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Dick Devos Role in American Philanthropy

Dick Devos has been influenced a lot by his wife Betsy Devos who happens to be the secretary of education under the Trump administration. As for Betsy Devos, she became interested in politics during her school days at Calvin College. Since then, she has remained active in politics. She even influenced Dick Devos to vie for the Michigan gubernatorial seat in 2006. Back then, Betsy Devos was the chairman of Michigan Republican Party. However, Dick Devos was not lucky enough as he lost to the Democratic candidate. Perhaps the most illuminating thing about this couple is the love they have for people. In one way or the other, they will always find a way of finding innovative solutions to problems that people currently experience. This has seen the two spend over $190 million since they married in 1989. Before his wife became the secretary of education, she used to work with a company known as Windquest Group. For starters, this is a company that specializes in manufacturing and technology of clean energy. As for Dick Devos, he has previously worked with Amway Corporation under various positions and Orlando magic as the president. These are entities that are owned by his father Richard Devos Sr. who happens to be the 89th richest person according to the Forbes Magazine.


The two are very vibrant in education where they aim at helping American kids realize the American dream. Betsy Devos is the chairperson of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation that was established by the two several years ago. Through this entity, the two are able to address a host of issues. In her illustrious career, the wife of Dick Devos has served on many local and international committees that are focused on promoting education. Some of the institutions that she has served with include Mars Hill Bible Church, the Kennedy Center as well as Foundation for Excellence in Education. Devos has also worked with Kids Hope USA, Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children. Speaking in a recent interview, Dick Devos says that his interest in philanthropy grew over time. He started small and found himself going back. He started visiting Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids over three decades ago. Up to today, Dick Devos says that he goes back as it gives him something to be proud about. Other than education, Dick Devos is also involved with leadership, healthcare as well as arts.


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