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Sheldon Lavin Steers OSI Group to a Global Food Service Organization

OSI Group success owes a great deal to Sheldon Lavin. Being the CEO of the company for over 43 years has created a significant impact to its success. Sheldon began his career as an investor in the banking industry before joining OSI Group as the finance facilitator which was then a small meat business named Otto and Sons.

Sheldon Lavin’s excellent leadership skills have been seen in his efforts driven towards transforming OSI Group from a local food processing business into an international organization. With his extensive knowledge and skills, the company has expanded rapidly acquiring up to over 6o facilities in 16 nations. His hard work, dedication and strategic leadership has helped the company attain its high level of achievements in terms revenue generation and global expansion.

Acknowledging Lavin’s outstanding efforts on successfully growing OSI Group as well as contributing to worldwide job creation, the India’s Vision Academy honored him with the Global Visionary Award. He has dedicated his life to the general welfare of OSI Group and its employees. He ensures a favorable working environment and attributing a family-oriented culture thus upholding employee retention.

Sheldon Lavin is devoted to inspiring upcoming corporate leaders as well as entrepreneurs to entrust themselves with the responsibilities that come with starting and growing their companies. This will contribute to growth of global business and creation of more employment opportunities globally.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s management, OSI group has received several recognitions and awards. The British Safety Council granted OSI Group the Globe of Honor Award recognizing it for its innovative techniques of creating a sustainable business environment. The company has also received other awards including health management and safety risks awards.

Lavin believes in planning ahead and preparing for the future as a way of obtaining greater success. With his position at OSI, he incorporates this strategy and it has proven to be efficient. He urges corporate leaders to be humble as humility enables one to listen to other people’s views thus promoting innovation.

Besides running a reputable international organization, Sheldon Lavin is also dedicated to giving back to the community. He takes part in several local communities’ charitable activities. Some of the beneficiary groups include McDonald House Charities, Jewish United Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, Inner City Foundation Chicago Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago among many others.

It is beyond doubt that Sheldon Lavin is a dedicated individual who places efficiency and quality as a priority. His exceptional professional approaches will continue making OSI Group the leaders in the food industry as well as a major influential company worldwide.

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Talos Energy has Its Eye on the Price in the Oil and Gas Industry

For nearly 8 decades, Mexico had not drilled any offshore well for oil until the recent one that was conducted by a private company. Since 1938 when the country agreed to production of oil nationally, the oil industry has been run by a Petroleos Mexicanos which was a monopoly. The drilling that was a combination of efforts by Talos Energy, Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil Plc, will enable competition in the production of oil.

The cost of drilling the well is 16 million dollars and it holds a lot of crude oil which is based in the Tabasco. The three companies running this oil drilling project won the bid after the country decided to open up its suffering oil industry. Talos Energy holds the second position in ownership of stake as it owns 35% in the project. This company was formed by Duncan with 600 million dollars’ worth of equity, assets and over 60 experts to advise them in Houston. Talos combines work and play and this has earned them a name in the local upcoming businesses. They acquired a Helix Energy Solution subsidiary, Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc., for 620 million dollars and they have a continued growth curve as they are shopping again for an acquisition between 475 and 500 million dollars. The Energy Resource Technology produces over 16 thousand barrels of oil every day and more information click here.

Talos is a company that focuses on gas and oil. It is focusing its efforts on exploring and acquiring gas and oil properties at the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Its investment money has been connected to the management of Talos, Apollo Global Management, and Riverstone Holdings LLC. Duncan previously worked at Gryphon Exploration and he was acknowledged for his hard work by his bosses. The acknowledgment pushed him to work harder and it is partially a reason for his success to date. Since the company is still small, there is a drive to increase returns through the innovation of the employees. The headquarters of Tacos are based in Houston in Texas and they are focused on building a larger company through their strategic acquisitions of companies that deal with gas and oil and learn more about Talos.

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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Of late, immigration and immigration rights are a big and hot topic issue in a state of Arizona. To this end, there are nongovernmental organizations that network and work together to make sure that the civil rights of the community are being protected and expanded every day.

One of these organizations is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which is headed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Other organizations in this network are the ACLU of Arizona and the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project. Each one of these establishments focuses on a particular aspect of immigrant rights and civil rights in Arizona.

One of the primary functions of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is to act like a hub for other organizations to find resources and information in their fight for justice. As such, there are article categories like the Sheriff Arpaio Files and Trump Watch that focus on elected officials who are duty sworn to protect the public. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

And, when these elected officials fail to perform their job tasks, this particular organization makes it their primary duty to let the world know what is going on in the state of Arizona. This is more than just a job but a labor of love and for some a lifelong commitment in the fight for justice, truth, and the American way.

When the cause for action requires more than just raising public awareness through valuable information, organizations like the ACLU Arizona take over and put their hands on the wheel. They do this by being quite litigious in court and make sure that when someone violates another person’s civil rights they answer for it. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

This is an organization with much trust worth as their cache value and its representatives strive to maintain that status quo. Just like the Lacey and Larkin fund the ACLU of Arizona is another lifelong commitment in labor of love for many within its ranks.

The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project is an essential piece to this network by making sure that there are civil rights to protect and maintain, which ensures the other organizations can do their job.

This particular organization is on the front lines of immigrant rights as they deal with thousands of citizens warehoused in detainment centers and are in need of legal help. They provide this legal help free of charge and do their best to see that justice is done while expanding the rights of immigrants within the United States.

God willing and with the help of the other organizations mentioned, this job is not only attainable but achieved every single day that these brave and committed men and women go to work.

Troy McQuagge Industry Leader Honored With Award

And the winner is…Troy McQuagge CEO and President of USHealth Group Inc. was honored at the One Planet awards for CEO of the Year and was named the Gold Winner.


One Planet’s Story


The One Planet awards honors the best of the best in the business and professional industry from all across the world. The nominations for this award are submitted by organizations around the world.


The Awards


CEO Troy McQuagge credits the entire USHealth Group organization for this award stating that the award belonged to everyone at USHealth Group that worked hard to solve their customers’ healthcare affordability problems. He also added that it was an honor to be recognized for this award by One Planet, this esteemed industry, and get peer recognition.


One Planet’s Details


One Planet is an organization that recognizes businesses for their hard work, commitment, excellence, and reputation. There are a few categories that One Planet currently has for their awards. Categories include new products and services, executives, teams, marketing, PR, and corporate communications from organizations all around the world.


Troy McQuagge’s Impact on USHealth Group Inc.


Troy McQuagge first joined USHealth Group in 2010. He immediately began working on its captive distribution agency by rebuilding it for success. This was a huge advancement for the company. Shortly after this success, Mr McQuagge was selected to be CEO and President of the organization in 2014. Since then, USHealth Group Inc. has ranked high for its success, its growth and profitability in the highly competitive individual health insurance market.


USHealth Group’s Details


USHealth Group Inc. is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Its main purpose is to be able to provide affordable health insurance to self employed and small business owners who might otherwise not be able to obtain these benefits. USHealth Group strives on providing the most superior customer service while marketing the most competitive and profitable insurance products in this industry. USGroup Inc. credits this to their extremely talented employees and agents who provide these services to their customers every single day.


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Some Notable Events In Recent Days for Equities First Holdings

With a lot of pressure on big banks to carefully vet and do their due diligence on clients who they loan to, many businesses and wealthy entrepreneurs are looking to alternative sources for loans. One such firm that provides alternative lending and equity capital is Equities First Holdings, an international financing and loan firm that has been in operation since 2002. Founded by Al Christy Jr., a former investment banker and loan officer at Fidelity Investments and Jeff Smith, a former advisor at Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers, Equities First has built a great reputation in helping clients receive working capital for their businesses.

So how do the loans offered by Equities First work? Typically clients who have publicly traded stock can borrow against it with Equities First guidance, and it is sometimes referred to as a non-recourse loan. Most of the loans they finance are given at a low fixed interest rate, and Equities First has done a fantastic job with their loan programs in finding borrowers who’ve been able to turn their loans into profitable income. Most of the clients they work with are corporations and individuals who have high compensation and meet the company’s risk requirements. Most of the loans given by Equities First have been paid back and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Even as recent as this year, Equities First announced the return and then some of shares that were loaned out to Paysafe, an online transactions company that works similarly to PayPal. Paysafe was able to use the millions in shares it had received to expand its operations, and as part of their agreement were able to pay off the loan plus interest to Equities First. Also paying off a securities loan was Angle PLC back in October of 2016, ending what was a 2-year agreement to finance the company and it Website.

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Susan McGalla – One of the Most Successful Branding Consultant in the United States

The world of branding and marketing has become highly competitive in this age of technology and online marketing, and more and more companies are investing in this department to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. To achieve the branding and commercialization goals, the company needs professionals who are skilled, knowledgeable and have a proven track record to be able to provide the results to her clients. Susan McGalla is one of the most successful branding consultants in the United States and has provided her services to many of the leading companies in the country. Moreover, she has spoken about the branding industry and its importance on many events of international repute, including the Carnegie Mellon University Conference and Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. To Susan, McGalla is also the founder of a highly successful consulting firm named P3 Executive Consulting LLC.

As a successful female business executive, Susan McGalla has carefully observed and experienced the corporate sector. She knows the challenges that the women can face in the business world and over the years have learned the trick on how to avoid such problems. Also, she has many pieces of advice to give to the young women who are looking to make it big in their career. Susan McGalla says that it is important for the women to start saving early in their life so that they can finance their higher education. Susan McGalla says that it is important for the women to focus on education as that is what would help them climb the ladder of success more easily and quickly.

Susan McGalla understands that the mental frame of men and women at work is different and that it is important for the women to have a support network in the office they can bank upon, take advice from, and share their thoughts with. It would help them add sustainability to their career and also ensure continuous personality development. Susan McGalla suggests that it is important for the women to stay organized, disciplined and punctual at work and make a mark in whatever niche they are working in. Susan says that the employers these days are looking for employees who are sincere and dedicated, and if women can show these qualities, career growth is guaranteed. Susan McGalla is all about women empowerment and has spoken about how the women can grow in their career without feeling constantly challenged on numerous occasions.

Why Don Ressler is Forging the Path for All-Inclusive Brands

If you were to talk to Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg about JustFab and Fabletics, you would learn a ton about how online shopping is changing. It is now becoming everything, and the good news is that Techstyle Group, the name of their company has revealed the beauty of all-inclusive. Initially when the company was launched it was targeted to specific women’s sizes, but now everything has changed. The company has moved to being an all-inclusive brand and Don Ressler is beyond excited. The goal? The goal in the move was to reflect company values, and this is just what they needed to gain even more leverage with the market they desired to seize as their own.


Ressler and Goldenberg both believe that women should feel beautiful and empowered with the ability to choose high fashion at an affordable price. This is generally not the case for women that wear larger sizes, and Ressler and his partner may have found the loophole in the market. When the two men were working for the same company they found that diversifying even with e-commerce created a more secure way to earn profit. Ressler started early when founding his own company prior to his job with Intermix Media. His company, Fitness Heaven, was his first start in the fitness and e-commerce arena.


Something that most fashion gurus won’t get right is that they fail to give the whole experience. This means that they can fail to provide the product as well as the whole shopping experience for the customer. Providing a great product and making it easily accessible to the customer is ideal, but it also means offering high-quality products and delivering on time every time.


Ressler and Goldenberg have also created an experience that women cannot resist, and that is the beauty of the all-inclusive brands. These brands are now available to all women, regardless of their size and shape, and they feel empowered to choose. What Ressler and his partner have done has spurred other entrepreneurs to grab a piece of the e-commerce pie. Now there are brands that offer trunk style shopping, where outfits can be sent out to the consumer and if the consumer does not like them, they can be returned. It’s fair to say that Ressler and his partner started it all, first with shoes and then with JustFab and Fabletics.

A Review Of Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan is regarded as one of the most successful interior designers/ architectural experts in New York. He is credited for developing innovative interiors that combine vintage pieces, curated antiques and decorative objects. Richard Mishaan design has earned him a position in the AD 100 and Elle Décor A list. The entrepreneur has authored different publications, including “Artfully Modern” and “Modern Luxury.” When he was developing the grand salon/library for Kip’s Bad Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House, Richard’s inspiration was to have a space that was collected over time. In Florence or Venice, old families honored their artisan’s workmanship. They purchased velvet and silks and layered them with their own materials.

Over time, people purchased treasured items guided by a curator putting up a museum show. Richard Mashaan design embraces different forms and contents of the room. Richard posits that his discipline and academic background have helped him to develop innovative rooms that enhances the eclecticism found in the rooms that he speaks of. He contends that in his home, he has a room, which he calls the library. However, it is more than a library given that the room is used for entertainment. For the room’s layered décor, Richard Mishaan said that he used animal prints on silk velvet of gimps and yards, Fortuny fabrics and woven tapes to develop an innovative backdrop.

In London, there is a wall covering that illustrates a room from the Topkapi palace. It has Walton Ford’s contemporary Audubon and is layered upon with orientalist art. The historic value and provenance of every item in the room makes the journey most memorable. Richard Mishaan design is informed by travel and culture. Designs that are based on heritage creates a legacy that transcends styles and trends, thus making it pure and timeless. Richard Mishaan loves the craftsmanship found in various handmade artisanal porcelain, textiles and various decorative arts. He adds that these elements play a pivotal role in ensuring that the environment stands out. This information was originally reported on Haute Living’s website as outlined in this link

Richard Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Columbia. As he was growing up in Italy, Mishaan fell in love with color. In 1978, he moved to New York. His Cartagena-based gateway house, 16th century gem, was updated to include a roof deck and courtyard pool. This building reflects his commitment to color and decorating trend. He posits that many people are seeking to have their homes decorated like the last hotel that they stayed at. Hotel owners want their clients to feel the comfort of being at home. Mishaan, who is a hotel interior specialist, designed schemes for most public spaces and rooms at Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach.

Richard offers five tips that people can use to decorate small spaces. He says that individuals should give their spaces a lift by painting the walls with a warm white color. Richard Mishaan contends that people should “float” the bed by putting it far from the wall. In small living rooms, one should try floating two tables instead of having one big coffee table. In addition, people should use a strong color behind the couch. Such colors make the space to look larger. Individuals should use low club chairs given that they are cozy, comfortable and a good way to enlarge the space.



Eucatex: Taking Progress and Sustainability Hand in Hand

There are a few people in the business community of Brazil who rose to the firmament of fame in a short time. Flavio Maluf can be justly placed on the list enlisting those few successful businessmen. He is a self-made man and is known to the world as a successful businessman and industrialist. He is the CEO of Eucatex, a company with which he is associated for last 28 years. After performing his duties in various positions looking after different aspects of the company’s business, Flavio became president and CEO of the Eucatex. Since 2005, he has been leading the company as its CEO.


Eucatex is one of the most thriving companies of Brazil which was established in 1951. Over more than a half-century of its existence, the company has evolved into a paramount business firm. It stands tall among all other private companies for introducing the unique concept of harmonizing industrial progress with the preservation of the environment. Under the dynamic and strategic leadership of Flavio Maluf, the Eucatex has grown the size its revenue and extended its scope. It was because of Flavio’s ingenious business skills that the company has a large number of factories across the length and breadth of Brazil. Flavio’s commitment to the preservation of the environment is reflected by his decision to use solar power in all the offices of his company in order to conserve energy and make our environment sustainable.


Flavio Maluf has comes with an excellent educational training and a decorated curriculum vitae. He studied mechanical engineering at PUC, Sao Paulo. To further his polish his educational training, he earned a postgraduate degree in Business Management from the New York University. Equipped with knowledge of engineering and business management, he made a perfect choice for leading the company in its industrial and trade related agenda.


Flavio Maluf is a great deal of inspiration for new and aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen. He gives his productive entrepreneurial tips and techniques through writing blogs regularly. He shares his experiences of his struggle and guides people on how to finagle through the intricate and highly competitive corporate world.

Nine9 – The One Reason Why It’s So Easy to Get Performing Gigs Via Nine9

Ever wondered what it was like to be in a commercial or a TV show? There are so many opportunities out there that you are probably just missing out on. It’s all about knowing the right people, and today, you are going to learn about the right people to speak to. Nine9 is the “Unagency” that’s going to give you the chance to be the star you’ve always wanted to be. Acting gigs and jobs are everywhere, and they can help you find them. There is only one reason why it’s made possible, and it’s all done in one seamless way and read full article.

When you become a part of their roster, you will be added to a database. You have two options: the first option is for you to submit to the job postings available on their database, and the second option is to wait for casting directors to message you directly for a booking.

When you are on their database, the number one reason why it’s so easy to get jobs is because your face is everywhere. You can get emails for auditions, extra work, and even direct bookings for commercials or modeling work in an instant through the help of their database. Lynn-Clarke Geiner is a talent scout and casting director who uses Nine9 whenever she is in need of any talent for any specific castings. And considering Nine9 does indeed have talent from across the globe, she can rely on this company to help her find what she needs in any city or state in the nation. This is why Nine9 encourages people from anywhere to join, and if you happen to be in a city where a lot of shows and movies shoot, you have an even bigger shot at getting opportunities. Join Nine9 today and grow in your acting career and Nine9 of Website.

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