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Troy McQuagge Named Gold Winner CEO of the Year in One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH group, was named 2016 CEO of the Year in One Planet Awards. These awards showcase people, teams and companies for professional and business excellence.

Troy started at USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2010 and focused on revamping the company’s Advisors group. With his success in Adviors, Troy McQuagge Son was named CEO and President in 2014. His time as head of USHEALTH Group, Inc. has shown tremendous business growth and stability in the individual health care market.

McQuagge was “honored” to be named CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards and goes on to mention that the award is truly belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. for their hard work and commitment to their customers. He says, “It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow.”

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance company that provides insurance for the self-employed and small business owners. They provide competitive insurance with a strong focus on customer service at every level of the company.Read more about Troy McQuagge Son at Daily Kos

It is no surprise that McQuagge and his company’s focus on customer service has made a big impact – as it has lead him to be recognized with CEO of the Year from One Planet Awards. This prestigious award is available to any CEO working for a non-profit, for profit, small or large business all around the world. The winners are nominated by their peers for the award.

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