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Government Concessions can Bring Better Change when in Partnership with Private Sector

Brazil government has decided to partner with National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). According to Trata Brasil’s President, Edison Carlos, he points out that there will be an improvement in the services offered on management and structure.

Trata Brasil specializes in public sanitation. According to Edison, a significant percentage of sanitation is carried out by public. Moreover, about 70% of this is run by state-owned companies. Edison firmly believes that the quality of services offered would be higher if the private sector and public worked together. He, therefore, encourages government entities to involve the private sector in their operations.

According to the agreement, BNDES will come up with plans for each state it serves. This will be after carrying out a survey that indicates the sanitation situation in respective states. The major problem suffered by state companies in the water sector is shortage of water. Water is a necessity, and without it, such services will be impossible to carry out due to the waste.

Private companies are well equipped with resources, unlike the state companies. This makes them be in a better position in preventing water loss. Water is a unique commodity, especially in sewage sector. Felipe Montoro believes the government should invest more in water conservation areas for them to make progress in sewage plants.

Felipe Montoro argues that the success of a company does not necessarily depend on the type of management it has. What matters most is the quality of services it provides to the public and also the cost it incurs. However, for the success of concessions, plans must be set out on how to carry out the operations in the partnership.

Felipe was born in 1971. He attended Fundao Getlio Varga and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He furthered his studies in Thunderbird school of global management and earned a master’s degree in international management. Felipe Montoro has served in various capacities in different companies such as principal at H2olmos, chairman at Arboreal and Empreendimentos Imobiliários, principal at Marañon Energia SA amongst other positions.

Felipe is also recognized internationally as a principal speaker. In 2011, at the world economic forum, he gave a speech on essentials of water conservation.


Nine9 – The One Reason Why It’s So Easy to Get Performing Gigs Via Nine9

Ever wondered what it was like to be in a commercial or a TV show? There are so many opportunities out there that you are probably just missing out on. It’s all about knowing the right people, and today, you are going to learn about the right people to speak to. Nine9 is the “Unagency” that’s going to give you the chance to be the star you’ve always wanted to be. Acting gigs and jobs are everywhere, and they can help you find them. There is only one reason why it’s made possible, and it’s all done in one seamless way and read full article.

When you become a part of their roster, you will be added to a database. You have two options: the first option is for you to submit to the job postings available on their database, and the second option is to wait for casting directors to message you directly for a booking.

When you are on their database, the number one reason why it’s so easy to get jobs is because your face is everywhere. You can get emails for auditions, extra work, and even direct bookings for commercials or modeling work in an instant through the help of their database. Lynn-Clarke Geiner is a talent scout and casting director who uses Nine9 whenever she is in need of any talent for any specific castings. And considering Nine9 does indeed have talent from across the globe, she can rely on this company to help her find what she needs in any city or state in the nation. This is why Nine9 encourages people from anywhere to join, and if you happen to be in a city where a lot of shows and movies shoot, you have an even bigger shot at getting opportunities. Join Nine9 today and grow in your acting career and Nine9 of Website.

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Using The Extra Space

Looking around the home, you might see unsightly unused space that is simply going to waste. Fortunately, there are numerous ideas that you can look at when it comes to a home improvement project to give life to the empty spaces in the home with most of them being inexpensive to complete. Look at every space that you have available in the home to see how it can be used. You do want to have some empty areas so that you don’t feel too confined, but most spaces in the home can be utilized in some form or fashion.


A spare room can be used for guests who spend the night by setting up a bed and dresser, but if you don’t have many people who spend the night during the year, then the space still isn’t used. Consider setting up an area on one side of the room to complete a hobby that you enjoy or even an office space. Create an identity for the extra rooms that are in the home so that they aren’t left out and aren’t used just for storage as they will tend to go downhill rather quickly if they aren’t used at all.


An open floor plan is one that is sometimes a bit harder to find enough spaces to utilize. The home is more like an empty canvas where you can position furniture in any way possible, but it’s also easier to have empty corners and spaces that just have nothing there. You can make a smoother transition from one area to another with cabinets, shelves and different types of flooring to separate one room from another. Another option is to use the empty space for chairs to sit on and tables to display the decorations that you think you don’t have room for and that are hiding in boxes.


Checking The House After Winter

Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning the inside of the home after the long winter months. It also means performing a few home improvements that have probably been neglected since the previous summer. As the salt that is used on the ground and the sidewalk goes away and the temperatures begin to rise, you’ll start to see where any cracks will appear and if there is any damage to the home. You want to scrub the salt off of as many items as possible, but if it’s rusted or just can’t come clean, then it’s best to throw the items away as the salt left behind will begin to damage the surface. Walk around the exterior of the home to see what needs the most attention before focusing your efforts on the smaller areas that could go untouched until warmer weather.


One of the first home improvement areas of spring that you need to examine is the roof. Look for any loose shingles or areas where there is damage done by excess leaking of snow, ice or rain. While you’re on the roof, look at the gutters to see that they are still attached. You also want to clean them to keep rain water moving freely as spring often brings some severe weather with torrential downpours.


Check the vents outside the house to see that they aren’t clogged. You also need to look at the filters to the HVAC unit as this is a time of the year that they need to be replaced. Examine the system itself to see if there is any damage from heavy snow and ice. The windows are another area of the home where you want to focus home improvement efforts as there could be cracks that develop from the colder temperatures and the warming of the air during the spring.


Excellent Tips for Making Any Room Seem Bigger

If you’ve been looking for ways to make a small room seem bigger, you’ve come to the right place. This article will present you with the top tips for making any space look bigger, and that’s true even if it’s about as big as a closet to start with.


  1. Choose the right furniture.


The first thing that you need to do is to choose the right furniture. Not all furniture is created equally, which means that some looks better than others in small spaces. A great place to check out for small space furniture is Pottery Barn because they only recently released a line of this type of furniture.


  1. Use mirrors to your advantage.


Mirrors can be great for small spaces because they open them up by reflecting the opposite side of the room. Aim for big mirrors because small ones just won’t do the trick unless you have a lot of them.


  1. Open up the room with light.


There are techniques ways that always open up a space, and light is one of them. If you have windows in the room, don’t cover them with blinds or curtains all of the time. Instead, keep them as open as possible. If you must have curtains, use sheer curtains that still let some light in. Additionally, try to have as many lamps as you can in the room. Candles can help make the space seem cozier as well.


  1. Get rid of clutter where you can.


Last but not least, get rid of all of that clutter in your small space. It can’t handle it! You’ll want to pick pieces of furniture that have storage space inside so that you can put some of the knickknacks away once in a while. Similarly, try not to keep lots of figurines, vases, books and picture frames on the tops of tables. Put them on the wall or don’t put them up at all.


Using these tips and tricks will surely open up any small space. Try them in your home to see how they work!


Bruce Levenson and the Do Good Institute Help Create Society’s Next Philanthropists

The work of non-profit organizations across the world are often invaluable sources of relief for untold numbers of people who are afflicted by the many disasters and crisis our world is prone to house. Whether it is providing clean drinking water to remote villages, shoes for disadvantaged youth, or simply making sure that food does not go wasted non-profit organizations are often responsible for many of the humanitarian efforts across the globe.

But as a new generation of philanthropists is born and the world of business is constantly changing, the next wave of leaders within the non-profit sector need a little more help than the previous generation to fix the world’s problems.

The Do Good Institute and Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the NBA favorites, the Atlanta Hawks, turned philanthropists and non-profit investor, created the Do Good Institute in response to one of the major failings Levenson witnessed during his time within the non-profit sector.

Far too often, UCG chairman Bruce Levenson noticed that some wonderful people leading non-profit organizations with valid motives would watch their organization fall apart for various reasons due to a lack of real-world business skills.

So to better equip the next wave of leaders within the non-profit sector, Bruce Levenson, and the Do Good Institute are aiming to teach the students on the University of Maryland’s campus the necessary skill they will need to become successful leaders in the non-profit sector. The program by the Forbes billionaire is still very much in its early stages of creation has become a student favorite for its unique approach to teaching philanthropy and civics.

If you would like to read more about the work being accomplished by the Do Good Institute and Bruce Levenson please read’s latest piece on the philanthropic efforts of the two.

Home Remodeling Trends of 2017

With every new year comes a catalog of exciting and inspiring trends for the home improvement industry. These trends are meant to make your home even better than before. We are three months into 2017, and new trends are endlessly popping up, with a big focus on sustainability and style. It pays to see what trends will emerge in the coming months so that you can capitalize on them immediately.


Here are some of the current trends that you should know about.


  1. Energy-Focused Improvements


Today, most homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient at the same time more comfortable and convenient. Most of the popular energy-focused trends involve making minor changes to the home. Good examples are:


  • Programmable smart thermostats
  • Smart light fixtures
  • High-efficiency HVAC
  • Caulking and weather stripping


Although you may not visibly notice these improvements, they will cut your utility bills and make your home more comfortable.


  1. Gravel Landscaping


With the desperate need to conserve water, more and more homeowners are becoming open to the idea of doing away with their high maintenance grass lawns and replacing them with gravel areas, driveways, pathways, patios and playground spots. Gravel landscaping is preferred over other types of landscaping because it has a natural feel, prevents erosion, saves water and requires no upkeep.


  1. Matte Finishes


This trend began in the beauty world but has finally found its way into our homes. Matte finishes make a warm and elegant statement in the kitchen. We expect to see a lot more of this trend in the coming months.


  1. Open plan kitchens


More and more property owners appreciate open plan kitchens. In fact, if you watch any renovation show on TV, you will notice that they extol the benefits of an open and spacious living area. Depending on your budget, creating an open plan kitchen can be as simple as eliminating clutter with innovative storage solutions, and trying out feature spaces such as woodwork, ceramic tiles, and hanging shelves. At the ‘high-end,’ the process can involve gutting an entire room to make space for new fittings.


These are just a few of the home remodeling trends that we have noticed so far in 2017. Keep an eye out for new trends these coming months.

Flavio Maluf Has Changed The Outlook Of Eucatex’s Future

Flávio Maluf is one of the most renowned business executives in Brazil with most of his time invested into the construction material manufacturer Eucatex. He also has a large stake in GrandFood, one of the largest pet food and animal feed groups in the country. His assets are estimated to be worth around $2 million. You may check out some of his business presentations on Slideshare. He is also a mentor of future entreprenuers and has even been highlighted in Abril Magazine.

Since studying for his mechanical engineering degree, he was invited to the family business at Eucatex. He started out in low level positions and eventually moved up to various positions in different departments. He was upgraded to the industrial sector of the company after recommendations from family members. After several years of experience, he was invited to be a part of the executive team.

Since Flavio had became president of the company, he swiftly made changes to modernize the management structure of the company. He had also made efforts to internationalize the company by offering products to distributors in 37 countries. His genious business tactics had signifcantly grown the market share of the company and expectantly increased overal revenue.

The Eucatex Group was started in 1951 as producers of contruction materials made from eucalyptis wood. The company has factories in multiple parts of the country, and has since expanded production to other products like furniture. Their main location of production is now in Botucatu. There is now a line of paint products being distributed throughout Brazil.

The company saw a major boost when they opened the new plant in Salto. This plant was dedicated to products high and medium density fiberboards. Since the ofering of the new fiberboards, they have filled a major niche in the Brazillian construction market. Paint and varnish products are also being produced at the Salto location.

A huge sector of their production now involves recycled wood products. Instead of letting wood residue go to waste, they produced a new line of recycled wood products to boost revenue and clean up the environment. Many of these recycled products have been approved to receive FSC® Certifications.

Springtime is Perfect for Tackling Outdoor Repairs

The winter can be a harsh time for the exterior of your home. When the snow melts and the ice thaws, you’re likely to be left with filthy home siding, a broken roof and cracked asphalt in the driveway. The springtime is an important moment to tackle these repairs so that they are fixed before being able to get worse. For instance, if you notice that your driveway has a large crack in it from the winter freeze and you do nothing to fill in the space, it can get bigger and leave you with a destroyed driveway that will need to be fully replaced and cost you thousands of dollars.


First, you need to take a walk around the perimeter of your property and make notes of what needs to be done. Don’t forget to look all around the home and property to find damage. Your roof should have a thorough inspection for holes and pitting to prevent leaks and floods from occurring. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the inspection yourself, you can hire a local roofer to come in and do the work for you. There will be certain repairs that you simply cannot do on your own. It’s important to call pros in if you find you’re having issues repairing damage yourself. It’s better to pay someone to fix these problems for you as opposed to leaving them to get worse just to save money. They’ll cost you more in the long run if they’re allowed to worsen.


It’s hard to know what type of damage the winter will leave for your home and property, but it is crucial that you face facts and make notes of what needs to be repaired. Springtime is often looked at as a perfect time to do some cleaning inside and to get rid of clutter, but it’s also critical to repair the exterior of your home after dealing with a harsh blustery season. When you get everything cleaned up and fixed in the spring, you will have all summer to enjoy the hot weather with your family and friends.


The Newest and Best Ways to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

You may have been wanting to give your bedroom a quick freshening up, and if that’s the case, we have the tips that you need. The following list includes the top tips for making your bedroom a little nicer and a litter more welcoming.


Create symmetry


Symmetry can make you feel calmer and more organized. It also looks more serene in interior settings. If you’re bedroom is not symmetrical right now, consider making it so. Take your bed from away from the corner and place it in the middle of one wall, for example. You might consider putting the same bedside tables on either side of the bad and the same lamps on either side of the bed as well.


Put some art on your wall


Art on your walls can be calming and inviting. Choose something that speaks to you. Instead of small pieces of art that are only a maximum of 12 by 12 inches, choose large pieces that are several feet wide and long. This will take up more space on the wall and will look purposeful inside of haphazard.


Choose a pallet, and stick to it.


Many people think that adding lots of colors to their bedroom will make it more exciting, but this will only divert your eye and attention. It’s not especially calming or relaxing either. Instead, pick two to three colors for the color scheme of your bedroom, and stick to these colors as you decorate. If you need some inspiration, go online and look at pictures of bedrooms that you like, or flip through some magazines that center on home decorating.


Splurge on bedding.


One thing that you will do every day whether you like it or not is go to sleep. You’ll also sleep in the same spot, and that’s your bed. This means that your bed is somewhere where you should feel comfortable investing a substantial amount of money if possible. Splurge on nice sheets that have matching pillowcases, and get a comfortable and form fitting mattress. You might also consider getting a high quality, comfortable blanket or a comforter.


Try these tips for the nicest bedroom you’ve ever had!