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Susan McGalla – Sharing her Experiences with Contemporary Women on Achieving Success

Susan McGalla is known for her expertise in the marketing and branding industry and has helped many firms achieve their PR and commercialization goals through her smart advice. Susan McGalla has worked for many top corporate companies throughout her career spanning over a couple of decades. She has held top positions at firms like American Outfitters Inc and Wet Seals Inc, which are big names in the consumer market of the United States. Susan McGalla has considerably helped the companies she has worked for to achieve tremendous success in their respective industries. Susan McGalla believes that in the men dominated corporate world, women have a lot to contribute and has the potential to become hugely successful as well. However, Susan McGalla says that there are individual mistakes many women are making today that are costing them their future success.

It is for this reason Susan McGalla is often seen speaking about the issue of women empowerment. Susan McGalla says that one of the primary reasons why many women are unable to achieve their full potential in the corporate sector is due to lack of higher education. It is, for this reason, she says that women must focus all their energy on the education from the very beginning and must get good grades. It is also important as good grades in high school would allow women to get entry into the top colleges in the country, which in turn, would help land a dream job in the future. Susan McGalla says that good education is a must in today’s date as it is what the employers are looking for in the candidates.

Susan McGalla says that it is also essential for the women to be able to fund their higher education. Susan says that the best way to be able to do that comfortably is to limit expense and manage finance accordingly from the very young age. Susan McGalla says that women who are already working must be able to build a good support system at the workplace, which would act as a backbone for the women and keep them emotionally charged and motivated.