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Susan McGalla – One of the Most Successful Branding Consultant in the United States

The world of branding and marketing has become highly competitive in this age of technology and online marketing, and more and more companies are investing in this department to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. To achieve the branding and commercialization goals, the company needs professionals who are skilled, knowledgeable and have a proven track record to be able to provide the results to her clients. Susan McGalla is one of the most successful branding consultants in the United States and has provided her services to many of the leading companies in the country. Moreover, she has spoken about the branding industry and its importance on many events of international repute, including the Carnegie Mellon University Conference and Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. To Susan, McGalla is also the founder of a highly successful consulting firm named P3 Executive Consulting LLC.

As a successful female business executive, Susan McGalla has carefully observed and experienced the corporate sector. She knows the challenges that the women can face in the business world and over the years have learned the trick on how to avoid such problems. Also, she has many pieces of advice to give to the young women who are looking to make it big in their career. Susan McGalla says that it is important for the women to start saving early in their life so that they can finance their higher education. Susan McGalla says that it is important for the women to focus on education as that is what would help them climb the ladder of success more easily and quickly.

Susan McGalla understands that the mental frame of men and women at work is different and that it is important for the women to have a support network in the office they can bank upon, take advice from, and share their thoughts with. It would help them add sustainability to their career and also ensure continuous personality development. Susan McGalla suggests that it is important for the women to stay organized, disciplined and punctual at work and make a mark in whatever niche they are working in. Susan says that the employers these days are looking for employees who are sincere and dedicated, and if women can show these qualities, career growth is guaranteed. Susan McGalla is all about women empowerment and has spoken about how the women can grow in their career without feeling constantly challenged on numerous occasions.

The New IKEA Collection- Debuting in March

Choosing pieces that you love is essential when decorating your home. There’s simply too many unique ideas around to decorate your home any other way. Until recently, however, the home decor choices were limited for those who sought a different type of look in their home, particularly the eccentric type. What some would call weird or outlandish is extremely exotic and appealing to any. And so, with a foreseen need for goth-centric home décor, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé designer Karin Gustafsson teamed up with IKEA to create a home collection known as ‘Omedelbar. The collection officially debuts in March 2018, but the excitement surrounding the collection is already buzzing.

From oversized spiked lace-up boot chairs to lip-shaped pillows, the Omedelbar collection has an array of pieces that take your home design to the next level. Pieces for every room in the home are offered in the Omedelbar collection. It is not the look your mom would create, and certainly one that would make grandma blush. But for you and your glam lifestyle, the styles and pieces are perfect. No one will question your design; it speaks for itself.

The goth collection is moderately priced, adhering to the standards you’ve come to know and love from IKEA. But before you shop for pieces, do set a budget. Otherwise, you’ll walk out the store with one of everything from the collection. Yes, this is a collection that has the design that you want enough to go crazy-wild when you shop!