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Kim Dao Has An Amazing Okonomiyaki Experience In Tokyo

YouTuber Kim Dao recently posted a vlog in which she visits her sister in Tokyo. Fellow YouTuber Rachel (aka Orangetummy) and Toph (aka Amadofu) also tag along with Kim Dao in this amazing video. Kim Dao posted her vlog under the title “Failing at Okonomiyaki | Ikebukuro Shopping in Tokyo.”


Kim Dao starts out the video saying she is desperate for one Pokémon jacket she saw at the Pokémon Center. She said the jacket has sold out in at all the Pokémon Centers around Japan. If she can’t find the jacket in Tokyo, Kim says she is going to pay extra for it on Amazon.


Once Kim Dao is all set, she heads out with her friends and family to Sunshine City. Unfortunately, Kim doesn’t see the jacket she wants once she reaches the Tokyo Pokémon Center. She says she will buy it online later on that evening.


After visiting the Pokémon Center, everyone decides to eat at an Okonomiyaki place for dinner. The friends have a great deal of fun cooking their own Okonomiyaki on the grill.


As Kim Dao squeezes some white sauce on her Okonomiyaki, the bottle makes a farting noise. This makes everyone at the table laugh hysterically. Later on, Kim Dao and a few others order omelette pancakes for dessert.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao shows her viewers a Pokémon Go notification device her sister gave her. Once she turns it on, she gets a ton of notifications on her mobile phone. Finally, Kim Dao orders her Pokémon jacket online for ¥13,800.