way in improving the overall health of patients.

The Osteo Relief Institute of New Jersey Shore operates from an office in Wall Township. Stephanie Marsh is one patient who was satisfied with the results. According to her, the staff is welcoming, and the atmosphere is relaxing for one to have a smooth appointment session.

Motivational Speaker And Entrepreneur Greg Secker Sits Down For An Interview With Ideamensch

During his interview with Ideamensch, Greg Secker was asked what is a habit of his that makes him able to accomplish more as a businessman. Greg Secker answered that simply taking the time out to think about about his tasks has made him ultimately much more productive as whole. Mr. Secker recalls that he realized the importance of taking time out to think about work, when he spoke to an Arab developer from Dubai. The Arab developer told him that you can either work or take time out to think about work, but you cannot work and think about something at the same time.

What the Arab developer from Dubai means according to Greg Secker is that we are often so absorbed in what we are doing at work, that we often don’t take time to actually think about how we can make something better or do it in a more productive fashion. When we are thinking about something, we are not doing work that can be used to accomplish something. The key is to strike a balance between working and taking the time to think through solutions to tasks and problems at work. This way, we can be more effective, productive and less stressed.

Greg Secker says he realized the importance of taking the time to think about work when he became a father. This was when he built a home outside of the city of London and started to manage his business from his home and not from his office. Without being constantly interrupted by colleagues, phone calls and meetings, Secker said he was able to look at his business from the outside. He finally had time to think about how he worked instead of just working every day at the office.

With time to think, Greg Secker says he able to formulate a plan for expansion and come up with a philosophy that the company would follow and represent. Spare time to think also allowed Greg Secker to launch a charity foundation to help others. All of this would not have been possible had Greg Secker not taken time out to think about his work.