Daily Archives: July 3, 2017

Enjoying Time Outside

Spending money on home renovations can sometimes seem like a waste if the family won’t use that area of the house. When the kids are out of school for the summer, they want to spend time outside. The summer season is also a time when you can enjoy cookouts or pool parties with friends and family. There are a few home improvements that offer ways to enjoy the sun a bit better than a traditional patio set of tables and chairs.


If the home doesn’t already have one, then consider adding a patio or deck. It will give you a space to sit on with your family or when you want to spend time alone in the fresh air instead of sitting on a chair in the yard. Make sure you seal the wood of the deck that you build so that it won’t splinter or fade.


A fun idea that is popular across the country is a fire pit. You can build the pit in any way you could imagine, but you need to ensure that the base is stable before anything else. Dig the base of the pit so that there is room for sticks and other items that you’re going to burn. Concrete blocks work well as a barrier around the pit to prevent embers from escaping. There are small pits that you can get at home improvement stores that don’t go in the ground. These are ideal for smaller homes or if you live in a home where you aren’t allowed to dig in the back yard. An outdoor fireplace is another idea, utilizing the deck space that you build or that you already have. The fireplace will give you a way to enjoy the outdoors in the fall or winter since there is a source of heat.