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Reading USHEALTH Group like an Open Book

There is no company in the world as transparent as USHEALTH Group. More than fifty years down the line, USHEALTH Group is the leading health insurance provider in the State of Texas particularly for individuals, families, as well as small scale business owners. Before USHEALTH Group came into existence, people in Texas could suffer from ailments without notice, and since there was no insurance plan to chip into their limited finances, a lot of these individuals ended up dying. Therefore, USHEALTH Group has turned out to be a real blessing to the Texan community.


US HEALTH Group has since expanded to accommodate five hundred employees, workers highly professional and experienced in sales and marketing. Due to its robust workforce, USHEALTH Group has been able to serve its more than fifteen million clients diligently offering them quality products and services with excellent transparency. One thing that has made USHEALTH Group stand out from the rest of its competitors is the fact that the company has invested heavily in customer care offering products and services tailor made for one’s needs.


Above all, affordability has been the trademark of USHEALTH Group, accommodating each client regardless of their financial power. In so doing, USHEALTH has grown to be known as the health insurer of the ‘people, by the people, and for the people.’ For first timers, the company has always taken pride in offering new clients with free quotes, regardless of whether or not they will subscribe to their services. In so doing, USHEALTH Group has built competitive networks unrivaled by any other organization of its kind.


Products and services you are likely to get at USHEALTH Group include health coverage, critical illness coverage, accident coverage, PremierChoice, Accident Protector, PPO Networks, Income Protector, and MedGuard. Others include Secure Advantage, PremierVision, Essential Health Benefit, Life Protector, Secure Dental, guaranteed issue plans, health insurance agent recruiting, dental insurance, as well as fixed indemnity health plans. As your reliable service provider, USHEALTH Group always strives not to fail you as its much-devoted customer. Today, USHEALTH enjoys its success mainly because of its able leader, Troy McQuagge. As the President of the company, Troy has ensured that the corporation makes large profit margins annually to remain relevant to the Texan community. Also, Troy has openly advocated for the use of technology to aid in reaching more clients as well as reducing operational costs.


By adopting new technological practices, USHEALTH Group is now able to provide quality products and services, items that have the capacity and power to compete against others of their care. In the more than fifty years that USHEALTH Group has been in existence, it has undergone a metamorphosis that has helped the company grow into an internationally recognized brand.


Troy McQuagge Industry Leader Honored With Award

And the winner is…Troy McQuagge CEO and President of USHealth Group Inc. was honored at the One Planet awards for CEO of the Year and was named the Gold Winner.


One Planet’s Story


The One Planet awards honors the best of the best in the business and professional industry from all across the world. The nominations for this award are submitted by organizations around the world.


The Awards


CEO Troy McQuagge credits the entire USHealth Group organization for this award stating that the award belonged to everyone at USHealth Group that worked hard to solve their customers’ healthcare affordability problems. He also added that it was an honor to be recognized for this award by One Planet, this esteemed industry, and get peer recognition.


One Planet’s Details


One Planet is an organization that recognizes businesses for their hard work, commitment, excellence, and reputation. There are a few categories that One Planet currently has for their awards. Categories include new products and services, executives, teams, marketing, PR, and corporate communications from organizations all around the world.


Troy McQuagge’s Impact on USHealth Group Inc.


Troy McQuagge first joined USHealth Group in 2010. He immediately began working on its captive distribution agency by rebuilding it for success. This was a huge advancement for the company. Shortly after this success, Mr McQuagge was selected to be CEO and President of the organization in 2014. Since then, USHealth Group Inc. has ranked high for its success, its growth and profitability in the highly competitive individual health insurance market.


USHealth Group’s Details


USHealth Group Inc. is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Its main purpose is to be able to provide affordable health insurance to self employed and small business owners who might otherwise not be able to obtain these benefits. USHealth Group strives on providing the most superior customer service while marketing the most competitive and profitable insurance products in this industry. USGroup Inc. credits this to their extremely talented employees and agents who provide these services to their customers every single day.


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