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David Giertz Talks about the Importance of Social Security in Retirement Planning

David Giertz is a well-known personality in the financial industry of the United States and has experience of over thirty years in the financial sector. He has featured on many popular radio shows and TV channels, including on CNN, CNBC, and others. As a financial advisor, David Giertz is known to be the key reference for the many channels and his huge fan following. Over the years, he has gained tremendous experience in the industry, which helps him make accurate financial analysis and predictions. He believes that people should plan their finances in an organized fashion and make right investment choices after considerable research. It is what would help the people pass through financial doldrums without any worries.

David Giertz has done MBA from the University of Miami and graduation from the famous Millikin University. Currently, he is associated with Nationwide Financials and handles the distributor arm of the company known as Nationwide Financials. As President of Nationwide Financials, David Giertz has managed to implement some very brilliant sales, and marketing techniques that have in a way ensured that the company sales continue to grow. He also spends time discussing the different investment plans with other financial advisors so that they can offer better services to their clients.

In an interview with the Wall Street, David Giertz talked about the importance of social security. According to a report, most of the financial advisors do not discuss the topic with their clients. Since social security can account for about two-fifths of the total retirement income, it is best to have it in mind when making retirement plans. If it is not taken into account, an individual can lose a lot of money and will regret once they retire. He added that those whose advisors do not talk about it should change their advisors as they are not planning their retirement properly.

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