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Aloha Construction Home Repair and Remodeling Services

Aloha Construction offers all-around home repair and remodeling services. The company has overseen successful completion of over 18, 000 local ventures. The company aims at providing services while maintaining professionalism, fairness, honesty, and integrity with their clients and partners. Their attention to details and timeliness ensure customer satisfaction in their service delivery. The company performs home restoration in times of natural calamities, does home upgrades, minor and major repairs.

They offer roof repair resulting from depreciation with age, storms, and wind roof damage. They will conduct a thorough inspection process to determine the extent of damage and make necessary adjustments to restore the roof. They also offer up to ten years craftsmanship warranty on roofing projects. To protect your home from stagnant water and excess moisture, they will adopt a gutter system that channels water away from your home.

Another aspect of home repair that Aloha Co can handle is siding restoration. Sturdy sidings not only help in protecting inhabitants from harsh weather conditions but also restore a home’s exterior. The refurbished look increases its value, makes it aesthetically appealing through the improved appearance and more information click here.

You can also trust Aloha services with window replacement jobs. They will work on the installation of your favorite window designs and repair including replacement of multiple screens, fascia, and soffit repair and Twitter.com.

Being a family-owned company, the Construction firm started off as a small family business. It has since grown into an establishment serving Southern Wisconsin and all of Illinois. It has a team of installers, field supervisors, inspectors, claim specialists and office stuff. The Aloha Construction is headed by David Farbaky who doubles as the company’s president and chief executive officer. The 46-year-old is an exceptional business leader and a role model to young entrepreneurs.

To enable it to give back to the community, the company created the Dave Farbaky Foundation which aims at helping the less fortunate. It has reached out to many through their charitable events. On 14th August 2017, the foundation, in partnership with Learning Express Toys, offered a shopping spree to children from low-income families within the locality. During the event, which was attended by children of Omni-Youth Services, four girls were offered a minute each to pick their favorite toys. The occasion aimed at teaching those who participated about the importance of random acts of kindness and https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/aloha-construction-2.