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Bernardo Chua Changes Lives One Cup of Coffee at a Time

From his beginnings in the Philippines to international fame and success with multi-level marketing companies, Bernardo Chua has shown what’s possible for a dedicated business professional.

As CEO of Organic Gold, a coffee company that focus on organics and ensuring a healthy lifestyle through coffees, teas, and personal care products, he helps his communities by the products he sells.

As a business man, running a private company with a broad network of distributors across dozens of countries, he also changes lives in a more personal way through the success stories of the people who work within the company’s chain of command.

PR Newswire believed that Bernardo Chua’s native Philippines honored him as a role model for the community. In 2015 he and his company were honored with a series of awards, both were given the Dangal ng Bayan Awards for exceptional Philippine products and businessmen and Oregano Gold was given two People’s Choice Awards.

Hundreds of Oregano Gold distributors turned out for the event to honor the business man who turned their lives around with his products and global sales and distribution network.

Oregano Gold is a success story both on the marketing side of coffee sales and on the buyers who love its unique taste. By blending the entrepreneurial spirit of many young and upcoming sales people around the world with a product people love and depend upon, like coffee, Bernardo Chua has made a major difference in the world. The coffee is a unique, organic blend that satisfies demands for both health and taste. It operates in over 35 countries, and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Learn more about Bernado Chua: http://bitsylink.com/2016/08/23/bernardo-chua-making-a-vision-a-success/

From his Twitter and social media pages, Bernado Chua posts photos of himself and the distributors who form the backbone of his company enjoying holiday parties, get-togethers, and other social events. From time to time, he even takes a moment to enjoy a refreshing drink of one of his own beverages.

Oregano Gold also does more than sell coffee. The company is committed to helping young people in the communities they represent through the OG Cares Foundation, a group that encourages youth to create positive change in their lives.