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Government Concessions can Bring Better Change when in Partnership with Private Sector

Brazil government has decided to partner with National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). According to Trata Brasil’s President, Edison Carlos, he points out that there will be an improvement in the services offered on management and structure.

Trata Brasil specializes in public sanitation. According to Edison, a significant percentage of sanitation is carried out by public. Moreover, about 70% of this is run by state-owned companies. Edison firmly believes that the quality of services offered would be higher if the private sector and public worked together. He, therefore, encourages government entities to involve the private sector in their operations.

According to the agreement, BNDES will come up with plans for each state it serves. This will be after carrying out a survey that indicates the sanitation situation in respective states. The major problem suffered by state companies in the water sector is shortage of water. Water is a necessity, and without it, such services will be impossible to carry out due to the waste.

Private companies are well equipped with resources, unlike the state companies. This makes them be in a better position in preventing water loss. Water is a unique commodity, especially in sewage sector. Felipe Montoro believes the government should invest more in water conservation areas for them to make progress in sewage plants.

Felipe Montoro argues that the success of a company does not necessarily depend on the type of management it has. What matters most is the quality of services it provides to the public and also the cost it incurs. However, for the success of concessions, plans must be set out on how to carry out the operations in the partnership.

Felipe was born in 1971. He attended Fundao Getlio Varga and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He furthered his studies in Thunderbird school of global management and earned a master’s degree in international management. Felipe Montoro has served in various capacities in different companies such as principal at H2olmos, chairman at Arboreal and Empreendimentos Imobiliários, principal at Marañon Energia SA amongst other positions.

Felipe is also recognized internationally as a principal speaker. In 2011, at the world economic forum, he gave a speech on essentials of water conservation.


Flavio Maluf Has Changed The Outlook Of Eucatex’s Future

Flávio Maluf is one of the most renowned business executives in Brazil with most of his time invested into the construction material manufacturer Eucatex. He also has a large stake in GrandFood, one of the largest pet food and animal feed groups in the country. His assets are estimated to be worth around $2 million. You may check out some of his business presentations on Slideshare. He is also a mentor of future entreprenuers and has even been highlighted in Abril Magazine.

Since studying for his mechanical engineering degree, he was invited to the family business at Eucatex. He started out in low level positions and eventually moved up to various positions in different departments. He was upgraded to the industrial sector of the company after recommendations from family members. After several years of experience, he was invited to be a part of the executive team.

Since Flavio had became president of the company, he swiftly made changes to modernize the management structure of the company. He had also made efforts to internationalize the company by offering products to distributors in 37 countries. His genious business tactics had signifcantly grown the market share of the company and expectantly increased overal revenue.

The Eucatex Group was started in 1951 as producers of contruction materials made from eucalyptis wood. The company has factories in multiple parts of the country, and has since expanded production to other products like furniture. Their main location of production is now in Botucatu. There is now a line of paint products being distributed throughout Brazil.

The company saw a major boost when they opened the new plant in Salto. This plant was dedicated to products high and medium density fiberboards. Since the ofering of the new fiberboards, they have filled a major niche in the Brazillian construction market. Paint and varnish products are also being produced at the Salto location.

A huge sector of their production now involves recycled wood products. Instead of letting wood residue go to waste, they produced a new line of recycled wood products to boost revenue and clean up the environment. Many of these recycled products have been approved to receive FSC® Certifications.