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3 Home Improvement Upgrades That Probably Won’t Increase Your Home’s Value

If you watch home improvement TV shows on HGTV or read a lot of home design magazines, you probably have a laundry list of ways you’d like to upgrade your current home. But despite what you see on television, not every home improvement will help increase the value of your home. In fact, some design choices can actually cost you money. Trulia recently spoke to some professional house flippers and based on their experiences, they had some solid ideas for home improvement do and don’ts.

1) Don’t Make Your Design Too Personal

Sure, you like pigs of all shapes and sizes. But potential buyers are likely to be turned off by your wall-sized pig mural and the states of tiny pigs that cover the front yard. If you are going to make very personal design choices, be sure to stick to things that you can easily remove when it’s time to sell.

2) Pools Are Fun. But They Usually Don’t Make Financial Sense

There are few things in life more fun than walking to the backyard for a quick swim in your bright, shiny pool. But the maintenance on a pool can be expensive and unless you live in Florida or Southern California, many potential buyers may not be looking to take on such a capital-intensive extra. Especially if they can only use it a few months per year.

3) Unnecessary Room Conversions

Sure, the designers on HGTV are always converting an extra bedroom into the master bath and walk-in closet the home owners have always dreamed about. But be very careful about converting rooms if it means you’ll be losing a bedroom. In most cases, a four-bedroom house is likely worth than a three bedroom with a fancy en-suite bathroom. If you want to make the conversion, be aware the decision might cost you when you are ready to sell.