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Cassio Audi Created A Great Music Career

While still in college, Cassio Audi was working on his career as a musician. He wanted to make sure that he was doing what he could to get the most out of the music that he had and to be able to show people that he was capable of all of the various opportunities that were offered to him. Because of this, he was extremely successful with the music career and that helped him later on when he wanted to be able to do more with it. There were many things that Cassio Audi wanted to do but the music was the number on thing that he had his sights set on.

When he first started recording, he knew that he was going for a certain sound. Since it was the 1980s, Cassio Audi wanted to be able to make music that was popular during that time. He also wanted to show people that he could do more than just play the guitar so he made sure that he was singing on all of the albums that he put out with the band that he had created. This was something that allowed him to show off all of his talents to other people.

One of the most popular things that he sang was Soldiers of the Sunrise. It was a hit as soon as it came out and it helped propel him to the status that he had during the time that he was with Viper. It was something that set him apart from everyone else who he went to college with and it really gave him an edge compared to some of the other people who he had worked with in the past. Thanks to Cassio Audi, there was a lot of different influences in the music that Viper made for people.

While Cassio Audi is no longer part of Viper, he still works to make sure that he keeps the music aspect of his life active. It is something that he has given people the chance to listen to. It is also something that has allowed Cassio Audi to be successful in other areas of his life. He always looks back on the music experiences that he had while he was with Viper and that allows him the chance to see that there is so much more to life than business. Music has made a difference for him.

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Andrew Rolfe – Support of Ubuntu Fund

Ubuntu is not only a name that relates to the latest technological advances in the world, it can also be connected to names like Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund. Since Andrew Rolfe is now on the board of Unbutu Fund, he is actively involved in ensuring under privileged children can get the support that they need to live a better life. Since one of the primary concerns of this kind of charity is to make a huge difference in the lives of individual children, they are not only seeking make their current environments better, but also give them a way to escape a long life of poverty around them. Therefore, in conjunction with the efforts of individual donators, this organization has a number of different ways for people to contribute as well as keep up with the funds activities.


That said, Andrew Rolfe and the organization has set-up online resources that can be accessed at any time of the day or the night. Specifically, because Ubuntu fund has their own website, facebook, twitter and other key online communication tools that gives a clean eye view of what the organization has done and also what it is doing.

Currently, one of the strategies that this organization has implemented is impacting the children in Port Elizabeth’s townships in South Africa’s Eastern cape province.

To ensure the charity work that the organization does is effective, the money that the organization collects has to be placed toward specific needs that had already been identified by the organization. Meaning instead of Andrew Rolfe and the charitable organization accepting donations that were already assigned to an investors specified requirements, the money that the organization secures is used to make a specific impact on their set objectives and goals.


As a result, one of the best ways that the organization and Andrew Rolfe can ensure their goals are actually met is to garner support from the donor community as a whole. So, one of the most viable and organized way to make sure everyone involved know what the organization is intending to do was to raise large sums of non-profit money from donators in the World Economic Forum.

Education Reformer Betsy Devos Leads by Example

Betsy Devos has been in the front line for education reform for the longest time. She started becoming politically aggressive in her campus years when she joined University politics, and she has never looked back ever since. She has been at the head of many campaign committees, party organizations and other related forums that needed her leadership skills. However, the passion for reform is a family thing as the husband has been active in related matters. In fact, he was a onetime Governor nominee for Michigan on the Republican Party. This was back in 2006.

The couple has a way of looking for solutions through innovations in everything they do be it politics or business. This is clearly seen in their private Windquest Group, which is a close-knit multi-company that has operations in the tech world, manufacturing as well as the clean energy industry. Betsy and her husband founded this in 1989. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

However, in addition to the high success in the business world, Betsy is well known for her nonprofit contributions. She holds a number of positions and plays varied roles in the different nonprofits that she is a part of. She serves on both local and national boards and her interest in charity are as diverse as they can get. She is perfectly known as an education reformist, a character that was well revealed as more insight was given in her interview with the philanthropist. The interview revealed much of Betsy’s journey as far as education reform is concerned.

Betsy Devos says that she is proud of the progress that has happened in the self-choice programs in the education sector. She is optimistic with the stats in the District of Columbia where there are at least 33 publicly funded private choice programs running in at least 17 states with more than 250000 students attending. The popularity of these programs with the Latinos is another thing that excites Betsy since she believes that the traditional public schooling system has failed which has forced people to take note and seek for a better quality of education.

The motivation of Betsy DeVos to support education reform was a gradual occurrence hat started back in her children’s school going age when she and her husband kept visiting the Potter’s house Christian school to the point that they became committed supporters of the course. It is at this point that Betsy and her husband began looking at education holistically and supporting other parents. The election of her husband as the head of the state board of education in Michigan provided a platform for the two to be hands-on. This way Betsy was able to organize scholarships and provide real solutions to students that deserved opportunities to pursue a good education but could not afford it. This was how she became involved in the educational choice movement.


Rick Smith Saving Lives At Securus Technologies

Rick Smith has been working with Securus Technologies with a position there as the CEO since 2008. His leadership has been a welcome asset to the company as they continue to provide telephone service to inmates at correctional facilities across the nation. The company has also invested in a myriad of patents and technologies over the previous few years which allows them to provide prisons with the ability to control contraband cellphones by preventing them from connecting to mobile networks. With 2,600 correctional facilities having contracts with the company it is positioned as one of the leaders in the field.

As CEO Rick Smith’s efforts to continue to connect those serving time with their family and friends through the telephone systems helps to meet a moral obligation that society has to treat even those incarcerated with fairness and justice. There are a number of studies which report that recidivism, or the tendency of a convicted criminal to commit further offenses, is reduced significantly when they can have contact with the outside world, and as such it is important that Securus be able to continue to provide inmates with their services. Read more articles at

Another key aspect in this sometimes controversial service is the ability for law enforcement to be able to have access to the investigative and public safety tools that helps reduce the amount of criminal behavior that is able to be transmitted and coordinated through the phone systems. In an interview with International Business Times, Rick Smith acknowledged exactly that fact and expressed his view that he likes the feeling of being able to prevent a myriad of such offenses and by doing so protect people whose lives might otherwise be in danger. He says that thousands of people’s lives are saved each year due to their proprietary technologies, and that it is “better than being a doctor.”

Rick Smith Securus continues to provide the necessary commissions to law enforcement agencies which can sometimes create high costs for phone calls into the prisons, but it is all a matter of safety first, and that means that some necessary expenditures have to be made. The company also has high-tech terminals which offer video calls to those incarcerated who are not able to see their family in person. It meets a great need where people may be doing time in areas far away from their hometown or residence but still get the chance to see the faces of those they love at least occasionally. It is sometimes a tough business, but at the end of the day the company is able to assist with the prevention of everything from suicides to outside hits or drug embezzlement. The bad guys are never going to like the conditions, but at least the technology serves a worthy cause.

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At 89 Years Old, Dr. Edward Honig Is Still the Finest Cardiologist across New York City

If you suffer from heart diseases or have problems with your heart vessels, the ideal medical practitioner for you would be a cardiologist. When you are referred to a cardiologist, the specialist will diagnose, identify and treat you. Unfortunately, most people only visit their doctor the only time they feel unwell. Sometimes it is too late so the doctor may realize that extensive damage has already occurred and reversing it would be almost impossible.

When Do You Need To Visit a Cardiologist?

Family physicians are always right when they advise you to visit a heart specialist. Failure to do this, you may regret in the end. If you experience heart pain you should ensure you get checked. If the history of heart problems runs down in your family, it may be imperative also pay your cardiology a visit more often and get checked since you are susceptible to acquiring such a condition at

High blood pressure patients and those with high blood cholesterol are advised to visit a heart specialist from time to time. The greater the total cholesterol there is in your blood, the greater the risk of a cardiovascular disease. Again, a smoker, a diabetic person, an individual with a difficult pregnancy are all equally at risk. Recently, it was established that also people with gum disease have a higher chance of acquiring a cardiovascular disease, thus the need for a regular check-up on

Some people may experience severe heart problems even without knowing. If you present with severe chest pains, continuous coughing, heart attacks or irregular and rapid pulse, and shortness of breath, then you better rush for a check-up. Also, if you want to start a new exercise program, visiting a cardiologist is advised as they will advise you on safe and suitable plans to stick to.

Tips for finding a cardiologist in New York

You may need to find a cardiologist in New York suppose you had a bad experience with your previous one, or you present with cardiovascular disease symptoms. The process of finding a suitable one may be both daunting and intimidating, but with these tips you are guaranteed to find your best fit.

a) Referrals

The general health practitioners know your overall health history and problems and are the best to offer credible references. What’s more, these professionals will best communicate to the ideal cardiologist, only the necessary health information about you.

b) Affiliations

Research to know what organizations the Cardiologists are affiliated to and the type of work they carry out there. Reputable organizations have experienced cardiologists to meet the needs of patients with a myriad of heart conditions. They have greater experience and you can bank on their performance.

About Dr. Edward Honig

If you are passionate about your job you will do it with all your might. Dr. Edward Honig, a cardiologist in Glen Cove New York, is a perfect example of a cardiologist with passion. For many years now he has garnered the right training, knowledge experience and handles an endless list of heart diseases and conditions. In case you are searching for a cardiologist, most of all your referrals would point towards this man as although male, he is conversant with female patient needs.

Every patient who pops into Dr. Edward Honig’s office gets the help they need. Not only can he give you credible referrals for surgery, treatment, and medication but also will take on the role of patient counseling on lifestyle change. The 89 years old cardiologist performs and interprets tests together with advising a treatment plan for his clients. Throughout his profession, Edward Honig has helped hundreds of heart patients within and outside New York City and in turn has become a great inspiration to patients, colleagues, and young aspiring cardiologists.

Home Improvements Are Being Affected By Angst Toward The New Administration

The state of the current government has some people very anxious about spending money. Even when there is a valid reason to part with funds, like for home improvements, many are opting to save their dough for a rainy day. Are the threats of a major war and health care issues hitting too close to home? Some banks say that the lack of home improvement projects could cause major issues down the road.


Call it political anxiety or terror, but since the new administration has been in office over 100 days, the angst against spending is getting worse. A recent poll showed that 35 percent feels that their financial outlook is improving under the current president. However, that leaves more than 65 percent are uneasy about their future. What happens if the real estate market crashes again? There will be a lot of homes with maintenance issues left for banks to contend with.


For some, it is simple math. Why spend money on that new carpet or a new HVAC system, when the bottom might fall out of the economy? What if a person loses their job? Though most people will try to hold on to their home as long as possible, it is often the first major purchase that is let go. It is easy to find another place to live as most cities have ample rentals.


Brad Hunter, Home Advisor Board’s Chief Economist, stated that home improvement activity is presenting with some resilience due to the political shifts. The future is bleak in many people’s view, and it could shake the very foundation they live on.

How to Deal with a Flood in the Home

Whether you’re living in a high flood zone or have dealt with problems associated with your plumbing, floods can be problematic even for the most disaster-ready homeowners. Flooding can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of damage and having a repair company come in to do the work can be even more costly. To start, it’s important that you have good flood insurance on your property if you live in a flood zone. If you don’t currently have this type of coverage, there are tons of companies you can get it from for a reasonable fee.


Once you have the insurance put onto your home, flood damage will be fully covered if it should ever happen to you. You will not be able to call the remediation company until the flood waters recede and subside. Once the water is gone, be sure to get the pros in there quickly to begin the cleanup and damage repair. This is because it is very unsafe to live in a home with massive water damage. Excessive water can rot out beams and wood while also attracting harmful mold spores to the area which can lead to even more problems.


There are lots of companies that do flood cleanup in homes around the country, so it’s important to contact a few of them to ensure that you’re working with a professional who knows what they’re doing and can take on the project for you. If you don’t have insurance, you can call a few agencies for bids on the work.

How to Repair Your Home’s Cracked Driveway and Sidewalk

Once the winter ends and the snow and ice begin to thaw in your area, you might want to take a walk around your property to look for damage. This is crucial because you might come upon issues you wouldn’t otherwise be alerted to. Two of the most common problems that homeowners face after a harsh and bitter winter are cracked driveways and cracking cement. The cold weather causes both cement and asphalt to contract, which can lead to cracking. Left alone, the cracks will allow water to get into the pavement or sidewalk that can then go underneath and cause more cracks because of shifting earth.


In order for you to fix the issue, you’re going to need to buy liquid cement or asphalt that can be poured directly into the cracks. If you get putty materials, these only go on the surface of the crack and will not actually fill them and repair the problem. You need to read all of the instructions on the label to ensure that you’re using the product properly. You will want to start with a clean and dry surface and to do the project on a day when it’s guaranteed not to rain. In fact, you might also want to make sure that it won’t rain for a day or two after you do the work just to be sure that the new asphalt or cement has set properly. You also need to use these products when it’s warm outside and when there won’t be a freeze overnight.


Simple Home Improvement Ways

Regardless of what is driving you into selling your home, you need first to convince customers to purchase it. Potential buyers will only consider your property if you boost its value.


Here’s how to raise your home resale value.


  1. Do a floor refinishing


Consider replacing your current floor with a classic choice of wood such as oak. Rusty floors with signs of termite or rot infestation are a turnoff to potential clients.


  1. Consider changing your energy systems to be more technology-oriented


The current generation of homebuyers is looking for technology upgrades for energy security and efficiency. Use the recently innovated smart thermostats, energy saving lighting, and door locks that can be operated by Smartphone apps. These gadgets have been found to save up to 10% of annual energy costs.


  1. Redo the kitchen surfaces


A kitchen is the heart of a home and will be either the selling point of your home or the cause of its rejection in the market. Kitchen remodeling costs approximately $20,000, which you can sacrifice for the greater good. Also, you can redo just the neediest parts such as cabinets, rusted steel appliances, floors, discolored sinks, and countertops.


  1. The front door appearance


The landscaping in your front door makes the face of your home. If it is haphazardly done, the customers will turn back at the gate before checking out your property. Use modern, materials and a fresh color theme to replace outdated entry ways.


Other key areas that may need retouch include the bathrooms and their drainages, bedroom wardrobes, door knobs, and vanities. Re-caulk your tub before reselling the home for more customer appeal.



Igor Cornelsen: Expert Investor and Philanthropist

It always seems to be that the most successful businessmen are those who are always giving to the community. As a matter of fact, even with investing, the person has to have a desire to give back to the community. Igor Cornelsen is one who gives back to people. While it is not just money and materials that he gives back, he also gives people the knowledge that he has gained from his career as an investor. He has learned plenty of secrets about the market and about himself. Therefore, he is willing to share with others that are willing to get involved with the business.


Among the pieces of information that he gives back are different topics that are related to investing and passive income. He has a lot of information about tactics for success. Some of the tactics he recommends may surprise people. For one thing, it does involve getting out of the comfort zone for some people. In Brazil, it is important for people to reach out and connect with one another. In order to be successful, it is important for people to network and get involved with others. Business is a social activity. This is why Igor Cornelsen advises people to connect with the natives.


One of the best ways to make money outside of being an employee is by being creative. One has to be able to look at many different factors which includes the industry that he is interested in. For one thing, when people find the industry they want, then they are more likely to be productive in their work. The next step is to figure out how to market. With Igor Cornelsen, he has learned how to market himself and make himself accessible to people who are willing to learn and get advice.