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Avaaz: Using Consciousness-Raising Campaigns to Advocate for Positive Change

Avaaz is a civic organization that promotes global activism dealing with issues like human rights, animal rights, climate change, poverty, corruption and conflict. The U.S.-based organization was launched in 2007 and is considered the most powerful and largest online activist network. The name Avaaz means ‘voice’ or ‘song’ in Persian. It was chosen because not only is the organization a voice for the downtrodden, many Indo-European languages have similar sounding words with similar meanings. Avaaz also shares a similar root to the English word voice.

Avaaz.org was co-founded by Res Publica, a group of public sector professional promoting deliberative democracy, civic virtue and good governance, the American progressive public policy advocacy organization MoveOn.org and the Service Employees International Union. The organization provides leadership, funding, ideas and strategy for global campaigns on behalf of the less fortunate and the oppressed. Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, the former Virginia congressman, Eli Pariser, MoveOn’s Executive Director, progressive Australian entrepreneur David Madden, Purpose.com co-founder Jeremy Heimans and Andrea Woodhouse were some of the individuals that co-founded Avaaz. To know more click here.

Since 2009, the organization hasn’t accepted donations from corporations or foundations. Avaaz also doesn’t accept donations of over $5,000. Still, the organization has raised more than $20 million through gifts from its members. Avaaz uses the money to organize media-friendly stunts, rallies, sit-ins, phone-ins, advertisements and other activities to draw attention to problems taking place worldwide. Campaign teams located in over 30 countries promote the organization’s consciousness-raising campaigns using email, online public petitions, email-your-leader tools, videos and more. Flickr Photos.

Members can suggest problems that deserve attention and teams of specialists organize and guide the campaigns. Avaaz’s mission is to help create the caring, progressive world most people worldwide want. The organization has hosted international campaigns related to issues in Libya, Syria, Russia, the U.S., Brazil and elsewhere.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avaaz

The Hardships of Nick Vertucci and His Method to Overcome Them

Nick Vertucci had a life full of hardships at first, he may have had the luck of having a family who cared for him. However, they were not in a bulletproof financial state; they were at a point of uncertainty, an unexpected outcome could drive them to be in a difficult position, economically speaking. Sadly, this sudden result took place when Vertucci was ten years old. It was a huge hit for Nick Vertucci who lost his father at such a young age. This would not only strike deep within the emotional core of anyone but also left a tough task to his mother, to take care of Nick and his brothers all by herself.


Those were hard years for Vertucci, he endured for eight years without being able to do anything about because of his young age, but suddenly, everything started to pick up when he started his own business, Vertucci has a vision for creating opportunities by himself, this will not only help him at this moment but later on in his life as well.


His business was going well, and he even got married and became a father. Life was good; however, luck began to run out when the dot com crashed, and just like that, his whole business fell apart. He didn’t know what he could possibly do and for a year and a half, things look pretty grim. However, he was just getting close to one of the most important days for him and a career defining moment.


Nick Vertucci absorbed every piece of information he could; something gave him the impression that this could really be the key to pick himself up and it effectively was.


After much hardship, he found significant success by developing a real estate method that would make him a millionaire. Now all his drive is focused on teaching other people on how to gain success in real estate and why his method works. His method and philosophy are based on the premise that you should actively search for properties with low values and wait for that perfect moment to sell it at the highest value possible, and this line of thought has worked many years for real estate developers like Vertucci.


Nick Vertucci’s method needs intuition and knowledge of the market but after that everything else is broken down and made so simple by Vertucci himself and the fact that it became the most sought out program in America about real estate speaks volumes.