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The Dominance of the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Brand

To dominate any market, your company needs to be able to compete with the giants of that niche. The trouble with the clothing retail business is that Amazon has been dominating that market for so many years that they simply continue to expand on their success year to year. Not to be scared by any competitor, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been climbing from the pack and making significant strides to dominate the clothing market. Looking back on a few years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is already selling in the $250 million sales range and growing.


With every other fashion e-commerce market competitor trying to close the gap to Amazon, what is it about Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand that’s getting so much attention? Hudson says she doesn’t really have a secret at all, in fact, she will talk openly about how her brand was able to go from obscurity to competing on the same level as Amazon. Two of the secrets to her success are nothing more than membership perks and reverse showrooming sales techniques. To see them in action however, all you have to do is head to the local mall and walk inside the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics shops.


What you see inside the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics stores is going to be a huge contrast to what you see in other clothing stores.


There is no pressure from Fabletics sales associates for customers to make a purchase, instead, you see these female customers going from rack to rack and trying on everything in sight. These same woman are looking at all the new releases and even taking one of the Lifestyle Quizzes offered by the company. The only thing that might surprise you at first is that many of these ladies leave the shop without making a purchase. That is just part of the success of the company, you just have to dig deeper to discover why.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics will store anything you try on at the shops to your online account, so as soon as you log into your member account, there is everything you saw at the store. This means you can leave the store and just keep on shopping when you have time. Now the sizes are not an issue, so women are searching the online site for different styles and colors in the sizes they desire. Free shipping, a personal shopper, and discounted prices on workout apparel, just other reasons Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown so fast.

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