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Barbara Stokes’ Career With GSH Of Alabama

Barbara Stokes has had a long career in business. Her company is GSH of Alabama. GSH of Alabama makes homes that remain structurally sound during some of the most severe disasters known to mankind. Many of their homes are designed to withstand hurricanes.

In addition, their homes can withstand other threats. For instance, they are designed to prevent pests and mold growth. Read more at Business Insider.

What College Did She Attend?

Barbara Stokes attended Mercer University, and she received a degree in physics and biomedical engineering. In addition, she became an expert on the following subjects:

  • Thermodynamics
  • Business management
  • Technical communication
  • The chemical composition and structure of materials

What Did She Do Before She Worked For GSH Of Alabama?

Prior to working for GSH of Alabama, she worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation. These companies felt that she was an excellent employee. In addition, these jobs gave her important experiences that have been relevant to her current position. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

How Were These Positions Relevant To What She Does Now?

While she worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation, she learned how to arrange government contracts. This has been very important for GSH of Alabama. GSH of Alabama has a contract with FEMA.

What Types Of Homes Does GSH Of Alabama Build?

The company builds many different types of homes. Some of their homes even have luxurious furnishings. Some examples of materials that are used to make luxury furnishings in their homes are granite and marble. These materials are often used to make countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms of homes that GSH of Alabama produces.

Read: http://www.cullmantimes.com/archives/green-structure-homes-alabama-to-be-cullman-s-newest-industry/article_5fc0baef-94dc-5d12-b35f-64a6caa41081.html

What Organizations Have Certified GSH Of Alabama?

Several organizations have accredited the company:

  • The AIA
  • The NFPA
  • The NSPE