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Problems Homeowners Face with Their Air Duct Systems

The air duct system in your home is crucial for bringing either cool or warm air to each and every room. Unfortunately, too many homeowners don’t have the duct work cleaned on a regular basis and run into problems. At worst, a dirty system can cause a fire or smoke hazard. At best, not cleaning your duct work can cause it to not work properly and you’ll find that the forced air in the home isn’t functioning the way that it should. This is why it is important that you call in the professionals to have these lines cleaned.


When you call in a professional air duct system company, they will bring all of their own tools to get the job done. They will do a great job of cleaning out the entire system and making sure that the lines are free of dust and debris. Also, they will be able to check for mold within the duct work to ensure that you and your family aren’t breathing this in. If it is found, they can work to get rid of it so that you and your loved ones can breathe easier while in the home.


It is important that you have your duct work cleaned every spring and before winter. This guarantees that the lines will be free and clear of any dirt before you get the system started for the new season. There are lots of companies that provide this service and can be contacted immediately to have the work done.


Great Professional Photo Shoot Tips from Nine9

YouTube video “Nine9 Is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry!” has a plethora of information for up and coming models, actors, singers and entertainment. Watching the whole video would be beneficial if you are just starting out. I am going to focus on some of their photo shoot tips today and learn more about Nine9.

Tips for Everyone

• Be on time.
• Bring two extra sets of cloths beyond the shoots requirements, don’t overpack.
• Come with manageable hair and a clean face, no ponytails or any other hair accessory that will crimp your hair.
• No waxing, tanning, or facials the day before the shoot, give your face time to heal.
• Have eyebrows groomed and any unwanted facial hair removed ahead of time.
• Be well rested with a good night’s sleep the day before.
Drink plenty of water.
• No all white or all black clothing, or anything with logos or that are too busy.
• Shoots take about an hour per outfit. Bring snacks and drinks.

Tips for Guys

• Wear your facial hair the way you normally do, if you want two looks bring a razor.
• Bring belts, ties, and dress socks.
• Don’t shave your chest, use electric groomers.
• If you are doing body shots, bring briefs or boxers.

Tips for Girls

• High heels are a must.
• Bring bags, belts, scarves, etc, and shoes that match your outfits.
• If you wear hair extensions, have them in.
• Bring appropriate undergarments such as strapless bra’s, or nude bra’s and more information click here.

Tips for Kids

• Bring colorful clothing.
• If your child plays a sport or is on a dance team, feel free to bring uniforms, or costumes.

The most important thing for your photo shoot is to have fun! and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.