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Ricardo Tosto: An Exceptional Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto is among the 847,921 lawyers who are members of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. This is the Brazilian Bar Association, established in 1930.

Law is a lucrative career in Brazil as it offers a decent living. That is probably the reason why a greater percentage of lawyers like Ricardo Tosto seek for employment in the State.

Did you know that all the States of Brazil have a law school? And there are about 1,024 law programs in the state. They are doing better than the United States considering that not all States have law school programs.

Law is the most prestigious academic disciplines in Brazil. It takes five years for one to complete the studies. As Richard Tosto would tell you, the completion of the course does not make you a lawyer. You will have to take the law exam of the Bar Association and pass before you can be admitted to the bar. That is the only time you will be allowed to practice law in the country.

What you will find interesting with the Brazilian law is that it derives its content from different laws like Civil, French, German, Italian and Portuguese laws. There are two national superior courts that form the Supreme Court of Brazil. They have the Superior Court of Justice which is the highest court that deals with non-constitutional cases. The court also handles the Special Appeals. The second superior court is the Supreme Federal Court that deals with extraordinary appeals.

 About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto has been a partner at the Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados for 25 years. He has been termed as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the Brazil. This is because he managed to grow his law firm from a small firm to the largest law firms in Brazil. He has not only represented personalities in the country but also companies.

His firm is a full-service enterprise that specializes in business law, conflict resolution and judicial resolution. The headquarters of the enterprises are in Sao Paulo, but there are branches in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

Ricardo Tosto holds Bachelor of Law from Mackenzie Presbyterian University.