Daily Archives: July 15, 2017

Why Don Ressler is Forging the Path for All-Inclusive Brands

If you were to talk to Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg about JustFab and Fabletics, you would learn a ton about how online shopping is changing. It is now becoming everything, and the good news is that Techstyle Group, the name of their company has revealed the beauty of all-inclusive. Initially when the company was launched it was targeted to specific women’s sizes, but now everything has changed. The company has moved to being an all-inclusive brand and Don Ressler is beyond excited. The goal? The goal in the move was to reflect company values, and this is just what they needed to gain even more leverage with the market they desired to seize as their own.


Ressler and Goldenberg both believe that women should feel beautiful and empowered with the ability to choose high fashion at an affordable price. This is generally not the case for women that wear larger sizes, and Ressler and his partner may have found the loophole in the market. When the two men were working for the same company they found that diversifying even with e-commerce created a more secure way to earn profit. Ressler started early when founding his own company prior to his job with Intermix Media. His company, Fitness Heaven, was his first start in the fitness and e-commerce arena.


Something that most fashion gurus won’t get right is that they fail to give the whole experience. This means that they can fail to provide the product as well as the whole shopping experience for the customer. Providing a great product and making it easily accessible to the customer is ideal, but it also means offering high-quality products and delivering on time every time.


Ressler and Goldenberg have also created an experience that women cannot resist, and that is the beauty of the all-inclusive brands. These brands are now available to all women, regardless of their size and shape, and they feel empowered to choose. What Ressler and his partner have done has spurred other entrepreneurs to grab a piece of the e-commerce pie. Now there are brands that offer trunk style shopping, where outfits can be sent out to the consumer and if the consumer does not like them, they can be returned. It’s fair to say that Ressler and his partner started it all, first with shoes and then with JustFab and Fabletics.