Daily Archives: May 5, 2017

Using The Extra Space

Looking around the home, you might see unsightly unused space that is simply going to waste. Fortunately, there are numerous ideas that you can look at when it comes to a home improvement project to give life to the empty spaces in the home with most of them being inexpensive to complete. Look at every space that you have available in the home to see how it can be used. You do want to have some empty areas so that you don’t feel too confined, but most spaces in the home can be utilized in some form or fashion.


A spare room can be used for guests who spend the night by setting up a bed and dresser, but if you don’t have many people who spend the night during the year, then the space still isn’t used. Consider setting up an area on one side of the room to complete a hobby that you enjoy or even an office space. Create an identity for the extra rooms that are in the home so that they aren’t left out and aren’t used just for storage as they will tend to go downhill rather quickly if they aren’t used at all.


An open floor plan is one that is sometimes a bit harder to find enough spaces to utilize. The home is more like an empty canvas where you can position furniture in any way possible, but it’s also easier to have empty corners and spaces that just have nothing there. You can make a smoother transition from one area to another with cabinets, shelves and different types of flooring to separate one room from another. Another option is to use the empty space for chairs to sit on and tables to display the decorations that you think you don’t have room for and that are hiding in boxes.