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Lime Crime, China & A New Frontier

The cosmetic industry is one of the most popular and fascinating industries on earth. Some of the biggest names in pop-culture comes from this exclusive industry. This includes Maybelline, MAC, Almay, Revlon and Covergirl. On the other hand, there is a new applicant that’s bidding for the top position, and it’s known as Lime Crime. This company was founded by Russian-immigrant Doe Deere. This extraordinary woman has brought new life back into the mix. Lime Crime uses some of the boldest and most vivid colors with its cosmetics line. Thanks to its huge success, the brand is looking to expand into new territories, which happens to be in China.

Having the ability to sell the products in China could potentially be very lucrative, but there are many stipulations involved when dealing with foreign markets. One of the major issues that is involved with cosmetic wholesale is that the products must be tested on animals. This is a touchy situation because Lime Crime is against animal-testing, and it does not do any testing in this manner. One of the solutions to this issue is that Lime Crime could ship its products from the United States directly to the Chinese market. Of course, there are many issues with this style of shipping because of its complex shipping-logistics. The company would have to pay numerous taxes and manage duties. On top of that, the company would be held responsible for handling any international returns, which can be a headache.

On another note, LimeCrime has partnered with Revolve to handle this matter. Revolve is an e-commerce fashion platform. By using this platform, Lime Crime can by-pass all of the distribution and logistical issues by advertising its products directly to its Chinese fan-base. This partnership was a match made in heaven because Revolve is a legitimate platform, and it shares the same perspective as Lime Crime. Since the Chinese market is already full of counterfeit products, this e-commerce-hub will be put in place for anyone who’s seeking authentic products. In the end, Lime Crime has found a solution that works, and only time will tell if this frontier is successfully conquered.