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Enhancing Cloud Transition Security Using OneLogin

As many businesses, move from in-house to SaaS solutions, conditions become more ripe for employees to utilize their favorite apps or shortcuts. Secure single sign-on apps help control use of unauthorized software and hardware, while making it easier for employees to access necessary job-related tools.

Employees have for sometime utilized off the books or homemade solutions that provided a favorite problem solving method. These usually take the form of apps used on personal devices to quickly achieve necessary work. Another option becoming more common is setting up their own server. These solutions occur without the knowledge of the IT department and often occur due to information access limitations, aka siloed data, and unmet software needs.

The crafting of homespun solutions creates additional security risk for the company though. OneLogin allows IT departments to set permissions across vendors from its interface. The login allows IT to track apps accessed and the originating server.

In conjunction with an app driven solution, communication remains key. IT must work with human resources and departments to reject the siloed approach. Many employees require information from multiple departments to complete their duties. The employees in those jobs know this best. It’s key for IT and HR to survey employees to learn their needs, then assign access based on the job title, not the individual, recognizing that those of the same job often fill in for each other. For example, if Judy usually handles form “d” for a department, but she is out sick, Trina and Louisa also need access to the same data although they don’t normally work with that team. Eradicating silos through access based on job title enables departments to function more productivity.

Migrating to the cloud can save money, enhance productivity and reduce security risks when done right. Apps that help IT control access and limit rogue servers, apps like OneLogin, help form the silver lining in cloud computing.