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Lowe’s Announces New Benefit Package and Bonuses

Major home improvement giant, Lowe’s, announced this week that they will be offering their employees one-time bonuses as a result of the new tax law. They also stated that they will be looking into improving the benefits available to their employees.

Lowe’s employees over 260,000 hourly employees and is offering them bonuses up to $1,000. They also plan to offer stronger benefits packages that will include paid parental leave and assistance with adoption by the end of the year. The bonus that an employee receives will be dependent on how long they have worked for the company.

The home improvement store is headquartered in North Carolina, and stated that they will be able to book $75 million more in the last quarter of the fiscal 2017 year due to the new tax act. They added that Lowe’s is hoping to continue to invest back into their company so that they can meet the needs of their employees and their customers. The company will report their last quarter earnings at the close of February.

Over the next few weeks Lowe’s is expected to release more information about upcoming investments and details about what they will be doing to improve their benefits packages. The news of the bonus additions comes right after the Lowe’s board announced that they will allow a stock repurchase program to take place up to a value of $5 billion.

Lime Crime Excites with New Makeup Debut

Lime Crime has debuted a number of super-cute and colorful cosmetic products lately. Last year, the company wowed consumers with their Unicorn hair dye in a myriad of pastel and rainbow colors. Of course, Lime Crime is also known for its beautiful lip products. There are selections for makeup lovers who enjoy a matte lip in an intense color, as well as those who prefer a cream lipstick in an unconventional shade. Now, there are Plushies, a lip tint that provides shine with a hint of sensational color.

It’s important to note that Lime Crime has been pretty quiet on the details about Plushies, and we’re not even completely sure about what Plushies are just yet. However, we were able to zoom in on the pictures of the products, and the packaging states that Plushies are a “soft focus lip veil.” This is likely an indication that the product will provide subtle color. The Plushies may be able to be worn alone, or could compliment some of Lime Crime’s more pronounced lip colors.

According to Pop Sugar, Plushies will be launching at Ulta Beauty in January 2018. Pop Sugar has reached out to Lime Crime to get additional details on the product launch, and wanted to know more about why the Plushies debut is being called the “cutest release ever” on the Lime Crime website. Judging from the adorable packaging, consumers are likely hoping that Plushies will be soft and easy to wear.

Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere, and the brand is known for celebrating the individuality of all people. The company is known for out-of-the-box colors, and Deere uses many of her customers as models to show other makeup enthusiasts how to gain beauty inspiration from makeup and express one’s individuality through cosmetics. For additional information, visit

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One Motivated Ninth-Grader Is Helping To Bring Light To Puerto Rico

As the residents of Puerto Rico continue to rebuild their island homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, one 15-year old ninth grader from San Juan is helping to bring light to some of the island’s residents who still have no power.

Almost half a million people in Puerto Rico still do not have electricity, and when nighttime comes, those people often have little or no light to help them to see with. A recent article on the Reddit website tells of how Salvador Gomez Colon is supplying island residents with much-needed portable solar lamps and hand-operated washing machines.

Shortly after Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico in September, Gomez Colon decided to help his fellow residents by starting a crowdfunding campaign. The teenager’s goal was to raise $100,000 and so far, more than $125,000 has been raised.

Due to Salvador Gomez Colon’s efforts, more than 800 households in Puerto Rico have received solar lamps thus far. Without these lamps, the residents would not be able to do such basic things as read, cook or clean.

After starting the fund-raising campaign, the motivated teenager contacted the manufacturers of hand-powered washing machines and solar lamps. Incredibly, Gomez Colon has acquired more than 3,000 lamps and more than 200 hand-powered washing machines. Almost half of the lamps have already been donated to people in need, and Gomez hopes to have the remainder distributed in the near future.

What To Ignore When You’re Moving

Whether you are purchasing your first home or your last home, it can be stressful to walk through a variety of different properties and determine which home is going to be right for you and your lifestyle. There are often things you will notice about a home that might turn you off from considering it or looking at the rest of the home. While some things are deal breakers like a damaged foundation or water damage, there are some other things you should ignore when shopping around.

Wall Color
Even if you walk into a home and notice that the kitchen walls are the brightest shade of yellow that you have ever seen, still give the property some consideration. You can always prime over the bright colors and choose your own shade. Wallpaper and borders can also be removed.

Whether Or Not Your Furniture Fits
You probably have some various pieces of furniture that you absolutely love. You may have picked them out and purchased them yourself or you may have inherited some great pieces. Regardless, when shopping for a home don’t worry about the furniture you have and whether or not it will fit. You can always buy new pieces and store the old ones.

Your Status
You may not have children and you may think you don’t want children but what your current status is may not be how things are in a few years. Because of this, still look into the local school system and how safe the neighborhood is.

Shopping for a new home is incredibly exciting but also overwhelming. Keep your shopping experience realistic and realize that you may not find something that is perfect in every way but you can always make changes later on.

Bookcases Are Often Overlooked Yet Functional Pieces Of Furniture

Even if you don’t store books in them, bookcases are highly functional pieces of furniture that can largely help to define a room’s overall appearance. In a recent BuzzFeed article/photo montage, a variety of suggestions on how to build the ideal home library are provided.

The first thing that should be done when you’re building a home library is to decide which style of bookcase/shelving you want to use. Maybe a floor-to-ceiling wooden bookcase built into the corner of a room is just what you need. Free-standing wood, plastic, fiberglass and metal book shelves and cases are also available in a range of styles, and might suit your needs better.

Although the next step in the BuzzFeed piece calls for choosing a wall design, I’m assuming that most people should be able to retain their existing walls. To go along with your new bookcase, it is suggested that you choose a favorite style of chair in which you can sit and read some of the reading material from your new library.

Choosing a reading lamp and the desired type of flooring are the next suggested steps in building a beautiful home library. An assortment of extra features, such as a book ladder, a globe of the world, a clock and a writing desk are other items that are suggested.

No matter what it is utilized for, a bookcase and/or home library would be a great addition to almost any room.

Fungi-Concrete Research Offers Hope to Builders and Home Owners

The last five years have seen the increase of concrete building and home improvement projects. From countertops to patios or entire 3D printed homes, concrete usage offers a durable, attractive material alternative that reduces overall building and renovating costs.

Although it is fireproof and hardy, concrete has some drawbacks. Exposure to the elements and heavy usage can lead to cracking as evidenced in the current deterioration of US roads, overpasses, and bridges. This has pressured government officials and university researchers to find a way to patch the nation’s ‘crumbling infrastructure’.

Researchers at Binghamton University took on the challenge and created a concrete that heals itself. Beginning in 2013, Assistant Professor Congruity Jin started investigating the problem with concrete’s durability. She discovered long before it shows signs of crumbling, concrete develops tiny fissures. These fissures lead to corrosion of steel reinforcing rods and wire mesh by the elements and create larger cracks. If left unaddressed, these can lead to structural failure.

University research has found a way to address these fissures. Before the concrete is poured, they introduce fungi to the concrete mix. These fungal spores lie dormant in the dry concrete. As fissures develop, water and air seep in and combine with spores. The fungi grow and put off calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate naturally fills the cracks and heals the concrete.

While the refining of the fungi-concrete mix is still ongoing, this is exciting news for builders and homeowners. It may mean no more patching roads and driveways.

A Look into Nick Vertucci’s Journey to Success

Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate investor. Burying the past and focusing on the future is a philosophy that has seen him succeed throughout his life. He grew up with a loving family where they lived a prosperous life until things turned against him at the age of 10 when his father passed. His mother was now the sole breadwinner of the family.

He started a business that dealt with selling computer parts. The business gave him the freedom that he enjoyed plus the fact that he was his boss. Things began to go on well again, and Nick got married and was blessed with three daughters. However, tragedy stroked Nick Vertucci back in 2000 when the dot com crash rocked the stock market and the world of business at large.

This left him in a deep financial crisis with no income. His home was the only remnant that the businessman managed to keep. It was during these hard times when a close friend of his invited him to attend a seminar about real estate. He participated in the three-day training seminar though he was apprehensive about the whole thing.

Nick can attest to it that this was the best decision he has ever made since just by attending the seminar marked the turning point of his life. The little he learned from the workshop made Nick Vertucci want to learn more about the real estate industry. Nick continued to review anything related to the industry. After examining the industry for more than ten years, he felt that he had sufficient information required to venture into the industry. It was persistence and determination that drove him this far.

He was lucky and gained success rapidly in this field and became a millionaire. His hard work bore fruits at last. Nick Vertucci decided to help others in investing in the real estate industry on how to gain success. His determination to assist others led to the establishment of NV Real Estate Academy. This was a move meant to show that he was utterly committed to helping newbies in the real estate industry.

The academy offers the necessary guidance required in investing wisely in real estate market. Nick Vertucci can easily share his knowledge about the industry through the academy to anyone pursuing prosperity by using the methods and tactics that led to his success.

How Mark McKenna Has Become Successful In Medicine and Real Estate.

Dr. Mark McKenna is respected by the young and old due to his numerous accomplishments in the medical profession. The businessman has also invested heavily in real estate, and he has reaped significant benefits from the department.Dr. Mark McKenna has spent most of his career life running businesses that are connected to the medical field. When the businessman was starting his career in the business world, he never knew that he was going to become so successful. However, due to his expertise as a physician, the renowned doctor has become very successful.

The medical profession has undergone numerous changes in the recent times. Professionals who have ventured into this area say that they have had to sacrifice many years so that they can acquire education and become important people in the society. People who have been fortunate to go to medical school have assisted sick people to live normal lives. The individuals who are in this department are passionate about assisting the society. Dr. Mark McKenna is not an exception. The businessman realized that he had a great passion for serving the people when he was growing up as a young boy. His career took the medical path just after completing his high school education.

Mark has been fortunate to attend some of the best medical schools in the international community. The knowledge he has received from this institutions has helped him to become a renowned doctor in the complex market. Getting to this level in the modern times is not an easy task.

When Mark graduated from medical school, he decided that he was going to work with his father who was also a medical doctor. The family medical clinic did well under the leadership of father and son. This gave McKenna a lot of expertise in the medical field. The businessman decided to venture into the profitable real estate department when he realized that the residents were in need of high-quality buildings that met the modern standards.With the help of his father,Dr. Mark McKenna has managed to set up one of the top real estate companies in the United States. Despite the hardships in the market, Mark has been very successful.

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USHA and Troy McQuagge’s Career

USHEALTH Advisors, otherwise known as USHA, has been a huge help to thousands of people all over the country. Their mission called HOPE, also known as Helping Other People Everyday, was lead by Troy McQuagge Son in 2010. Troy’s impactful involvement has made a huge difference within the company as well as within communities all over the country.

As CEO and President, Troy McQuagge makes it his business to partner with other helpful organizations looking to make an impact in the lives of many. One such organization that he has partnered with is The Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. This organization provides substantial assistance to those who serve in the military and their families in finding a home. Workers helped with cleaning up debris and took the initiative to put things in order in anticipation of new residents. This home was then donated to a needy family of an army specialist, further gaining HOPE much deserved recognition within the community.

USHEALTH Advisors brought their much needed assistance to Phoenix, Arizona for another great cause back in 2012. HOPEKids was presented with over $25,000 to support their non profit organization. This amazing community provides families of children with cancer and other serious illnesses with priceless assistance. To date, USHEALTH Advisors along with Troy McQuagge son has provided over $70,000 in support of HOPEKids.

New Orleans, Louisiana has also received valuable aid from the organization with their Hurricane Katrina clean up and restoration. Partnering with Phoenix of New Orleans was one of the best moves to make as the dynamic duo tidied up the hurricane devastated streets and assisted needy families. In addition to the clean up, the team also donated necessities such as shoes, clothing and food to those in need.

What makes Troy McQuagge and his work inspiring is his passion for lending a hand no matter the situation. Whether it’s weather devastation, poverty or terminal illness, he can be found doing what he can to make a difference. For more inspiration and information on what you can do to help, be sure to check out the USHA website.



Renew Your Life At Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church is a dynamic and growing Christian ministry based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The mission of the church is to make disciples for Christ and to celebrate God’s presence and goodness in our lives. We believe that caring, compassion, and love are at the heart of the Christian faith, and we practice them in ministering to all those who come into our sanctuary. Watch this video on Youtube.

If you crave a greater purpose in life, if you feel as though there must be a greater plan for your own life and for the world at large, then you can come to Mighty Fortress Church and find out what Christianity has to say about these matters. The Christian faith is not about judgment and condemnation; it is about hope, redemption, and spiritual renewal. At Mighty Fortress Church, you will have the opportunity to explore the tenets of the faith in your own way. You will be given a safe space in which to find your own path to God.

Mighty Fortress Church offers the kind of worship service that every believer can look forward to. We understand that going to church does not appeal to many people because they cannot relate to the dull rituals that occur in so many of them. Our service is authentic in that it allows the presence of God to come into the midst of the congregation. Through the music of the band and choir and the individual gratitude expressed by each parishioner, Mighty Fortress Church creates an atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit can move at will, opening hearts and transforming lives.

Every week, the congregation is given practical biblical principles for pursuing a strong, honest, and prosperous Christian life. The main aim of the message is to apply the lessons of the Bible to everyday life.



Mighty Fortress Church invites everyone to come as they are. You do not need fancy dress or stylish clothes to be welcome in the house of God.

Bishop Thomas Williams is the founder and Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. He has been a minister of the word of God for over 30 years. Read more on