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Lime Crime Has Some Fantastic New Colors Available

Lime Crime is a vegan makeup line that offers hair dyes and makeup for women of all styles. The company is often putting out new products, and when they do, they don’t disappoint. The beautiful creations hitting the scene this time around are for all the brunettes and darker-haired women. Now there are dyes that exist to help every girl achieve a funky, new color.

Many of you are familiar with Lime Crime’s eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks, but below are tips of how you can pair those fab shades with these four fab new additions to the Unicorn Hair Collection.


This is violet. It’s the hue of dark ink like that from a squid. Pair it with Lime Crime’s indigo Blue Flame lipstick for a lip stick and hair combination that is sure to turn heads.


This hair dye is literally the color of charcoal. It is a deep gray that reminds one of a stormy rain cloud. It would work well with the Black Velvet from the Matte Velvetines collection to achieve a dark, hypnotic look.

Sea Witch

Sea Witch is a beautiful dark blue-green. Picture a dark teal color. If the image that appeared in your mind is of a shimmering mermaid’s tail, then that lovely image is exactly the right hue. Denim is a glossy, dark blue lipstick. It couples well with the Sea Witch hair dye.


Brunettes who want to go ginger should wear this color. It is a very deep maroon. Any shade of eyeshadow from the Sugar Plum Pocket Candy Palette would look simply seductive.