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Motivational Speaker And Entrepreneur Greg Secker Sits Down For An Interview With Ideamensch

During his interview with Ideamensch, Greg Secker was asked what is a habit of his that makes him able to accomplish more as a businessman. Greg Secker answered that simply taking the time out to think about about his tasks has made him ultimately much more productive as whole. Mr. Secker recalls that he realized the importance of taking time out to think about work, when he spoke to an Arab developer from Dubai. The Arab developer told him that you can either work or take time out to think about work, but you cannot work and think about something at the same time.

What the Arab developer from Dubai means according to Greg Secker is that we are often so absorbed in what we are doing at work, that we often don’t take time to actually think about how we can make something better or do it in a more productive fashion. When we are thinking about something, we are not doing work that can be used to accomplish something. The key is to strike a balance between working and taking the time to think through solutions to tasks and problems at work. This way, we can be more effective, productive and less stressed.

Greg Secker says he realized the importance of taking the time to think about work when he became a father. This was when he built a home outside of the city of London and started to manage his business from his home and not from his office. Without being constantly interrupted by colleagues, phone calls and meetings, Secker said he was able to look at his business from the outside. He finally had time to think about how he worked instead of just working every day at the office.

With time to think, Greg Secker says he able to formulate a plan for expansion and come up with a philosophy that the company would follow and represent. Spare time to think also allowed Greg Secker to launch a charity foundation to help others. All of this would not have been possible had Greg Secker not taken time out to think about his work.