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Troy McQuagge, Helping The World

The USHealth Advisers is a company that follows the acronym of HOPE, which stands for helping other people everyday. The founder and president of the USHealth Advisers is Troy McQuagge. Troy McQuagge Son begin this company almost ten years ago. The mission of the company is simply to help other people around the world. The company is filled with independent contractors, the company’s employees, and the management team of course. Each day the company has been making better efforts to help more people each and everyday. As of today, the company is helping 10 times more than they were helping people when the company first opened.

The USHealth Advisers has recently even teamed up with their parent company, USHEALTH Group, so that they can grow and continue to help people around the world as one. The first huge project that these two companies performed together for their HOPE project took place in New Orleans. The company joined forces with Phoenix of New Orleans. Together these two helped get the city back on track after Hurricane Katrina had done tons of damage to it. The organizations worked hard and focused on really helping middle and low class residents of the city to rebuild their homes. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son


One of their main goals while they were down there was to provide a safe place for lower class residents to live. Many times, these class of citizens are overlooked by the government so USHealth wanted to make sure that they were a priority in their eyes.

In addition to providing shelter to these residents, USHealth, USHEALTH group, and the Phoenix of New Orleans Association also provided the residents with food, clothing, pampers, baby food and formula, and many other toiletries and necessities.

Many people asked these organizations what caused them to give back and their answer was pretty simple. USHealth Group’s marketing officer spoke for the company publicly and informed the public that giving back is a personal goal and mission for the company. He shared that they don’t take giving back lightly. Brian Clark is the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. HOPE will continue to help people around the world. Read more: