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An Overview of Dr. Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. The British citizen is currently 67 years old. Sachedina went to Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental school, the University of London where he qualified as a dental surgeon. The doctor has practiced medicine in England for many years. The educational background and amazing skills are some of the attributing factors to his startling success. Sachedina is also interesting in investing and venturing into business in the health-care sector. He voluntarily works for the Jamati and Aga Khan institutions as a way of giving back to the community. He was president of the Ismaili Council based in the United Kingdom voluntarily. He is a member of the Aga Khan Network Committee and holds the position the chairman of Focus Humanitarian Assistance Internal Coordinating Committee. He is also a member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum.

Dr. Shafik Sachedian is a board member and a joint chairman of the Sussex Healthcare organization. Interestingly, he is the owner of Sussex Health Care. Sussex Healthcare is a group of facilities that provide home care. The facility is based in Sussex, in the United Kingdom. Sussex provides care to older people and people with disabilities in the community. The facility has been operating for more than two and a half-decade now. The center offers neurological care as well. Being a member of the healthcare’s board members, Dr. Sachedian is among the people who steward the center into delivering proper healthcare to its customers. Dr. Sachedian has worked for at least five companies in his lifetime. He worked for Imara Company in the United Kingdom where he served as the director. He was the director of the Horsham Clinic.

To maintain quality services in the medical facility, Dr. Shafik Sachedina employs qualified individuals to the Health Care’s staff. Recently, Dr. Sachedina received learned individuals from Chichester University. The professionals will be the next generation of the facility’s staff. The healthcare facility recently gave assisted some of its workers in acquiring level 5 Diploma in Professional Practice in the organization. The professional practice takes one year. The qualification enables Level 4 Registered Managers to register and pursue higher education. The diploma students attended workshops on a monthly basis and assignments were graded out of 50 per-cent. The program was a joint project between Sussex Health Care and Chichester University. Dr. Sachedina believes that the knowledge acquired by the employees will improve their lives and better the health of others.

5 Awesome Ideas For Decorating With All White Interiors

You might not be able to imagine an entire room in red or everything in the colour blue, but an all white space seems to be the go-to concept. Not only is it a pleasing colour in several shades (from warm to cold tones), it’s also a neutral palette that goes with anything. If you think your home will look flat and boring with white, you should definitely reconsider with these fantastic tips.

Adding a Crown Moulding


The presence of crown molding styles is usually overlooked, but once you take it away, the room just seems more bare. In the kitchen, crown mouldings are usually apparent at the tops of cabinets and as a wall accent. When a simple cove crown moulding is the exact same white as the cabinets, this gives the illusion of a smooth flow towards the ceiling.

Another example is a crown moulding that doesn’t extend until the ceiling. By dividing the space between the cabinet crown moulding and wall crown moulding with a different shade of white, this adds a slight depth to your wall of cabinets.

Playing with Materials and Patterns


When you have a fantastically bright white bathroom space, the presence of a black and white bathtub really takes centre stage. By combining several types of patterns and materials in a space, the effect is greatly enhanced. Using huge slabs of marble on the floor and wall gives the space a smooth finish while smaller tiles are used to create a difference in perception and texture.

Ever fancied a room in a Moroccan or Middle Eastern style? Delicate touches will make all the difference in the form of intricate cut panel inserts on your cabinets and the presence of metal lanterns in a silver finish is a nice touch. By carefully selecting and placing different materials and patterns around the room, you could very well feel like you’re in a house in the Middle East. Any white space will be instantly brighten with such splendid colours and patterns.

Highlighting Whiteness Through Colours


An all white room is dazzlingly bright and can sometimes come across as faded. By using a key feature such as a giant wall mural or a feature wall, the white tones of the room are able to stand independently without seeming dull. There might only be two dominant colours in a space, but it definitely won’t be boring.

If you’re a fan of more than one colour, there’s no reason not to invest in lots of bright and bold colours. Although the predominant colour is still white, the different types of colours and textures in the space makes all the difference. For all white spaces, you can even present a white key feature by making use of the walls and ceilings of your home.

Creating a Warm and Natural Space


Although white has a tendency to feel colder, the use of wood flooring in any room will instantly transforms the atmosphere. Coupled with plenty of natural lighting through large pane windows, it’s actually really easy to create a bright and airy space that’s comfortable.

The addition of wood creates a natural feel that instantly warms up a space. Since white is a bright colour, its addition with wood colours balances the overall tone of your home. Instead of a gloomy undertone or an overly bright space, you’ll end up right where you want to be.

Creating a Blank Canvas


If you have a marvellous outdoor view, it can seem a shame to detract from the natural beauty. With plenty of floor to ceiling glass and a white interior palette, this creates the perfect opportunity to enjoy and marvel at such a beautiful exterior.

An all white living room is another room that can benefit from minimal colours. Through the careful use of materials, colours and patterns, you’ll have enough natural accents in the room to create a highly elegant atmosphere. Add to that a beautiful outdoor view, this picturesque space will be fit for a king.

White really is a wonderful colour that we sometimes take for granted. Through these fantastic concepts, we can see that it the colour white is really versatile and subtle. With just the right dash of colour and materials, you can transform any space into a magazine worthy addition.