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Ricardo Tosto the Strategist Lawyer

Lawyers in Brazil

There are several amazing facts about Brazil that you should know.One of these facts is about the population of lawyers and the law in Brazil. All the states in Brazil have a law school which means that the whole country has over 1000 law schools that are attended by over 200,000 students. This strong educational background in the country provides a foundation to many competent attorneys and judges such as Ricardo Tosto. As a result, the nation has a population of over 620,000 attorneys, with the capital city being more populated with attorneys and more information click here.

Many may wonder about the quality of education offered to the high population of lawyers in Brazil. This population is qualified as for one to qualify; they must pass an exam that is set by the Bar Association of Brazil. In addition, one is expected to undertake five-year training before admission to the bar.

Law in Brazil

The Brazilian constitution is adopted from the French, Portuguese and the Italian civil laws. The country’s current constitution, which is the supreme law was adopted in 1988.In addition, this country is governed by the federal laws such as the civil law, and penal code among others.

Who is Ricardo Tosto?

In Brazil, the name Ricardo Tosto is common, reason being, he is among the best lawyers in Brazil. As a graduate from Mackenzie in Law, and an educational background in business administration, Ricardo’s career has a strong foundation.This background provides vast knowledge for him to handle matters on bankruptcy, credit recovery, commercial law, and administrative law. In addition, Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer and member of the international bar association.

More about Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo’s popularity comes from his work experience and expertise, as well as being the founder of the Leite, Tosto e Barros Law firm. This law firm is popular for handling mass litigation. Moreover, he is known to have handled popular legal issues successfully, which proves his competence. Having started his career as a litigation lawyer, in a small office one can see the tremendous growth as he now owns one of the biggest law firms in the country and resume him.

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